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Transmission of corn futures prices toward EU markets In corso di stampa Penone CarlottaTrestini Samuele - - 8th EAAE PhD-student workshop
Futures–spot price transmission in EU corn markets 2022 Penone, CarlottaGiampietri, ElisaTrestini, Samuele AGRIBUSINESS - -
Testing for asymmetric cointegration of Italian agricultural commodities prices: Evidence from the futures-spot market relationship 2022 Penone, CarlottaTrestini, Samuele ZEMEDELSKA EKONOMIKA - -
Sensory preferences for pomegranate arils in Italy: A comparison between different varieties and cultivation sites 2021 Rozzanigo E.Stiletto A.Lomolino G.Vincenzi S.Trestini S. FLAVOUR AND FRAGRANCE JOURNAL - -
On the association between risk attitude and fruit and vegetable consumption: insights from university students in Italy 2021 Elisa GiampietriGiuseppe BuginSamuele Trestini AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD ECONOMICS - -
Irrigation Advisory Services: Farmers preferences and willingness to pay for innovation 2021 Giampietri E.Trestini S.Caracciolo F. + OUTLOOK ON AGRICULTURE - -
Factors behind consumers' choices for healthy fruits: a review of pomegranate and its food derivatives 2021 Stiletto A.Trestini S. AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD ECONOMICS - -
Hedging Effectiveness of Commodity Futures Contracts to Minimize Price Risk: Empirical Evidence from the Italian Field Crop Sector 2021 Penone, CarlottaGiampietri, ElisaTrestini, Samuele RISKS - -
Definition of reference models for power, mass, working width, and price for tillage implements 2021 Yezekyan T.Benetti M.Trestini S.Sartori L.Marinello F. + AGRICULTURE - -
Taste Beats Reputation in New Food Products Choice: The Case of Ready-to-Eat Pomegranate among Young Consumers in Veneto Region (Italy) 2021 Alice StilettoErika RozzanigoElisa GiampietriSamuele Trestini HORTICULTURAE - -
Efficienza economica: sfida per la zootecnica da latte 2021 TRESTINI SAMUELE STALLE DA LATTE - -
Allevamenti più sostenibili, questo chiede la politica europea 2021 TRESTINI SAMUELE STALLE DA LATTE - -
The economics of rabbit farming: A pilot study on the impact of different housing systems 2021 Mondin C.Trestini S.Trocino A. + ANIMALS - -
Technical-economic analysis of ventilation systems used to mitigate heat stress in dairy cows 2021 Luisa MagrinFlaviana GottardoChiara MondinPaola PrevedelloSamuele Trestini ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE - -
I futures, una polizza contro il rischio dei mercati 2021 TRESTINI S. L'INFORMATORE AGRARIO - -
Heterogeneity in consumer preferences for ready-to-eat pomegranate: an empirical study in Italy 2020 Stiletto A.Giampietri E.Trestini S. BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL - -
Analysing farmers’ intention to adopt web marketing under a technology-organisation-environment perspective: A case study in Italy 2020 Giampietri E.Trestini S. ZEMEDELSKA EKONOMIKA - -
Who’s Afraid of Biotic Threats? An Econometric Analysis of Veneto Wine Grapes Farmers’ Propensity to Insure 2020 Laura OnofriSamuele TrestiniVasco Boatto AGRICULTURE - -
The role of trust and perceived barriers on farmer’s intention to adopt risk management tools 2020 Elisa GiampietriSamuele Trestini + BIO-BASED AND APPLIED ECONOMICS - -
Modelling of Harvesting Machines’ Technical Parameters and Prices 2020 Yezekyan, TatevikMarinello, FrancescoTrestini, SamueleSartori, Luigi + AGRICULTURE - -
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