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The valuation of buildings energy retrofitting: A multiple-criteria approach to reconcile cost-benefit trade-offs and energy savings 2022 D'Alpaos C.Bragolusi P. APPLIED ENERGY - -
An AHP model for multiple-criteria prioritization of seismic retrofit solutions in gravity-designed industrial buildings 2022 Andreolli F.Bragolusi P.D'Alpaos C.Faleschini F.Zanini M. A. JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERING - -
The willingness to pay for seismic retrofitted buildings: A discrete choice experiment 2022 D'Alpaos C.Bragolusi P. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DISASTER RISK REDUCTION - -
Valuing investments in domestic PV-Battery Systems under uncertainty 2022 D'Alpaos C.Andreolli F.Moretto M. ENERGY ECONOMICS - -
The Willingness to Pay for Residential PV Plants in Italy: A Discrete Choice Experiment 2021 D'Alpaos C.Bragolusi P. SUSTAINABILITY - -
Do Policy Incentives to Buildings Energy Retrofit Encourage Homeowners’ Free-Rider Behavior? 2021 D'Alpaos C. - - Appraisal and Valuation. Green Energy and Technology
Renewable Energy Communities: The Challenge for New Policy and Regulatory Frameworks Design 2021 D'Alpaos C.Andreolli F. - - New Metropolitan Perspectives. NMP 2020. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
The Market Price Premium for Residential PV Plants 2021 D'Alpaos C.Bragolusi P. - - New Metropolitan Perspectives. NMP 2020. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
Energy Retrofitting in Public Housing and Fuel Poverty Reduction: Cost–Benefit Trade-Offs 2021 D'Alpaos C.Bragolusi P. - - Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions. SSPCR 2019. Green Energy and Technology.
The valuation of ecosystem services in the Venice Lagoon: A multicriteria approach 2021 D'Alpaos C.D'Alpaos A. SUSTAINABILITY - -
Social Choices and Public Decision-Making in Mitigation of Hydrogeological Risk 2021 D'Alpaos C. + - - Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2021. ICCSA 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science
The Value of Investing in Domestic Energy Storage Systems 2020 D'Alpaos C.Andreolli F. - LECTURE NOTES IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2020
The Market Price Premium for Buildings Seismic Retrofitting 2020 D'Alpaos C.Bragolusi P. SUSTAINABILITY - -
An application of the a'WOT analysis for the management of cultural heritage assets: The case of the historical farmhouses in the aglie castle (Turin) 2020 D'Alpaos C. + SUSTAINABILITY - -
The economics of Solar Home Systems: state of art and future challenges in local energy markets 2020 D'Alpaos ChiaraAndreolli Francesca VALORI E VALUTAZIONI - -
Protection of cultural heritage buildings and artistic assets from seismic hazard: A hierarchical approach 2020 D'Alpaos C.Valluzzi M. R. SUSTAINABILITY - -
Urban quality in the city of the future: A bibliometric multicriteria assessment model 2020 D'Alpaos C.Andreolli F. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS - -
Decision-Making for Urban Planning and Regional Development 2019 D'Alpaos C. + ADVANCES IN OPERATIONS RESEARCH - -
Do smart grid innovations affect real estate market values? 2019 D'Alpaos C.Moretto M. AIMS ENERGY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 99
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