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An integrated model of school students’ academic achievement and life satisfaction. Linking soft skills, extracurricular activities, self-regulated learning, motivation, and emotions 2022 Feraco T.Fregonese D.Spoto A. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY OF EDUCATION - -
Direct Gaze Holds Attention, but Not in Individuals with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 2022 Dalmaso, MarioPatron, ElisabettaSpoto, AndreaVicovaro, Michele + BRAIN SCIENCES - -
Moral judgment, decision times and emotional salience of a new developed set of sacrificial manual driving dilemmas 2022 Bruno G.Sarlo M.Lotto L.Cellini N.Cutini S.Spoto A. CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY - -
Measurement invariance of the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder scale (GAD-7) across four European countries during the COVID-19 pandemic 2022 Bertamini M.Panzeri A.Bruno G.Granziol U.Mignemi G.Spoto A.Vidotto G. + BMC PSYCHIATRY - -
Soft Skills and Extracurricular Activities Sustain Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning at School 2021 Feraco T.Fregonese D.Spoto A.Meneghetti C. + THE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL EDUCATION - -
Boredom in Adolescence: Validation of the Italian Version of the Multidimensional State Boredom Scale (MSBS) in Adolescents 2021 Andrea SpotoSara IannattoneAlessia RaffagnatoMarina MisciosciaMichela Gatta + CHILDREN - -
On the empirical indistinguishability of knowledge structures 2021 Stefanutti L.Spoto A. BRITISH JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL & STATISTICAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
A driving simulation study on the effects of different wine types on the performance of young drivers 2021 Bruno G.Spoto, A. + DRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE - -
Refining Constructivist Assessment. How to Measure the Main Traditional Indexes in Binary Grids through Formal Concept Analysis 2021 Romaioli D.Spoto A. JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTIVIST PSYCHOLOGY - -
The Role of Gender in the Association Among the Emotional Intelligence, Anxiety and Depression 2021 Picconi L.Tommasi M.Saggino A.Spoto A. + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
The Role of Raters Threshold in Estimating Interrater Agreement 2021 Nucci M.Spoto A.Altoe G.Pastore M. PSYCHOLOGICAL METHODS - -
Extracting partially ordered clusters from ordinal polytomous data 2020 de Chiusole DeboraSpoto AndreaStefanutti Luca BEHAVIOR RESEARCH METHODS - -
On the polytomous generalization of knowledge space theory 2020 Stefanutti L.Anselmi P.de Chiusole D.Spoto A. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
BLIM's identifiability and parameter invariance under backward and forward transformations 2020 Stefanutti L.Spoto A. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
How can adolescents benefit from the use of social networks? The igeneration on instagram 2020 Cipolletta S.Malighetti C.Cenedese C.Spoto A. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Dysfunctional coping is related to impaired skin-related quality of life and psychological distress in patients with neurofibromatosis type 1 with major skin involvement 2020 Bottesi G.Spoto A.Trevisson E.Vidotto G.Cassina M.Clementi M. + BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY - -
On the Implementation of Computerized Adaptive Observations for Psychological Assessment 2020 Granziol U.Brancaccio A.Pavan C.Favaro A.Vidotto G.Spoto A. + ASSESSMENT - -
Stress, Resilience, and Well-Being in Italian Children and Their Parents during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 Cusinato, MariaIannattone, SaraSpoto, AndreaPoli, MikaelGatta, MichelaMiscioscia, Marina + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Extending the Basic Local Independence Model to Polytomous Data 2020 Stefanutti L.de Chiusole D.Anselmi P.Spoto A. PSYCHOMETRIKA - -
The Shape of Water: How Tai Chi and Mental Imagery Effect the Kinematics of a Reach-to-Grasp Movement 2020 Sartori, LuisaSpoto, AndreaStraulino, Elisa + FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 125
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