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Influence of Slaughter Weight and Sex on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Ham Traits of Heavy Pigs Fed Ad-Libitum 2022 Malgwi, Isaac HyeladiGiannuzzi, DianaGallo, LuigiCarnier, PaoloSchiavon, Stefano + ANIMALS - -
Impact of Rearing Strategies on the Metabolizable Energy and SID Lysine Partitioning in Pigs Growing from 90 to 200 kg in Body Weight 2022 Schiavon, StefanoMalgwi, Isaac HyeladiGiannuzzi, DianaCarnier, PaoloGallo, Luigi + ANIMALS - -
Genomic Predictions of Phenotypes and Pseudo-Phenotypes for Viral Nervous Necrosis Resistance, Cortisol Concentration, Antibody Titer and Body Weight in European Sea Bass 2022 Faggion, SaraBertotto, DanielaBonfatti, ValentinaBargelloni, LucaCarnier, Paolo + ANIMALS - -
Infrared Predictions Are a Valuable Alternative to Actual Measures of Dry-Cured Ham Weight Loss in the Training of Genome-Enabled Prediction Models 2022 Bonfatti, ValentinaFaggion, SaraBoschi, ElenaCarnier, Paolo ANIMALS - -
Estimation of additive and dominance genetic effects on body weight, carcass and ham quality traits in heavy pigs 2021 Bonfatti V.Carnier P. + ANIMALS - -
The implications of changing age and weight at slaughter of heavy pigs on carcass and green ham quality traits 2021 Malgwi I. H.Gallo L.Bonfatti V.Sasso C. P.Carnier P.Schiavon S. + ANIMALS - -
Estimates of non-genetic effects and genetic parameters for semen traits in Piemontese bulls 2021 Bonfatti V.Carnier P. + ANIMAL - -
Relationships between boar taint compound concentrations and sexual behavior of young boars 2021 E. BoschiS. FaggionP. CarnierV. Bonfatti - - Proceeding of the 29th International Symposium Animal Science Days (ASD)
Methods of changing slaughter age at the same time bodyweight: effects on feed efficiency and green ham traits of heavy-pigs 2021 I. H. MalgwiL. GalloV. BonfattiC. P. SassoP. CarnierS. Schiavon + - - Proceeding of the 29th International Symposium Animal Science Days (ASD)
Genomic prediction of dry-cured ham weight loss in Italian heavy pigs 2021 V. BonfattiE. BoschiP. Carnier - - Proceeding of the 24th Congress of the Animal Science and Production Association (ASPA)
Effects of boar taint compound concentrations on sexual behavior of young boars 2021 E. BoschiS. FaggionP. CarnierV. Bonfatti - - Proceeding of the 24th Congress of the Animal Science and Production Association (ASPA)
Genetic basis of resistance to viral nervous necrosis in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) at the larval stage 2021 Faggion, S.Franch, R.Babbucci, M.Pascoli, F.Dalla Rovere, G.Iori, S.Toffan, A.Carnier, P.Bargelloni, L. + - - Aquaculture Europe Book of Abstracts 2021
On-site visible–near IR prediction of iodine number and fatty acid composition of subcutaneous fat of raw hams as phenotypes for a heavy pig breeding program 2021 Bonfatti V.Boschi E.Gallo L.Carnier P. ANIMAL - -
A Short Period of Darkness after Mixing of Growing Pigs Intended for PDO Hams Production Reduces Skin Lesions 2020 Marinelli LietaMongillo PaoloCarnier PaoloSchiavon StefanoGallo Luigi ANIMALS - -
Prediction of dry-cured ham weight loss and prospects of use in a pig breeding program 2020 Bonfatti V.Carnier P. ANIMAL - -
Effects of the detailed protein composition of milk on curd yield and composition measured by model micro-cheese curd making of individual milk samples 2019 Bonfatti V.Carnier P. + JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
GENETIC AND GENOMIC PARAMETERS FOR VNN RESISTANCE, BODY WEIGHT AND CORTISOL CONCENTRATION IN EUROPEAN SEA BASS (Dicentrarchus labrax L.) 2019 Sara FaggionDaniela BertottoMassimiliano BabbucciGiulia Dalla RovereRafaella FranchLuca BargelloniPaolo Carnier + - - AE 2019 - Our future growing from water
Performance, carcass and ham traits of heavy pigs managed on different targets for age and weight at slaughter 2019 Luigi GalloStefano SchiavonSASSO, CELIO PAOLOPaolo Carnier - - X International Symposium on Mediterranean Pig. Book of abstract
Functional impact of cytochrome P450 3A (CYP3A) missense variants in cattle 2019 Giantin M.Tolosi R.Lucatello L.Pauletto M.Guerra G.Lopparelli R. M.Merlanti R.Carnier P.Capolongo F.Dacasto M. + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 226
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