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BBR-S: A Low-Latency BBR Modification for Fast-Varying Connections 2021 Chiariotti F.Zanella A. + IEEE ACCESS - -
QUIC-EST: A QUIC-Enabled Scheduling and Transmission Scheme to Maximize VoI with Correlated Data Flows 2021 Chiariotti F.Deshpande A. A.Giordani M.Mahmoodi T.Zanella A. + IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE - -
A Geometry-Based Game Theoretical Model of Blind and Reactive Underwater Jamming 2021 Signori A.Chiariotti F.Campagnaro F.Zorzi M. + IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS - -
The HOP Protocol: Reliable Latency-Bounded End-to-End Multipath Communication 2021 Chiariotti F.Zanella A. + IEEE-ACM TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING - -
Distributed Reinforcement Learning for Flexible and Efficient UAV Swarm Control 2021 Venturini F.Mason F.Pase F.Chiariotti F.Testolin A.Zanella A.Zorzi M. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COGNITIVE COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING - -
An Adaptive Broadcasting Strategy for Efficient Dynamic Mapping in Vehicular Networks 2020 Mason F.Giordani M.Chiariotti F.Zanella A.Zorzi M. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS - -
Underwater Jamming Attacks as Incomplete Information Games 2020 Chiariotti, FedericoSignori, AlbertoCampagnaro, FilippoZorzi, Michele - - proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM 2020 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops
A Bike-sharing Optimization Framework Combining Dynamic Rebalancing and User Incentives 2020 Chiariotti, FedericoPielli, ChiaraZanella, AndreaZorzi, Michele ACM TRANSACTIONS ON AUTONOMOUS AND ADAPTIVE SYSTEMS - -
Extending the ns-3 QUIC Module 2020 Chiariotti F.Deshpande A. A.Polese M.Zanella A.Zorzi M. + - - MSWiM 2020 - Proceedings of the 23rd International ACM Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems
SMURF: Reliable Multipath Routing in Flying Ad-Hoc Networks 2020 Deshpande A. A.Chiariotti F.Zanella A. - - 2020 Mediterranean Communication and Computer Networking Conference, MedComNet 2020
A Game-Theoretic and Experimental Analysis of Energy-Depleting Underwater Jamming Attacks 2020 Signori, AlbertoChiariotti, FedericoCampagnaro, FilippoZorzi, Michele IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL - -
Bike Sharing and Urban Mobility in a Post-Pandemic World 2020 Francesco PaseFederico ChiariottiAndrea ZanellaMichele Zorzi IEEE ACCESS - -
Combining LoRaWAN and a New 3D Motion Model for Remote UAV Tracking 2020 Mason, FedericoChiariotti, FedericoCapuzzo, MartinaMagrin, DavideZanella, AndreaZorzi, Michele - - proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM 2020 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops
Distributed reinforcement learning for flexible UAV swarm control with transfer learning capabilities 2020 Venturini, FedericoMason, FedericoPase, FrancescoChiariotti, FedericoTestolin, AlbertoZanella, AndreaZorzi, Michele - - MOBISYS Conference
A QUIC implementation for ns-3 2019 Chiariotti FedericoPolese MicheleZanella AndreaZorzi Michele + - - ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
Quality-Aware Broadcasting Strategies for Position Estimation in VANETs 2019 Federico MasonMarco GiordaniFederico ChiariottiAndrea ZanellaMichele Zorzi - - Proceedings of European Wireless 2019; 25th European Wireless Conference
Jamming the Underwater: a Game-Theoretic Analysis of Energy-Depleting Jamming Attacks 2019 Signori, AlbertoPielli, ChiaraChiariotti, FedericoGiordani, MarcoCampagnaro, FilippoLaurenti, NicolaZorzi, Michele - - WUWNET'19: Proceedings of the International Conference on Underwater Networks & Systems
A game-theoretic analysis of energy-depleting jamming attacks with a learning counterstrategy 2019 Chiariotti F.Pielli C.Laurenti N.Zanella A.Zorzi Michele ACM TRANSACTIONS ON SENSOR NETWORKS - -
A Survey on Recent Advances in Transport Layer Protocols 2019 Polese, MicheleChiariotti, FedericoZanella, AndreaZorzi, Michele + IEEE COMMUNICATIONS SURVEYS AND TUTORIALS - -
Comparing DASH adaptation algorithms in a real network environment 2019 Chiariotti F.Gadaleta M.Zanella A.Rossi M. + - - European Wireless 2019 Conference, EW 2019
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 40
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