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Land-Cover Mapping in the Biogradska Gora National Park with Very-High-Resolution Pléiades Images 2022 Cagliero E.Marchi N.Lingua E. + - COMMUNICATIONS IN COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCE Communications in Computer and Information Science
The value of long-term history of small and fragmented old-growth forests for restoration ecology 2022 Eleonora CaglieroNiccolò MarchiEmanuele Lingua + PAST GLOBAL CHANGES MAGAZINE - -
Windthrown elements: a key point improving microsite amelioration and browsing protection to transplanted seedlings 2022 Marangon D.Marchi N.Lingua E. FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT - -
Biological Legacies and Rockfall: The Protective Effect of a Windthrown Forest 2021 Maximiliano CostaNiccolò MarchiFrancesco BettellaPaola BolzonEmanuele Lingua + FORESTS - -
Forest fuel assessment by LiDAR data. A case study in NE Italy 2021 Flavio TaccalitiLorenzo VenturiniNiccolò MarchiEmanuele Lingua - - EGUsphere
Natural disturbances and protective effect: the role of biological legacies in protection forests 2021 Maximiliano CostaNiccolò MarchiDavide MarangonEmanuele Lingua + - - EGU General Assembly 2021
Evaluating the impact of natural disturbances on protection forests: a multi-approach analysis 2021 Maximiliano CostaLorenzo FaesNiccolò MarchiEmanuele Lingua - - 5th International Conference on Soil, Bio- and Eco-Engineering
Natural disturbances and protection forests: at the cutting edge of remote sensing technologies for a rapid assessment of a stand protective function 2021 Emanuele LinguaNiccolò MarchiFrancesco BettellaMaximiliano CostaFrancesco Pirotti + - - EGU General Assembly 2021
Legacies of past human activities on one of the largest old-growth forests in the south-east European mountains 2021 Cagliero, EleonoraMarchi, NiccolòGarbarino, MatteoLingua, Emanuele + VEGETATION HISTORY AND ARCHAEOBOTANY - -
A millennium-long history of an iconic old-growth forest in south-east European mountains 2021 Cagliero E.Marchi N.Lingua E. + - - Mediterranean Palynology Societies Symposium. Abstracts Book
Natural Disturbances and Protection Forests: At the Cutting Edge of Remote Sensing Technologies for the Rapid Assessment of Protective Effects against Rockfall 2021 Emanuele LinguaNiccolò MarchiFrancesco BettellaMaximiliano CostaFrancesco Pirotti + - - Protective forests as Ecosystem-based solution for Disaster Risk Reduction (ECO-DRR)
Forest fuel assessment by LiDAR data. A case study in NE Italy 2021 Flavio TaccalitiLorenzo VenturiniNiccolò MarchiEmanuele Lingua - - EGUsphere
Exploring the long-term vegetation and fire-disturbance history of the Biogradska Gora old-growth forest (Montenegro) 2020 Eleonora CaglieroNiccolò MarchiEmanuele Lingua + - - Session BG3.31 Ecology and management of natural disturbances in forest ecosystems
Extrapolating a spatially explicit tree root reinforcement model with field and LiDAR-derived stand data 2020 Edoardo AlterioTommaso SItziaAndrea RizziNiccolò MarchiEmanuele LIngua + - - EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online conference
Deadwood assessment using LiDAR technology in disturbance ecology 2019 Marchi, Niccolò - - -
Numerical evaluation of the forest protective role against rockfall after a windthrow: the case study of the Mt. Pore (North-Eastern Italy) 2019 Francesco BettellaPaola BolzonEmanuele LinguaNiccolò Marchi + - - Geophysical Research Abstracts
L’influenza del bosco sulla mitigazione dei fenomeni valanghivi. Uno studio nelle Alpi Venete 2019 Carlo ZanrossoNiccolò MarchiEmanuele Lingua + SHERWOOD. FORESTE ED ALBERI OGGI - -
Monitoring post-disturbance forest regeneration dynamics at multiple scales 2018 Emanuele LinguaNiccolò MarchiEnrico MarcolinFrancesco Pirotti + - - Geophysical Research Abstracts
Remote sensing application for deadwood identification and characterisation. 2018 Niccolò MarchiFrancesco PirottiEmanuele Lingua + - - Geophysical Research Abstracts
Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data for the Assessment of Standing and Lying Deadwood: Current Situation and New Perspectives 2018 Niccolò MarchiFrancesco PirottiEmanuele Lingua REMOTE SENSING - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 30
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