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Treatment of full and partial arches with internal‐ conical‐connection dental implants: Clinical results after 5 years of follow‐up 2020 Lops D.Guazzo R.Sbricoli L. + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
Reproducibility of Buccal Gingival Profile Using a Custom Pick-Up Impression Technique: A 2-Year Prospective Multicenter Study 2016 LOPS, DIEGOBRESSAN, ERIBERTOSBRICOLI, LUCAGUAZZO, RICCARDO + JOURNAL OF ESTHETIC AND RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY - -
Influence of abutment material on peri-implant soft tissues in anterior areas with thin gingival biotype: A multicentric prospective study 2016 LOPS, DIEGOSTELLINI, EDOARDOSBRICOLI, LUCABRESSAN, ERIBERTO + CLINICAL ORAL IMPLANTS RESEARCH - -
Patient morbidity and root coverage outcomes after the application of a subepithelial connective tissue graft in combination with a coronally advanced flap or via a tunneling technique: a randomized controlled clinical trial 2016 BRESSAN, ERIBERTOLOPS, DIEGO + CLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS - -
Simplified procedure for the immediate loading of a complete fixed prosthesis supported by four implants in the maxillary jaw: a 2-year prospective study 2016 Sbricoli L.Lops D. + CLINICAL ORAL IMPLANTS RESEARCH - -
Ridge Dimensions of the Edentulous Mandible in Posterior Sextants: An Observational Study on Cone Beam Computed Tomography Radiographs 2016 BRESSAN, ERIBERTOLOPS, DIEGOTOMASI, CRISTIANO + IMPLANT DENTISTRY - -
Soft tissues stability of cad-cam and stock abutments in anterior regions: 2-year prospective multicentric cohort study 2015 LOPS, DIEGOBRESSAN, ERIBERTOSBRICOLI, LUCA + CLINICAL ORAL IMPLANTS RESEARCH - -
Evaluation of root coverage with and without connective tissue graft for the treatment of single maxillary gingival recession using an image analysis system: a randomized controlled clinical trial 2015 LOPS, DIEGOGUAZZO, RICCARDOBRESSAN, ERIBERTO + THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PERIODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY - -
Efficacy of an anesthetic gel in the reduction of pain during impression making 2014 BRESSAN, ERIBERTOLOPS, DIEGO + OPERATIVE DENTISTRY - -
Splinted and unsplinted short implants in mandibles: a retrospective evaluation with 5 to 16 years of follow-up. 2013 STELLINI, EDOARDOTESTORI, TIZIANODI FIORE, ADOLFOBERENGO, MARIOLOPS, DIEGO + JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY - Journal of periodontology
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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