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Surgical management of post-transplant bronchial stenoses: a single-center experience 2021 Faccioli, EleonoraDell'Amore, AndreaFerrigno, PiaSchiavon, MarcoMammana, MarcoTerzi, StefanoRea, Federico SURGERY TODAY - -
Protective Role of ECMO on Reperfusion Injury and Acute Rejection in Lung Transplantation: A Pathological Analysis 2021 Faccioli, E.Pezzuto, F.Schiavon, M.Dell'Amore, A.Lorenzoni, G.Vuljan, S.Ferrigno, P.Fortarezza, F.Gregori, D.Calabrese, F. + THE JOURNAL OF HEART AND LUNG TRANSPLANTATION - ISHLT
Unplanned Intraoperative ECMO Support during Double Lung Transplantation: Risk-Factors and Outcome Analysis 2021 Dell'Amore, A.Ferrigno, P.Schiavon, M.Sella, N.Faccioli, E.Pangoni, A.Lorenzoni, G.Pittarello, D.Serra, E.Calabrese, F.Navalesi, P. + THE JOURNAL OF HEART AND LUNG TRANSPLANTATION - ISHLT
Electrical Impedance Tomography for Positive End-Expiratory Pressure Setting after Bilateral Lung Transplantation 2021 Sella, N.Boscolo, A.Zarantonello, F.Bonvecchio, I.Andreatta, G.Pettenuzzo, T.Ferrigno, P.Serra, E.Dell'Amore, A.Rea, F.Navalesi, P. THE JOURNAL OF HEART AND LUNG TRANSPLANTATION - ISHLT
ECLS for life-threatening complications in mesothelioma's surgery: is it worthwhile? 2021 Alice BelliniDell'Amore AndreaPia FerrignoNicolò SellaPaolo NavalesiFederico Rea THORACIC AND CARDIOVASCULAR SURGEON - -
A Case of Occult Myocarditis Causing Fatal Arrhythmia in a Cystic Fibrosis Patient Subjected to Retransplantation 2021 Mammana, M.Dell'Amore, A.Ferrigno, P.Faccioli, E.Marra, M. PerazzoloBasso, C.Calabrese, F.Rea, F. THE JOURNAL OF HEART AND LUNG TRANSPLANTATION - ISHLT
Indications and results of sternal allograft transplantation: learning from a worldwide experience 2020 Dell'Amore, AndreaFerrigno, PiaPangoni, AlessandroSchiavon, MarcoRea, Federico + ANNALS OF THORACIC SURGERY - -
Lung Transplantation after Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Single-Centre Experience 2020 Lunardi F.Pezzuto F.Ferrigno P.Fortarezza F.Comacchio G.Dell'Amore A.Cozzi E.Rea F.Calabrese F. + THE JOURNAL OF HEART AND LUNG TRANSPLANTATION - -
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for postoperative complications in general thoracic surgery: a ten years experience of a university referral centre 2020 Sella, NicolòFerrigno, PiaBoscolo, AnnalisaPittarello, DemetrioRea, FedericoNavalesi, PaoloDell’Amore, Andrea + CURRENT CHALLENGES IN THORACIC SURGERY - -
Sternal transplant using cadaveric allograft: quantitative and qualitative assessment of bone healing by computed tomography 2020 Giraudo, ChiaraNistri, FrancescaFerrigno, PiaStramare, RobertoMammana, MarcoQuaia, EmilioDell’Amore, AndreaRea, Federico + QUANTITATIVE IMAGING IN MEDICINE AND SURGERY - -
Extensive abdominal and chest wall resection and reconstruction for invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the skin 2020 Ferrigno P.Monaci N.Pangoni A.Comacchio G.Natale G.Faccioli E.Zuin A.Dell'Amore A.Rea F. JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE - -
Sternochondral replacement: Use of cadaveric allograft for the reconstruction of anterior chest wall 2020 Marulli G.Ferrigno P.Schiavon M.Mammana M. + JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE - -
Predictors of behaviour in solitary fibrous tumours of the pleura surgically resected: Analysis of 107 patients 2019 Bellini A.Marulli G.FERRIGNO, PIATERZI, STEFANOLOMANGINO, IVANLaurino L.Pezzuto F.Calabrese F.Rea F. + JOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY - -
The biological approach for sternal replacement: sternochondral allograft transplantation 2019 Dell’Amore, AndreaFerrigno, PiaPangoni, AlessandroNatale, GiuseppeFaccioli, EleonoraSchiavon, MarcoMammana, MarcoComacchio, Giovanni MariaRea, Federico CURRENT CHALLENGES IN THORACIC SURGERY - -
Sternal allograft transplantation for anterior chest wall reconstruction after sternectomy 2019 Dell'Amore A.Comacchio G.Ferrigno P.PANGONI, ALESSANDROSchiavon M.Rea F. MULTIMEDIA MANUAL OF CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY - -
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