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Oxidative pentose phosphate pathway controls vascular mural cell coverage by regulating extracellular matrix composition 2022 Facchinello N.Astone M.Oberkersch R. E.Spizzotin M.Calura E.Santoro M. M. + NATURE METABOLISM - -
Efficient clofilium tosylate-mediated rescue of POLG-related disease phenotypes in zebrafish 2021 Facchinello, NicolaLaquatra, ClaudioLocatello, LisaBeffagna, GiorgiaBrañas Casas, RaquelFornetto, ChiaraDinarello, AlbertoMartorano, LauraVettori, AndreaRisato, GiovanniCeleghin, RudyMeneghetti, GiacomoSantoro, Massimo MattiaRasola, AndreaDalla Valle, LuisaRasotto, Maria BericaArgenton, FrancescoTiso, Natascia + CELL DEATH & DISEASE - -
The origin and mechanisms of smooth muscle cell development in vertebrates 2021 Donadon, MichaelSantoro, Massimo M DEVELOPMENT - -
Marked decrease in acquired resistance to antiretrovirals in latest years in Italy 2021 Bergna A.Saladini F.Santoro M. M.Parisi S. G. + CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTION - -
Time to fight: targeting the circadian clock molecular machinery in cancer therapy 2021 Astone, MatteoSantoro, Massimo M DRUG DISCOVERY TODAY - -
The Antioxidant Role of Non-mitochondrial CoQ10: Mystery Solved! 2020 SANTORO, Massimo CELL METABOLISM - -
Adaptive redox homeostasis in cutaneous melanoma 2020 Santoro M. M. + REDOX BIOLOGY - -
Advantages and challenges of cardiovascular and lymphatic studies in zebrafish research 2019 Tiso N.SANTORO, MASSIMO + FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY - -
Nano-Sampling and Reporter Tools to Study Metabolic Regulation in Zebrafish 2019 MIONE, MARIA CATERINASantoro, Massimo + FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY - -
New models to study vascular mural cell embryonic origin: Implications in vascular diseases 2018 Santoro, Massimo + CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH - -
Fashioning blood vessels by ROS signalling and metabolism 2018 SANTORO, MASSIMO SEMINARS IN CELL & DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY - -
LKB1 loss is associated with glutathione deficiency under oxidative stress and sensitivity of cancer cells to cytotoxic drugs and γ-irradiation 2018 Ciccarese FAgnusdei VPinazza MCurtarello MSilic-Benussi MSantoro MDi Paolo VQuintieri LCiminale VIndraccolo S. + BIOCHEMICAL PHARMACOLOGY - -
Compound heterozygous loss-of-function mutations in KIF20A are associated with a novel lethal congenital cardiomyopathy in two siblings 2018 Massimo, Santoro, + PLOS GENETICS - -
Role of amino acid metabolism in angiogenesis 2018 Oberkersch, Roxana ElenaSantoro, Massimo VASCULAR PHARMACOLOGY - -
Before the Pump 2018 Norris, Dougall MacmurraySantoro, Massimo ARTERIOSCLEROSIS, THROMBOSIS, AND VASCULAR BIOLOGY - -
Loss of pyruvate kinase M2 limits growth and triggers innate immune signaling in endothelial cells 2018 Santoro, Massimo + NATURE COMMUNICATIONS - -
Photobiomodulation at Multiple Wavelengths Differentially Modulates Oxidative Stress In Vitro and In Vivo 2018 Santoro, MassimoDi Lenarda, RobertoBiasotto, Matteo + OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY - -
An exclusive cellular and molecular network governs intestinal smooth muscle cell differentiation in vertebrates 2017 SANTORO, MASSIMO + DEVELOPMENT - -
Cilia Control Vascular Mural Cell Recruitment in Vertebrates 2017 SANTORO, MASSIMO + CELL REPORTS - -
Real-time quantification of subcellular H2O2 and glutathione redox potential in living cardiovascular tissues 2017 SANTORO, MASSIMO + FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY & MEDICINE - -
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