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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Serie Titolo libro
The role of non-wood forest products in diets and livelihoods: quantifying the contributions 2021 Muir, Giulia - - -
Into the wild: disentangling non-wood terms and definitions for improved forest statistics 2020 Muir G. F.Vidale E.Masiero M. + INTERNATIONAL FORESTRY REVIEW - -
Multiple dimensions and roles of Non-Wood Forest Products within bioeconomy: examples from Northern and Southern perspectives 2019 Corradini, G.Muir, G.Pettenella, D.Da Re, R.Vidale, E.Masiero, M. - - IUFRO 2019 Book of Abstracts
Sustainable management of Miombo woodlands: Food security, nutrition and wood energy 2018 Giulia Muir + - - -
Guatemala’s Nutritious Green Gold from the “Tree of Life” in Poverty Reduction Through Non-Timber Forest Products 2018 Giulia Muir + - - Poverty Reduction Through Non-Timber Forest Products
Making NWFPs visible: Disentangling definitions and refining methodologies 2017 MUIR, GIULIA FRANCESCA - - Overview of Forestry and environment statistics in Asia Pacific region
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 6 di 6
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