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The β-casein (CSN2) A2 allelic variant alters milk protein profile and slightly worsens coagulation properties in Holstein cows 2022 Bisutti V.Pegolo S.Giannuzzi D.Macedo Mota L. F.Vanzin A.Toscano A.Cecchinato A. + JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
Real-time milk analysis integrated with stacking ensemble learning as a tool for the daily prediction of cheese-making traits in Holstein cattle 2022 Macedo Mota L. F.Giannuzzi D.Bisutti V.Pegolo S.Schiavon S.Gallo L.Cecchinato A. + JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
Quarter-level analyses of the associations among subclinical intramammary infection and milk quality, udder health, and cheesemaking traits in Holstein cows 2022 Pegolo S.Tessari R.Bisutti V.Vanzin A.Giannuzzi D.Gianesella M.Lisuzzo A.Fiore E.Gallo L.Cecchinato A. + JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
Authentication of forage-based milk by mid-level data fusion of (+/−) DART-HRMS signatures 2021 Riuzzi, GiorgiaBisutti, VittoriaLanza, IlariaContiero, BarbaraGottardo, FlavianaSegato, Severino + INTERNATIONAL DAIRY JOURNAL - -
Associations between differential somatic cell count and milk yield, quality, and technological characteristics in Holstein cows 2021 Pegolo S.Giannuzzi D.Bisutti V.Tessari R.Gelain M. E.Gallo L.Schiavon S.Tagliapietra F.Bittante G.Cecchinato A. + JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
Structural equation modeling for unraveling the multivariate genomic architecture of milk proteins in dairy cattle 2021 Pegolo S.Bisutti V.Rosa G. J. M.Bittante G.Cecchinato A. + JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
Genetic parameters of differential somatic cell count, milk composition, and cheese-making traits measured and predicted using spectral data in Holstein cows 2021 Pegolo S.Macedo MotaBisutti V.Martinez Castillero M.Giannuzzi D.Gallo L.Schiavon S.Tagliapietra F.Cecchinato A. + JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
Pyrrolizidine alkaloid concentrations in local Italian and retail honeys of different origin: A scenario of human exposure 2021 Lucatello L.Merlanti R.De Jesus Inacio L.Bisutti V.Montanucci L.Capolongo F. JOURNAL OF FOOD COMPOSITION AND ANALYSIS - -
Natural contaminants in bee pollen: DNA metabarcoding as a tool to identify floral sources of pyrrolizidine alkaloids and fungal diversity 2021 De Jesus Inacio, LucianaMerlanti, RobertaLucatello, LorenaBisutti, VittoriaCarraro, LisaLarini, IlariaVitulo, NicolaCardazzo, BarbaraCapolongo, Francesca FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL - -
Genomic analysis of milk protein fractions in Brown Swiss Cattle 2020 Pegolo S.Bisutti V.Bittante G.Cecchinato A. + ANIMALS - -
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in bee pollen identified by LC-MS/MS analysis and colour parameters using multivariate class modeling 2020 De Jesus Inacio L.Merlanti R.Lucatello L.Bisutti V.Contiero B.Serva L.Segato S.Capolongo F. HELIYON - -
Discriminant analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloid contamination in bee pollen based on near-infrared data from lab-stationary and portable spectrometers 2020 De Jesus Inacio L.Lanza I.Merlanti R.Contiero B.Lucatello L.Serva L.Bisutti V.Mirisola M.Tenti S.Segato S.Capolongo F. EUROPEAN FOOD RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY - -
Effects of A1 and A2 β-casein variants on milk proteins and technological traits in Holstein cows 2020 V. BisuttiS. PegoloLucio MotaN. AmalfitanoA. VanzinG. BittanteA. Cecchinato + - - Book of Abstracts of the 71st Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science
Multivariate and machine learning approaches for honey botanical origin authentication using near infrared spectroscopy 2019 Bisutti, VittoriaMerlanti, RobertaServa, LorenzoLucatello, LorenaMirisola, MassimoBalzan, StefaniaTenti, SandroMONTANUCCI, LUDOVICAContiero, BarbaraSegato, SeverinoCapolongo, Francesca + JOURNAL OF NEAR INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY - -
Inferring causal relationships among milk protein fractions in dairy cattle 2019 Vittoria BisuttiSara PegoloNicolò AmalfitanoGiovanni BittanteAlessio Cecchinato + - - ASD 2019 – Book of Abstracts
1H NMR Metabolic Profile to Discriminate Pasture Based Alpine Asiago PDO Cheeses 2019 Segato, SeverinoContiero, BarbaraBisutti, VittoriaCozzi, Giulio + ANIMALS - -
Multivariate and machine learning models to assess the heat effects on honey physicochemical, colour and NIR data 2019 Segato S.Merlanti R.Bisutti V.Montanucci L.Serva L.Lucatello L.Mirisola M.Contiero B.Conficoni D.Balzan S.Marchesini G.Capolongo F. EUROPEAN FOOD RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY - -
A colorimetric screening method to evaluate the presence of pyrrolizidine Alkaloids and their N-Oxides in bee pollen 2019 DE JESUS INACIO, LUCIANAVittoria BisuttiRoberta merlantiLorena LucatelloBarbara ContieroLorenzo ServaSeverino SegatoFrancesca Capolongo - - Book of Abstract 5th Symposium on Bee Products - InternationalHoney Commission
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