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Euro adoption and intra-European Union exporters’ productivity: Differences between family and non-family firms 2024 Thomas, Bassetti + EUROPEAN RESEARCH ON MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS ECONOMICS - -
The Green Solow model and the threshold effect of human capital on CO2 emissions 2023 Bassetti, Thomas + METROECONOMICA - -
Optimal redistributive policies by publicly provided inputs and income taxation 2022 Bassetti, TGreco, L JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMIC THEORY - -
Virtual water and the inequality in water content of consumption 2022 Bassetti, Thomas + ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS - -
Not all sales performance is created equal: personality and interpersonal traits in inbound and outbound marketing activities 2021 Bassetti T. + ARCHIVES ITALIENNES DE BIOLOGIE - -
Trust in the Health System and COVID-19 Treatment 2021 Bassetti, ThomasCorazzini, Luca + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
Why and when do family firms invest less in talent management? The suppressor effect of risk aversion 2021 Bassetti T. + THE JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE - -
The management of sustainable development: A longitudinal analysis of the effects of environmental performance on economic performance 2021 Bassetti T.Blasi S.Sedita S. R. BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - -
Political Narratives and the US Partisan Gender Gap 2021 Bassetti T.Corazzini L. + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
Trust in the Healthcare System and COVID-19 Treatment in the Developing World. Survey and Experimental Evidence from Armenia 2020 Thomas BassettiLuca Corazzini + - - -
Family ownership and environmental performance: The mediation effect of human resource practices 2020 Bassetti, Thomas + BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - -
Artificial Intelligence – impact on total factor productivity, e-commerce & fintech 2020 Thomas Bassetti + - - JRC Technical Report
Do Immigrants Make Us Safer? Crime, Immigration, and the Labor Market 2020 Thomas BassettiLuca CorazziniDarwin CortesLuca Nunziata - - -
Artificial Intelligence: impact on total factor productivity, e-commerce & fintech - ISBN 9789276246947 - ISSN 1018-5593 - doi:10.2760/448034 2020 Thomas Bassetti + - - JRC Technical Report
A critical validation of the value added intellectual coefficient: use in empirical research and comparison with alternative measures of intellectual capital 2020 Thomas Bassetti + THE JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE - -
Play it again! A Natural Experiment on Definitivity Avoidance 2020 Thomas Bassetti + - - -
Virtual Water Trade: The Implications of Capital Scarcity 2020 Thomas Bassetti + - - -
Apology of scientific reason - IV: Dilemmas of choice and ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) 2019 Bassetti T. + MONDO DIGITALE - -
Incubation matters. Measuring the effect of business incubators on the innovation performance of start-ups. 2019 Sedita Silvia RitaBassetti ThomasGrandinetti Roberto + R & D MANAGEMENT - -
Apology of scientific reason - III: Strategic decisions and games 2018 Bassetti T. + MONDO DIGITALE - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 36
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