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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Value chain, regional institutions and firm growth in Europe 2023 Giulio CainelliRoberto Ganau + JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY - -
How local geography shapes firm geography 2022 Giulio Cainelli + ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT - -
Multinational subsidiaries and green innovation 2022 De Marchi V.Cainelli G.Grandinetti R. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW - -
Business groups, institutions, and firm performance 2022 Cainelli GiulioGanau Roberto + INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE - -
Epidemic risk in urban areas: development of a concept map as a risk assessment tool. 2022 I. AmorusoG. CainelliM. FonzoC. BertoncelloT. Baldovin + - - CUCS 2022 Napoli
Spatial Networking and Firm Organization. The Case of Italy 2021 Giulio Cainelli + EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES - -
Knowledge spillovers, related variety and firm heterogeneity 2021 Cainelli GiulioGanau Roberto SR SCIENZE REGIONALI - -
Business Cycle Synchronization among US States. Spatial Effects and Regional Determinants 2021 Giulio Cainelli + SPATIAL ECONOMIC ANALYSIS - -
Small firms and bank financing in bad times 2020 Cainelli G. + SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS - -
Do knowledge-intensive business services innovate differently? 2020 Cainelli, GiulioDe Marchi, ValentinaGrandinetti, Roberto ECONOMICS OF INNOVATION AND NEW TECHNOLOGY - -
Resource efficient eco-innovations for circular economy. Evidence from EU firms 2020 Giulio Cainelli + RESEARCH POLICY - -
Detecting space–time agglomeration processes over the Great Recession using firm-level micro-geographic data 2020 Cainelli G.Ganau R. + JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SYSTEMS - -
Spinoffs or startups? The effects of spatial agglomeration 2020 Furlan, AndreaCainelli, Giulio INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE - -
Does related variety affect regional resilience? New evidence from Italy 2019 Cainelli G.Ganau R. + THE ANNALS OF REGIONAL SCIENCE - -
Agglomeration, Networking and the Great Recession 2019 Cainelli G. + REGIONAL STUDIES - -
Industrial relatedness and regional resilience in the European Union 2019 Cainelli G.Ganau R. + PAPERS IN REGIONAL SCIENCE - -
Related variety and firm heterogeneity. What really matters for short-run firm growth? 2019 Giulio CainelliRoberto Ganau ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT - -
La strana coppia: Il ruolo dei gruppi e delle istituzioni regionali nella performance d’impresa 2019 Cainelli GiulioGanau Roberto + - - Imprenditorialità e Sviluppo Economico. Il Ruolo delle Politiche Pubbliche
Vertical relatedness and services outsourcing: A firm-level analysis 2019 Cainelli GiulioGanau Roberto + INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE - -
Spatial Agglomeration, Global Value Chains and Productivity. Micro-Evidence from Italy and Spain 2018 Giulio CainelliRoberto Ganau + ECONOMICS LETTERS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 122
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