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Immigrant entrepreneurs out of the shell? An investigation of individual characteristics on the propensity to seek external advice. In corso di stampa Tognazzo, A.Leonelli, S.Campagnolo, D. - CONTRIBUTIONS TO MANAGEMENT SCIENCE Sustainable International Business: Smart strategies for business and society
Top Leaders’ Behavioral Flexibility, Organizational Adaptability and Firm Performance 2022 Tognazzo, AlessandraGubitta, Paolo + PICCOLA IMPRESA - -
Family business metaphors. Envisioning images of peaceful and sustainable organizations. 2022 Tognazzo, Alessandra - PALGRAVE PIVOT -
Covid-19 and resilience: are family firms more resilient than non-family firms? An analysis of the northeast regions of Italy. 2022 Leonelli SimonaCampagnolo DiegoGianecchini MartinaTognazzo AlessandraGubitta Paolo - - EURAM Conference proceedings
SMEs facing crisis: ideal response or equifinal reactions? 2022 Campagnolo DiegoGianecchini MartinaGubitta PaoloLeonelli SimonaTognazzo Alessandra - - Business Under Crisis: Contextual Transformations
Women and Family governance in the hospitality industry: A study of medium-sized firms in the three most attractive Italian regions. 2022 Tognazzo, A.Gubitta, P. PICCOLA IMPRESA - -
Mock trial: una strategia per stimolare un dibattito. 2021 Tognazzo, A. - - Teaching4Learning@Unipd - L’innovazione didattica all’Università di Padova - Teorie, Progetti e Pratiche
“I’m Your Leader Now, but Do You Trust Me?”: An Analysis of Leadership and Trust in Family Firms’ Succession 2020 Leonelli SimonaTognazzo Alessandra + - - Handbook of Research on the Strategic Management of Family Businesses
Family Business Leaders’ Metaphors and Firm Performance: Exploring the “Roots” and “Shoots” of Symbolic Meanings 2020 Tognazzo A. + FAMILY BUSINESS REVIEW - -
Editorial Special Issue Entrepreneurial Decision Making and Behavior 2019 Tognazzo A. + JOURNAL OF SMALL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP - -
Tramandare le conoscenze e i valori nelle aziende familiari: la relazione tra storytelling e innovazione 2019 Leonelli SimonaTognazzo Alessandra PROSPETTIVE IN ORGANIZZAZIONE - -
Oltre la responsabilità sociale di impresa. Territori generativi tra innovazione sociale e sostenibilità 2019 Alessandra Tognazzo - - Oltre la responsabilità sociale di impresa
La scalata all’imprenditorialità dei Millennial nel turismo: il ruolo della famiglia e dei valori 2018 Tognazzo, A. PROSPETTIVE IN ORGANIZZAZIONE - -
Family Business, allenare la forza imprenditoriale dei Millenial 2018 A. Tognazzo + SISTEMI & IMPRESA - -
I processi di innovazione e le dinamiche familiari in un settore controverso: il caso delle tabaccherie in Italia, 2018 Paolo GubittaAlessandra Tognazzo - - LE IMPRESE FAMILIARI. Governance, Internazionalizzazione e Innovazione
Educational context and entrepreneurial intentions of university students: An Italian study 2017 Tognazzo, AlessandraGianecchini, MartinaGubitta, Paolo - CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP RESEARCH Entrepreneurship Education: New Perspectives on Entrepreneurship Education
Friends doing business. An Explorative Longitudinal Case Study of Creativity and Innovation in an Italian Technology-Based Start-Up 2017 Tognazzo A. + JOURNAL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND INNOVATION - -
Fostering performance through leaders’ behavioral competencies 2017 TOGNAZZO, ALESSANDRAGUBITTA, PAOLO + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS - -
“My dad or my boss?" The story of a family hotel 2016 Tognazzo, A. - - SAGE Business Cases (online digital collection)
The heart of business in an Italian family firm: The Hotel Stella case. 2016 Tognazzo A.Gubitta P. - - The Italian Model of Management: A Selection of Case Studies.
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