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The economic impact of the first wave of the pandemic on 50+ Europeans 2023 Greta PesaresiGuglielmo WeberNancy Zambon + EMPIRICAL ECONOMICS - -
How the first wave of the pandemic affected household finances 2023 Andrea BonfattiGreta PesaresiGuglielmo WeberNancy Zambon - - Social, health, and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the epidemiological control measures
Internet use during the pandemic 2023 Francesco PrincipeGuglielmo Weber - - Social, Health, and Economics Impacts of theCOVID-19 Pandemic and the Epidemiological Control Measures
Online health information seeking and Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy: Evidence from 50+ Europeans 2023 Principe F.Weber G. HEALTH POLICY - -
Effects of COVID-19-related economic support on household financial distress 2023 Debdeep ChattopadhyayGreta PesaresiGuglielmo Weber + - - Social, health, and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the epidemiological control measures
The Long-Term Consequences of a Golden Nest: Socioeconomic Status in Childhood and the Age at Leaving Home 2022 Angelini, ViolaBertoni, MarcoWeber, Guglielmo DEMOGRAPHY - -
How did European retirees respond to the COVID-19 pandemic? 2021 Bertoni, MarcoCelidoni, MartinaDal Bianco, ChiaraWeber, Guglielmo ECONOMICS LETTERS - -
Can temptation explain housing choices over the life cycle? 2020 Angelini V.Bucciol A.Weber G. + MANCHESTER SCHOOL - -
Retirement and Healthy Eating 2020 Celidoni M.Dal Bianco C.Rebba V.Weber G. FISCAL STUDIES - -
Do you need less money in retirement? 2020 Celidoni M.Weber G. ECONOMICS LETTERS - -
Intergenerational cohabitation at older ages 2019 G. Weber + - - SHARE Wave 7 Methodology: Panel innovations and life histories
Employment at older ages: evidence from Italy 2019 Guglielmo Weber + - - Social security and retirement around the world: working Longer
The contributions of paradata and features of respondents, interviewers and survey agencies to panel co-operation in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe 2019 Celidoni, MartinaDAL BIANCO, CHIARAWeber, Guglielmo + JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY. SERIES A. STATISTICS IN SOCIETY - -
SHARE: a data set for ageing research 2018 GUGLIELMO WEBER JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH RESEARCH - -
Work, retirement, and muscle strength loss in old age 2018 Bertoni, MarcoMaggi, StefaniaWeber, Guglielmo HEALTH ECONOMICS - -
Depressive symptoms and muscle weakness: A two-way relation? 2018 Bertoni, MarcoMaggi, StefaniaManzato, EnzoWeber, Guglielmo + EXPERIMENTAL GERONTOLOGY - -
Retirement and cognitive decline. A longitudinal analysis using SHARE data. 2017 Martina CelidoniDAL BIANCO, CHIARAGuglielmo Weber JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS - -
Books Are Forever: Early Life Conditions, Education and Lifetime Earnings in Europe 2017 BRUNELLO, GIORGIOWEBER, GUGLIELMO + ECONOMIC JOURNAL - -
Health capacity to work at older ages: evidence from Italy 2017 Guglielmo Weber + - - Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: The Capacity to Work at Older Ages
Global demographic trends: consumption, saving, and international capital flows 2016 BONFATTI, ANDREAWEBER, GUGLIELMO + - HANDBOOKS IN ECONOMICS Handbook of the economics of population aging Volume 1A
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