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Cross-border Acquisitions and Technological Spillover: Evidence from European Regional Clusters 2022 Elisa SabbadinIvan De NoniFiorenza Belussi ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT ANNUAL MEETING PROCEEDINGS - Academy of Management Proceedings
Cross-border acquisitions and technological spillover: evidence from European regional clusters 2022 sabbadin elisaDe Noni IvanFiorenza Belussi COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW - -
The technological acquisitions paradox in the beauty industry. 2022 Sedita S. R.Belussi F.De Noni I. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INNOVATION MANAGEMENT - -
Is e-commerce a disruptive innovation? Evidence from the Fashion Retail Sector 2022 Fiorenza BelussiKristina RakicElisa Sabbadin - - INNOVAZIONE E MANAGEMENT
The Globalization of Regional Clusters: Between Localization and Internationalization 2022 Fiorenza Belussi ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY - -
Breakthrough Invention Performance of Multispecialized Clustered Regions in Europe 2021 De Noni IvanBelussi Fiorenza ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY - -
Consolidacion de las cadenas globales de valor a travésde la entrada de multinacinales en clusters liders 2020 Fiorenza Belussi + - - Globalizaciòn y desarrollo de los territorios
Trajectory Dependence, Lock-In Effect, and Cluster Decline: A Case Study of the Footwear Cluster in Sinos-Paranhana Valley 2020 Fiorenza Belussi + LATIN AMERICAN BUSINESS REVIEW - -
Approaching multinationals in clusters from different perspectives: An integration of literatures 2020 Belussi F.Sedita S. R. + COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW - -
Innovation districts 2019 Belussi F.Sedita S. R. - - The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies
Mapping Business Model Research: A Document Bibliometric Analysis 2019 Fiorenza BelussiLuigi OrsiSAVARESE, MARIA FRANCESCA SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT - -
Strategic Alliances Identifying Recent Emerging Sub-Fields of Research 2018 fiorenza belussiAndrea Ganzaroli + - - Innovation Systems, Policy and Management
Industrial districts/clusters and smart specialisation policies 2018 Fiorenza Belussi + - - Agglomeration and firm performance
The role of collaborative networks in supporting the innovation performances of lagging-behind European regions 2018 De Noni, IvanF. Belussi + RESEARCH POLICY - -
MNEs and clusters: the creation of place-anchored value chains 2018 Belussi F.Caloffi A.& Sedita + - - Local Clusters in Global Value Chains. Linking Actors and Territories Through Manufacturing and Innovation
The role of leading firms in explaining evolutionary paths of growth<. Italian and Turkish clusters on the move 2018 Fiorenza BelussiAnnalisa Caloffi - - Agglomeration and fir performance
New perspectives on the evolution of clusters 2018 Fiorenza Belussi EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES - -
Cluster advantage and firms performance: a shift into the future 2018 fiorenza belussi + - - Agglomeration and firm performance
Cluster advantage and firm performance: a concluding remark 2018 Fiorenza Belussi + - - Agglomeration and firm performance
Mapping inventors' networks to trace knowledge flows among E U regions 2018 Fiorenza BelussiInan De NoniLuigi Orsi - - New Avenues for regional innovation sytems- theoretical advances, empirical cases, and policy lessons
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 183
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