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The systemic risk of US oil and natural gas companies 2023 Caporin, MassimilianoFontini, FulvioPanzica, Roberto ENERGY ECONOMICS - -
The wealth of nations and the first wave of COVID-19 diffusion 2023 Roberto AntoniettiFulvio Fontini + ITALIAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL - -
The relationship between day-ahead and future prices in electricity markets: An empirical analysis on Italy, France, Germany, and Switzerland 2022 Bonaldo C.Caporin M.Fontini F. ENERGY ECONOMICS - -
The world trade network: country centrality and the COVID-19 pandemic 2022 Roberto AntoniettiFulvio Fontini + APPLIED NETWORK SCIENCE - -
The Energy Transition and the Value of Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms 2022 Cinzia BonaldoFulvio FontiniMichele Moretto - - -
The long-run relationship between the Italian day-ahead and balancing electricity prices 2022 Caporin M.Fontini F. + ENERGY SYSTEMS - -
The Zonal and Seasonal CO2 Marginal Emissions Factors for the Italian Power Market 2022 Beltrami, FilippoFontini, FulvioGrossi, Luigi + ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS - -
Assessing the relationship between air Quality,Wealth, and the First Wave of COVID-19 Diffusion and Mortality 2021 Roberto AntoniettiFulvio Fontini + - - Energy Transition, Climate Change, and COVID-19
The value of carbon emission reduction induced by Renewable Energy Sources in the Italian power market 2021 Beltrami, FilippoFontini, FulvioGrossi, Luigi ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS - -
Investing in electricity production under a reliability options scheme 2021 Fontini, FulvioVargiolu, TizianoZormpas, Dimitrios JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC DYNAMICS & CONTROL - -
Has the EU-ETS Financed the Energy Transition of the Italian Power System? 2021 Caporin, MassimilianoFontini, FulvioSegato, Samuele INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL STUDIES - -
The participation of small-scale variable distributed renewable energy sources to the balancing services market 2021 Agostini, MarcoBertolini, MarinaCoppo, MassimilianoFontini, Fulvio ENERGY ECONOMICS - -
Pricing reliability options under different electricity price regimes 2020 Andreis LuisaFlora MariaFontini FulvioVargiolu Tiziano ENERGY ECONOMICS - -
Does energy price affect energy efficiency? Cross-country panel evidence 2019 Antonietti, RobertoFontini, Fulvio ENERGY POLICY - -
Does energy price affect energy efficiency? Cross-country panel evidence 2019 Roberto AntoniettiFulvio Fontini ENERGY POLICY - -
Testing persistence of WTI and brent long-run relationship after the shale oil supply shock 2019 Caporin, MassimilianoFontini, FulvioTalebbeydokhti, Elham ENERGY ECONOMICS - -
Economics of Electricity: Markets, Competition and Rules 2019 fontini fulvio + - - -
Collective reputation with stochastic production and unknown willingness to pay for quality 2018 FONTINI, FULVIOMORETTO, MICHELE + ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS AND POLICY STUDIES - -
A Multidimensional Analysis of the Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Firms' Economic Performance 2018 BLASI, SILVIACaporin, MassimilianoFontini, Fulvio ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 77
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