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More choice for men? Marriage patterns after World War II in Italy 2022 Battistin E.Nunziata L. + JOURNAL OF DEMOGRAPHIC ECONOMICS - -
‘The Expected Price of Keeping up with the Joneses’ 2022 Luca Nunziata + JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR & ORGANIZATION - -
Radioactive Decay, Health and Social Capital: Lessons From The Chernobyl Experiment 2022 Luca Nunziata + JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR & ORGANIZATION - -
Do Immigrants Make Us Safer? Crime, Immigration, and the Labor Market 2020 Thomas BassettiLuca CorazziniDarwin CortesLuca Nunziata - - -
“Thou Shalt not Smoke”: Religion and smoking in a natural experiment of history 2019 Nunziata L.Toffolutti V. SSM - POPULATION HEALTH - -
Monetary Effects of Inequality: Lessons from the Euro Experiment 2019 LUCA NUNZIATA + THE JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC INEQUALITY - -
The Protestant ethic and entrepreneurship: Evidence from religious minorities in the former Holy Roman Empire 2018 NUNZIATA, LUCAROCCO, LORENZO EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY - -
Long Term Consequences of the Chernobyl Radioactive Fallout: an Exploration of the Aggregate Data 2018 Luca Nunziata + THE MILBANK QUARTERLY - -
The labor market in Italy, 2000–2016 2017 luca nunziatafrancesca marino IZA WORLD OF LABOR - -
A tale of minorities: evidence on religious ethics and entrepreneurship 2016 NUNZIATA, LUCAROCCO, LORENZO JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC GROWTH - -
Wish you were here? Quasi-experimental evidence on the effect of education on self-reported attitude toward immigrants 2016 D'HOMBRES, BEATRICENUNZIATA, LUCA EUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW - -
Immigration and crime: evidence from victimization data 2015 NUNZIATA, LUCA JOURNAL OF POPULATION ECONOMICS - -
Judicial performance and its determinants: a cross-country perspective 2013 NUNZIATA, LUCA + OECD ECONOMIC POLICY PAPERS - -
Right heart morphology and function in heart transplantation recipients 2013 Nunziata L.Salerno G.Di Salvo G. + JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE - -
The Economics of Civil Justice: New Cross-Country Data and Empirics 2013 NUNZIATA, LUCA + - - -
Range of right heart measurements in top-level athletes: The training impact 2013 Salerno G.Nunziata L.Di Salvo G. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY - -
More Choice for Men? Marriage Patterns after World War II in Italy 2012 BATTISTIN, ERICHNUNZIATA, LUCA + - - -
In a Time of Crisis: Some Notes On the Italian Labour Market and Beyond 2012 NUNZIATA, LUCA CESIFO DICE REPORT - -
Models of unionism and unemployment 2011 NUNZIATA, LUCA + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS - -
Labor market structures and the sacrifice ratio 2010 NUNZIATA, LUCA + JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 41
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