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Reciprocity and the matrilineal advantage in European grand-parenting 2022 Giorgio Brunello + REVIEW OF ECONOMICS OF THE HOUSEHOLD - -
Do investments in human and physical capital respond differently to financing constraints? 2022 Giorgio Brunello + SCHWEIZERISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR VOLKSWIRTSCHAFT UND STATISTIK - -
Math scores in high test grades 2022 Giorgio Brunello + ECONOMICS OF EDUCATION REVIEW - -
Training during recessions: Recent European evidence 2022 Bertoni M.Brunello G. IZA JOURNAL OF LABOR POLICY - -
Skill shortages and skill mismatch: A review of the literature 2021 GIORGIO BRUNELLO + JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC SURVEYS - -
The Effect of Immigration on Education 2021 Giorgio Brunello - - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance
Where do i stand? Assessing researchers’ beliefs about their productivity 2021 Bertoni, MarcoBrunello, GiorgioRocco, Lorenzo + JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR & ORGANIZATION - -
The pathways to college 2021 Agarwal L.Brunello G.Rocco L. JOURNAL OF HUMAN CAPITAL - -
Some Unpleasant Consequences of Testing at Length 2021 Brunello G.Rocco L. + OXFORD BULLETIN OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS - -
Does A Higher Retirement Age Reduce Youth Employment? 2021 Bertoni, MarcoBrunello, Giorgio ECONOMIC POLICY - -
Does monitoring deter future cheating? The case of external examiners in Italian schools 2021 Bertoni M.Brunello G. + ECONOMICS LETTERS - -
Does low skilled immigration increase the education of natives? Evidence from Italian provinces 2020 Giorgio BrunelloElisabetta LodigianiLorenzo Rocco LABOUR ECONOMICS - -
Who benefits from privileged peers? Evidence from siblings in schools 2020 Bertoni, MarcoBrunello, Giorgio + JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECONOMETRICS - -
Not only in my genes: The effects of peers’ genotype on obesity 2020 Brunello G. + JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS - -
Does low-skilled immigration increase profits? Evidence from Italian local labour markets 2020 Brunello G.Lodigiani E.Rocco L. REGIONAL SCIENCE AND URBAN ECONOMICS - -
Grandparents in the blues. The effect of childcare on grandparents’ depression 2019 Brunello, GiorgioRocco, Lorenzo REVIEW OF ECONOMICS OF THE HOUSEHOLD - -
Does Postponing Minimum Retirement Age Improve Healthy Behaviours Before Retirement? Evidence from Middle-Aged Italian Workers. 2018 bertoni, marcobrunello, Giorgiomazzarella, Gianluca JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS - -
The Labor Market Effects of Academic and Vocational Education over the Life Cycle: Evidence Based on a British Cohor 2017 BRUNELLO, GIORGIOROCCO, LORENZO JOURNAL OF HUMAN CAPITAL - -
Not in My Community: Social Pressure and the Geography of Dismissals 2017 BRUNELLO, GIORGIO + JOURNAL OF LABOR ECONOMICS - -
Pappa Ante Portas: The effect of the husband's retirement on the wife's mental health in Japan 2017 BERTONI, MARCOBRUNELLO, GIORGIO SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 71
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