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Business model innovation and ambidexterity in Industry 4.0 2024 Paiola M. + SINERGIE - -
How do omnichannel strategies contribute to value-based healthcare? An orchestra-based analysis 2023 Paiola, M + JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH - -
Digital servitization journey in small- and medium-sized enterprises: the contribution of knowledge-intensive business firms 2023 Paiola, M + THE JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL MARKETING - -
The process of business model innovation driven by IoT: Exploring the case of incumbent SMEs 2022 Paiola M.L. AgostiniR. GrandinettiA. Nosella INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT - -
Paths toward advanced service-oriented business models: A configurational analysis of small- and medium-sized incumbent manufacturers(1) 2022 Paiola, M + TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE - -
Digital servitization and sustainability through networking: Some evidences from IoT-based business models 2021 Marco PaiolaRoberto Grandinetti + JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH - -
Prior knowledge, industry 4.0 and digital servitization. An inductive framework 2021 Paiola M.Grandinetti R. + TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE - -
Digitalization and business model change in manufacturing SMEs: an explorative investigation 2020 Paiola, MarcoAgostini, LaraGrandinetti, RobertoNosella, Anna - - Managing Knowledge in Uncertain Times
Knowledge management approaches of small and medium-sized firms: a cluster analysis 2020 Bolisani E.Paiola M.Scarso E. + KYBERNETES - -
Fourth Industrial Revolution, Digital Servitization and Relationship Quality in Italian B2B Manufacturing Firms. An Exploratory Study 2020 roberto grandinettimarco paiola + THE TQM JOURNAL - -
Internet of things technologies, digital servitization and business model innovation in BtoB manufacturing firms 2020 Paiola M. + INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT - -
Digital servitization: Crossing the perspectives of digitization and servitization 2020 marco paiola + INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT - -
Navigating disruptive crises through service-led growth: The impact of COVID-19 on Italian manufacturing firms 2020 Kowalkowski C.Paiola M. + INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT - -
Knowledge Management approaches of small and medium-sized firms: a cluster analysis of KIBS companies 2019 Bolisani E.Paiola M.Scarso E. + - - Proceedings 6th Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium,
Business model innovation in complex servitized systems: the case of OBC in capital equipment SMEs 2018 marco paiola - - Transformative business strategies and new patterns for value creation
Digital transformation and servitization: business model development and innovation in manufacturing companies 2018 marco paiola - - Proceedings of the Spring Servitization Conference
Knowledge Management approaches of small KIBS firms: a descriptive analysis of four countries 2018 Bolisani E.Paiola M.Scarso E. + - - Proceedings of IFKAD 2018
Digitalization and servitization: opportunities and challenges for Italian SMEs 2018 marco paiola SINERGIE - -
Digitalization and servitization: Opportunities and challenges for Italian SMEs 2017 marco paiola - - The 20th Excellence in Services International Conference
Knowledge management strategies in KIBS companies: A preliminary analysis 2017 ettore bolisanimarco paiolaenrico scarso + - - Knowledge Management in the 21st Century: Resilience, Creativity and Co-creation
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 94
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