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Leveraging on intra- and inter-organizational collaboration in Industry 4.0 adoption for knowledge creation and innovation In corso di stampa Marco BettiolMauro CapestroEleonora Di Maria + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INNOVATION MANAGEMENT - -
Structuring and Measuring Environmental Sustainability in the Steel Sector: A Single Case Study 2023 Laura TolettiniEleonora Di Maria SUSTAINABILITY - -
Ambidextrous strategies in turbulent times: the experience of manufacturing SMEs during the COVID-19 pandemic 2023 Bettiol, MCapestro, MDi Maria, EMicelli, S INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT - -
How Italian Fashion Brands Beat COVID-19: Manufacturing, Sustainability, and Digitalization 2023 Di Maria, EBettiol, MCapestro, M SUSTAINABILITY - -
How COVID-19 impacted cultural consumption: an explorative analysis of Gen Z’s digital museum experiences 2023 Elena BonelMauro CapestroEleonora Di Maria ITALIAN JOURNAL OF MARKETING - -
Contexts of Consumption and Their Evolution in the Digital Age: Beyond the Service-Dominant Logic 2022 Roberto, GrandinettiBettiol, MarcoDi Maria, Eleonora ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES - -
Industry 4.0 Adoption In Manufacturing Smes: Exploring The Role of Industry and Regional Scale In Northern Italy 2022 Bettiol MarcoCapestro MauroDi Maria Eleonora SR SCIENZE REGIONALI - -
Actions fostering adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies in manufacturing companies in European regions 2022 Di Maria, Eleonora + INVESTIGACIONES REGIONALES - -
Perché realizzare la Valutazione d’Impatto 2022 Eleonora Di Maria - - Linee Guida per la Valutazione d’Impatto delle Società Benefit e la Rendicontazione Sociale
The Effects of Industry 4.0 for Firms and Territories: Introducing the Special Issue 2022 Capestro MauroDi Maria EleonoraBettiol Marco SR SCIENZE REGIONALI - -
Linee guida per la valutazione d'impatto delle società benefit e la rendicontazione sociale 2022 Di Maria E. + - - -
SMEs and the regionalization of global value chains: an untold story from the Italian industrial districts 2022 Bettiol, MarcoBurlina, ChiaraDi Maria, Eleonora + COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW - -
Overcoming pandemic challenges through product innovation: The role of digital technologies and servitization 2022 Bettiol M.Capestro M.Di Maria E. + EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL - -
Industry 4.0 technologies and circular economy: The mediating role of supply chain integration 2022 Di Maria, EleonoraDe Marchi, ValentinaGaleazzo, Ambra BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - -
GVC-Oriented Policies and Urban Manufacturing: The Role of Cities in Global Value Chains 2022 Di Maria E. + SUSTAINABILITY - -
Do clusters matter for foreign subsidiaries in the Era of industry 4.0? The case of the aviation valley in Poland 2021 Maria, Eleonora Di + EUROPEAN RESEARCH ON MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS ECONOMICS - -
SMEs @ Industry 4.0: A comparison between top and average performers 2021 Bettiol, MarcoCapestro, MauroDi Maria, Eleonora + SINERGIE - -
Performance ambientale nel distretto della concia di Arzignano: tra iniziativa imprenditoriale e intervento istituzionale 2021 Jasmina ShehiValentina de MarchiEleonora di Maria + ECONOMIA E SOCIETÀ REGIONALE - -
Spin-offs, Environmental KIBS and the Role of Universities for Sustainability 2021 Di Maria, EleonoraDe Marchi, ValentinaBonel, Elena - - Rethinking Clusters. Place-based Value Creation in Sustainability Transitions
Disentangling the link between ICT and Industry 4.0: impacts on knowledge-related performance 2021 Bettiol M.Capestro M.Di Maria E. + THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTIVITY AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 195
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