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Pledging one’s trustworthiness through gifts: An experiment 2022 Giuseppe Danese + JUDGMENT AND DECISION MAKING - -
Neurophysiological examination of the Affect–Integratio–Motivation framework of decision-making in the aging brain: A registered report 2022 G. Danese + NEUROIMAGE - -
Divine kingship in the firm: reciprocity, organizational culture, and founder cults 2021 Giuseppe Danese ANNALS OF THE FONDAZIONE LUIGI EINAUDI - -
One person's trash is another person's treasure: In search of an efficient property regime for waste in the Global South 2021 Danese G. WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Homophily and social norms in experimental network formation games 2018 Danese G. + GAMES - -
Trust and trustworthiness in organizations: The role of monitoring and moral suasion 2018 Danese G. + MANAGERIAL AND DECISION ECONOMICS - -
The circulation of worthless tokens aids cooperation: An experiment inspired by the Kula 2018 Danese G. + GAMES - -
A social contract approach to sustainability 2017 Danese G. INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF ECONOMICS - -
Behavioral Economic Anthropology 2017 Giuseppe Danese + - - Handbook of Behavioral Economics and Smart Decision-Making. Rational Decision-Making within the Bounds of Reason
Testosterone and cortisol jointly predict the ambiguity premium in an Ellsberg-urns experiment 2017 Danese G. + FRONTIERS IN BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE - -
Laws That Enable Partnerships: The Case of Proyecto Pensilvania in Bogot{'{a}}, Colombia 2016 Giuseppe Danese + MAN AND THE ECONOMY - -
Norms and trades: An experimental investigation 2015 Giuseppe Danese + RATIONALITY AND SOCIETY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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