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Sustainability in material purchasing: A multi-objective economic order quantity model under carbon trading 2018 Battini, DariaCALZAVARA, MARTINAISOLAN, ILARIASgarbossa, FabioZANGARO, FRANCESCO SUSTAINABILITY - -
Ultra Wide Band Indoor Positioning System: analysis and testing of an IPS technology 2018 ZUIN, SILVIAMartina, CalzavaraFabio, SgarbossaAlessandro, Persona IFAC-PAPERSONLINE - IFAC-PapersOnLine
Heuristic methods to consider rest allowance into assembly balancing problem 2018 Finco S.Battini D.Persona A.Sgarbossa F. + - IFAC-PAPERSONLINE IFAC-PapersOnLine
Economic and Performance Analysis of Dual-bay Vertical Lift Modules 2018 Sgarbossa F.Calzavara M.Persona A. - - Proceedings of the 15th International Material Handling Research Colloquium (IMHRC)
Future trends in management and operation of assembly systems: From customized assembly systems to cyber-physical systems 2018 Sgarbossa, Fabio + OMEGA - -
Microdowntime - Data collection, Analysis and Impact on OEE in Bottling Lines: The San Benedetto Case Study 2018 Battini D.Persona A.Sgarbossa F.Zennaro I. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUALITY AND RELIABILITY MANAGEMENT - -
Integrating mocap system and immersive reality for efficient human-centred workstation design 2018 Daria, BattiniMartina, CalzavaraAlessandro, PersonaFabio, SgarbossaValentina, VisentinZennaro, Ilenia IFAC-PAPERSONLINE - IFAC-PapersOnLine
MRP THEORY SUPPORTING TRADE-OFF BETWEEN INVESTMENTS IN COLLABORATIVE ROBOTS AND PRODUCTION IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES FOR A WATER PUMPS SUPPLY CHAINS 2017 daria battinimartina calzavaraalessandro personafabio sgarbossa - - Proceeding SOR Conference 2017, Bled, Slovenia.
Comparison of different paperless picking systems - Vergleich unterschiedlicher papierloser Kommissioniersysteme 2017 Calzavara M.Persona A.Sgarbossa F. + - - Warehousing 4.0 - Technische Lösungen und Managementkonzepte für die Lagerlogistik der Zukunft, Edition 1, Chapter 16
Additional effort estimation due to ergonomic conditions in order picking systems 2017 BATTINI, DARIACALZAVARA, MARTINAPERSONA, ALESSANDROSGARBOSSA, FABIO INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH - -
Incorporating human factors into decision support models for production and logistics: current state of research 2017 Calzavara, MartinaSgarbossa, Fabio + IFAC-PAPERSONLINE - IFAC-PAPERSONLINE
A proactive model in sustainable food supply chain: Insight from a case study 2017 SGARBOSSA, FABIO + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS - -
Editorial: Human factors in industrial and logistic system design 2017 Sgarbossa, Fabio + COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING - -
Ergo-lot-sizing: An approach to integrate ergonomic and economic objectives in manual materials handling 2017 Battini, DariaPersona, AlessandroSgarbossa, Fabio + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS - -
Design and improvement of big-size products assembly lines: state of the art and characteristics 2017 Battini DariaCalzavara MartinaFINCO, SERENAPersona AlessandroSgarbossa Fabio - - Summer School Web Proceedings
Data driven close loop supply chains for sustainable logistics of the meat industry 2017 David BogatajDaria BattiniAlessandro PersonaFabio Sgarbossa + - - The proceedings of 22nd International Symposium on Logistics, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 9-12th July 2017
Recovery time setting for order picking activities 2017 Calzavara M. Persona A. Sgarbossa F. Visentin V. - - Proceedings of the XXII Summer School “Francesco Turco”, September 2017, Mondello (PA), Italy
Analytical models for a joint posture and fatigue analysis in order picking 2017 Calzavara M.Sgarbossa F. + - - Proceedings of the 7th IESM Conference, October 11 – 13, 2017
Analysis of economic and ergonomic performance measures of different rack layouts in an order picking warehouse 2017 CALZAVARA, MARTINAPERSONA, ALESSANDROSGARBOSSA, FABIO + COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING - -
Fatigue and recovery: research opportunities in order picking systems 2017 Daria, BattiniMartina, CalzavaraAlessandro, PersonaFabio, SgarbossaValentina, Visentin IFAC-PAPERSONLINE - IFAC-PAPERSONLINE
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 158
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