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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Does related variety affect regional resilience? New evidence from Italy 2019 Cainelli G.Ganau R. + THE ANNALS OF REGIONAL SCIENCE - -
Spatial Agglomeration, Global Value Chains and Productivity. Micro-Evidence from Italy and Spain 2018 Giulio CainelliRoberto Ganau + ECONOMICS LETTERS - -
Distance-based agglomeration externalities and neighbouring firms' characteristics 2018 Cainelli, GiulioGanau, Roberto REGIONAL STUDIES - -
Industrial clusters, organized crime, and productivity growth in Italian SMEs 2018 Ganau, Roberto + JOURNAL OF REGIONAL SCIENCE - -
Institutions and economic growth in Africa: a spatial econometric approach 2017 Ganau, Roberto ECONOMIA POLITICA - -
Does Agglomeration Affect Exports? Evidence From Italian Local Labour Markets 2017 Cainelli G.Di Maria E.Ganau R. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL GEOGRAPHY - -
A primer for spatial econometrics. With applications in R 2017 Roberto Ganau SR SCIENZE REGIONALI - -
Does gglomeration affect exports? Evidence from Italian local labour markets 2017 CAINELLI, GIULIODI MARIA, ELEONORAGANAU, ROBERTO TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR ECONOMISCHE EN SOCIALE GEOGRAFIE - -
SMEs’ growth in international markets: export intensity, export diversification and distribution strategies 2017 DI MARIA, ELEONORAGANAU, ROBERTO ECONOMIA E POLITICA INDUSTRIALE - -
Do geographic concentration and vertically-related variety foster firm productivity? Micro-evidence from Italy 2016 CAINELLI, GIULIORoberto Ganau + GROWTH AND CHANGE - -
Productivity, Credit Constraints and the Role of Short-Run Localization Economies: Micro-Evidence from Italy 2016 GANAU, ROBERTO REGIONAL STUDIES - -
Smart Specialization, diversificazione correlata e resilienza regionale: Una nota a margine di un dibattito 2016 Giulio CainelliRoberto Ganau SR SCIENZE REGIONALI - -
Three Essays on Spatial Agglomeration and Firm Performance 2015 Ganau, Roberto - - -
REDI: The Regional Entrepreneurship and Development Index - Measuring regional entrepreneurship 2015 Roberto Ganau SR SCIENZE REGIONALI - -
Driving a firm’s export propensity and export intensity: The role of experience, innovation and international marketing strategy 2014 Eleonora Di MariaRoberto Ganau - - -
An explanation of firms’ internationalisation modes, blending firm heterogeneity and spatial agglomeration: microevidence from Italy 2014 CAINELLI, GIULIODI MARIA, ELEONORAGANAU, ROBERTO ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A - -
Agglomeration, related-variety and internationalisation. Does a relationship exist? 2011 CAINELLI, GIULIODI MARIA, ELEONORAGANAU, ROBERTO - - -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 37 di 37
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