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EosFit7-GUI: A new graphical user interface for equation of state calculations, analyses and teaching 2016 ALVARO, MATTEONESTOLA, FABRIZIOANGEL, ROSS JOHN + JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY - -
First evidence of hydrous silicic fluid films around solid inclusions in gem-quality diamonds 2016 NIMIS, PAOLOALVARO, MATTEONESTOLA, FABRIZIOANGEL, ROSS JOHN + LITHOS - -
Structural characterization of natural diamond shocked to 60 GPa; implications for Earth and planetary systems 2016 ALVARO, MATTEONESTOLA, FABRIZIO + LITHOS - -
The role of Fe content on the Fe-Mg exchange reaction in augite 2016 FIORETTI, ANNA MARIANESTOLA, FABRIZIOALVARO, MATTEO + AMERICAN MINERALOGIST - -
Tetragonal Almandine-Pyrope Phase, TAPP: Finally a name for it, the new mineral jeffbenite 2016 NESTOLA, FABRIZIOPERUZZO, LUCATAURO, LEONARDOALVARO, MATTEOANZOLINI, CHIARA + MINERALOGICAL MAGAZINE - -
Source assemblage types for cratonic diamonds from X-ray synchrotron diffraction 2016 NESTOLA, FABRIZIOALVARO, MATTEOHARRIS, Jeffrey William + LITHOS - -
Crystallographic relationships between diamond and its inclusions 2015 Nimis, PaoloNestola, FabrizioAngel, Ross JMilani, SulaAlvaro, MatteoAnzolini, ChiaraBruno, Marco + - - EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 2015
Diffraction and spectroscopic characterization of jeffbenite: a high-pressure marker in diamonds 2015 Anzolini, ChiaraNestola, FabrizioPeruzzo, LucaTauro, LeonardoAlvaro, Matteo + PERIODICO DI MINERALOGIA - ECMS 2015
OrientXplot: A program to analyse and display relative crystal orientations 2015 ANGEL, ROSS JOHNMILANI, SULAALVARO, MATTEONESTOLA, FABRIZIO JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY - -
Diamond–garnet geobarometry: The role of garnet compressibility and expansivity 2015 MILANI, SULANESTOLA, FABRIZIOALVARO, MATTEOPASQUAL, DARIA + LITHOS - -
A new micro-furnace for in situ high-temperature single-crystal X-ray diffraction measurements 2015 ALVARO, MATTEOANGEL, ROSS JOHNMILANI, SULANESTOLA, FABRIZIO + JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY - -
Dynamics of mineral crystallization from precipitated slab-derived fluid phase: first in situ synchrotron X-ray measurements 2015 ALVARO, MATTEONESTOLA, FABRIZIO + CONTRIBUTIONS TO MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY - -
Diamond thermoelastic properties and implications for determining the pressure of formation of diamond-inclusion systems 2015 ANGEL, ROSS JOHNALVARO, MATTEONESTOLA, FABRIZIO + RUSSIAN GEOLOGY AND GEOPHYSICS - -
Equation of state of hercynite, FeAl2O4, and high-pressure systematics of Mg-Fe-Cr-Al spinels 2015 NESTOLA, FABRIZIOPERIOTTO, BENEDETTAANZOLINI, CHIARAALVARO, MATTEOPRINCIVALLE, FRANCESCO + MINERALOGICAL MAGAZINE - -
Volume thermal expansion along the jadeite diopside join 2015 ALVARO, MATTEONESTOLA, FABRIZIO + PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF MINERALS - -
Thermal expansion behaviour of orthopyroxenes: The role of the Fe-Mn substitution 2015 ALVARO, MATTEONESTOLA, FABRIZIO + MINERALOGICAL MAGAZINE - -
Thermoelastic behavior and dehydration process of cancrinite 2014 ALVARO, MATTEO + PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF MINERALS - -
EosFit-7c and a Fortran module (library) for equation of state calculations 2014 ANGEL, ROSS JOHNALVARO, MATTEO + ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR KRISTALLOGRAPHIE. CRYSTALLINE MATERIALS - -
Time-of-flight neutron powder diffraction with milligram samples: the crystal structures of NaCoF3and NaNiF3post-perovskites 2014 NESTOLA, FABRIZIOALVARO, MATTEO + JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY - -
Isomekes: a chemically-independent method for geobarometry of UHPM rocks 2014 ALVARO, MATTEOANGEL, ROSS JOHNNESTOLA, FABRIZIONIMIS, PAOLO + - - Conference Abstracts
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 73
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