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Social entrepreneurship: Determinants of action in Italy 2021 Sedita S. R. + - - Rethinking Clusters: Place-based value creation in sustainability transitions
Rethinking Clusters Place-based Value Creation in Sustainability Transitions 2021 Silvia Rita SeditaSilvia Blasi - - -
Prosecco has another story to tell: the coexistence of multiple knowledge networks in the same value chain 2021 Sedita S. R. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF WINE BUSINESS RESEARCH - -
Selling circularity: Understanding the relationship between circularity promotion and the performance of manufacturing SMEs in Italy 2021 Rita, Sedita Silvia + JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION - -
The management of sustainable development: A longitudinal analysis of the effects of environmental performance on economic performance 2021 Bassetti T.Blasi S.Sedita S. R. BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - -
University-SME collaboration and innovation performance: the role of informal relationships and absorptive capacity 2021 De Marchi V.Grandinetti R.Sedita S. R. + THE JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER - -
The diffusion of a policy innovation in the energy sector: evidence from the collective switching case in Europe 2020 Blasi S.Sedita S. R. INDUSTRY AND INNOVATION - -
The invisible college of cluster research: a bibliometric core-periphery analysis of the literature 2020 Sedita Silvia Rita + INDUSTRY AND INNOVATION - -
Industry 4.0 and creative industries: Exploring the relationship between innovative knowledge management practices and performance of innovative startups in Italy 2020 Blasi S.Sedita S. R. - KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING Knowledge Management and Industry 4.0
Industrial districts and the fourth industrial revolution 2020 Bettiol M.Capestro M.De Marchi V.Di Maria E.Sedita S. R. COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW - -
Eco-friendliness and fashion perceptual attributes of fashion brands: An analysis of consumers’ perceptions based on twitter data mining 2020 Sedita S. R. + JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION - -
Approaching multinationals in clusters from different perspectives: An integration of literatures 2020 Belussi F.Sedita S. R. + COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW - -
Innovation districts 2019 Belussi F.Sedita S. R. - - The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies
Incubation matters. Measuring the effect of business incubators on the innovation performance of start-ups. 2019 Sedita Silvia RitaBassetti ThomasGrandinetti Roberto + R & D MANAGEMENT - -
Rethinking clusters. Towards a new research agenda for cluster research 2019 Sedita S. R. + EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES - -
Una prospettiva dinamica per l'analisi del ciclo di vita degli spin-off 2018 Gambarotto F.Sedita S. R. + ECONOMIA E SOCIETÀ REGIONALE - -
MNEs and clusters: the creation of place-anchored value chains 2018 Belussi F.Caloffi A.& Sedita + - - Local Clusters in Global Value Chains. Linking Actors and Territories Through Manufacturing and Innovation
Dynamics of Entrepreneurship in Egypt: Assessing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Can Entrepreneurship Contribute to the Economic Development in Egypt? 2018 Sedita S. R.Apa R. + - - Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) - Dynamics in Trends, Policy and Business Environment
The story of cluster as a cross-boundary concept: From local development to management studies 2018 Sedita S. R. + - ADVANCES IN SPATIAL SCIENCE Agglomeration and firm performance
L’impatto dell’Università di Padova nello sviluppo dell’economia locale e sui processi di creazione di impresa dei suoi laureati 2018 Sedita Silvia RitaBlasi Silvia ECONOMIA E SOCIETÀ REGIONALE - -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 195
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