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Multimeric G-quadruplexes: A review on their biological roles and targeting 2022 Frasson I.Richter S. N. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES - -
The Multiple Effects of Vitamin D against Chronic Diseases: From Reduction of Lipid Peroxidation to Updated Evidence from Clinical Studies 2022 Bignucolo, AlessiaSharifi, SamanBressan, SilviaRichter, Sara NCamozzi, ValentinaScaroni, CarlaMontopoli, Monica + ANTIOXIDANTS - -
Chromene Derivatives as Selective TERRA G-Quadruplex RNA Binders with Antiproliferative Properties 2022 Nadai, MatteoMoraca, FedericaRichter, Sara N + PHARMACEUTICALS - -
Fused in Liposarcoma Protein, a New Player in the Regulation of HIV-1 Transcription, Binds to Known and Newly Identified LTR G-Quadruplexes 2022 Emanuela RuggieroIlaria FrassonSara N Richter + ACS INFECTIOUS DISEASES - -
Human Virus Genomes Are Enriched in Conserved Adenine/Thymine/Uracil Multiple Tracts That Pause Polymerase Progression 2022 Ruggiero, EmanuelaLavezzo, EnricoGrazioli, MarcoZanin, IreneRichter, Sara NToppo, Stefano + FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY - -
Angiotensin II Promotes SARS-CoV-2 Infection via Upregulation of ACE2 in Human Bronchial Cells 2022 Caputo, IlariaCaroccia, BrasilinaFrasson, IlariaPoggio, ElenaMorpurgo, MargheritaSeccia, Teresa M.Calì, TitoBrini, MarisaRichter, Sara N.Rossi, Gian Paolo + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - -
The MDM2 inducible promoter folds into four-tetrad antiparallel G-quadruplexes targetable to fight malignant liposarcoma 2021 Lago S.Nadai M.Ruggiero E.Tassinari M.Tosoni B.Frasson I.Richter S. N. + NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH - -
Biological relevance and therapeutic potential of G-quadruplex structures in the human noncoding transcriptome 2021 Martina TassinariSara N. Richter + NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH - -
Promoter G-quadruplexes and transcription factors cooperate to shape the cell type-specific transcriptome 2021 Lago, SaraNadai, MatteoRichter, Sara N + NATURE COMMUNICATIONS - -
G-quadruplex targeting in the fight against viruses: An update 2021 Ruggiero E.Zanin I.Terreri M.Richter S. N. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - -
Antiviral Activity of the G-Quadruplex Ligand TMPyP4 against Herpes Simplex Virus-1 2021 Artusi, SaraRuggiero, EmanuelaNadai, MatteoTosoni, BeatricePerrone, RosalbaZanin, IreneRichter, Sara N + VIRUSES - -
Selective Recognition of a Single HIV-1 G-Quadruplex by Ultrafast Small-Molecule Screening 2021 Scalabrin M.Nadai M.Tassinari M.Lago S.Doria F.Frasson I.Richter S. N. + ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY - -
Parallel G-quadruplexes recruit the HSV-1 transcription factor ICP4 to promote viral transcription in herpes virus-infected human cells 2021 Frasson I.Nadai M.Lago S.Richter S. N. + COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY - -
Selective targeting of mutually exclusive DNA G-quadruplexes: HIV-1 LTR as paradigmatic model 2020 Tassinari M.Nadai M.Doria F.Richter S. N. + NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH - -
Novel monomolecular derivatives of the anti-HIV-1 G-quadruplex-forming Hotoda's aptamer containing inversion of polarity sites 2020 Tassinari M.Nadai M.Richter S. N. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY - -
Viral G-quadruplexes: New frontiers in virus pathogenesis and antiviral therapy 2020 Ruggiero E.Richter S. N. - - Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry
Photodynamic Therapy for ras-Driven Cancers: Targeting G-Quadruplex RNA Structures with Bifunctional Alkyl-Modified Porphyrins 2020 Nicoletto G.Lago S.Richter S. N. + JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY - -
Naphthalene diimides as multimodal G-quadruplex-selective ligands 2019 Nadai, MatteoRichter, Sara N. + MOLECULES - -
HIV-1 Nucleocapsid Protein Unfolds Stable RNA G-Quadruplexes in the Viral Genome and Is Inhibited by G-Quadruplex Ligands 2019 Butovskaya E.SOLDA', PAOLARichter S. N. + ACS INFECTIOUS DISEASES - -
Conserved G-quadruplexes regulate the immediate early promoters of human alphaherpesviruses 2019 Frasson I.Nadai M.Richter S. N. MOLECULES - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 143
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