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Anthropometry-driven block setting improves starting block performance in sprinters 2019 Petrone N. + PLOS ONE - -
Moderate treadmill run worsened static but not dynamic postural stability of healthy individuals 2019 Marcolin, GiuseppePetrone, NicolaPaoli, Antonio + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY - -
Fatigue life prediction of lightweight electric moped frames after field load spectra collection and constant amplitude fatigue bench tests 2019 N. PetroneG. Meneghetti INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FATIGUE - -
Snowsport trauma and safety: Understanding and reducing the likelihood of injury in snowsports 2019 Petrone N. + JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND MEDICINE IN SPORT - -
Stereophotogrammetric Analysis of Pushing Kinematics of Wheelchair Rugby Players on an Inertial Ergometer 2018 Petrone, NicolaBenazzato, MichaelBettella, FrancescoMarcolin, GiuseppeMasiero, Stefano + PROCEEDINGS - -
A Novel Instrumented Human Head Surrogate for the Impact Evaluation of Helmets 2018 Petrone, NicolaCarraro, GiovanniCastello, Stefano DalBroggio, Luca + PROCEEDINGS - -
Differences in electromyographic activity of biceps brachii and brachioradialis while performing three variants of curl 2018 Marcolin, GiuseppePetrone, NicolaMoro, TatianaGrigoletto, DavidePaoli, Antonio + PEERJ - -
Racing Wheels’ Effect on Drag/Side Forces Acting on a Cyclist at Sportstech-Miun Wind Tunnel 2018 Petrone, NicolaGiacomin, Marco + PROCEEDINGS - -
The Influence of Outdoor Shoe Sole Stiffness on the Metatarsophalangeal Joint Kinematics When Walking and Running in Different Conditions 2018 MISTRETTA, PAOLOPAROLINI, GIOVANNIMarcolin, GiuseppePetrone, Nicola + PROCEEDINGS - -
Experimental methods for the mechanical characterization of cycling short pads 2017 Marcolin, GiuseppePANIZZOLO, FAUSTO ANTONIOPaoli, AntonioPetrone, Nicola PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART P, JOURNAL OF SPORTS ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY - -
Designing, building, measuring, and testing a constant equivalent fall height terrain park jump 2017 Petrone N.Cognolato M. + SPORTS ENGINEERING - -
Reducing the risks for traumatic and overuse injury among competitive alpine skiers 2017 Petrone N. + BRITISH JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE - -
Prediction of ACL and PCL Loads during Isokinetic Knee Exercises using Experimental Tests and Musculoskeletal Simulations 2016 PETRONE, NICOLAMARCOLIN, GIUSEPPE + PROCEDIA ENGINEERING - -
Sensors and wearable technologies in sport: Technologies, trends and approaches for implementation 2016 Petrone N. + - SPRINGERBRIEFS IN APPLIED SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY -
The ISEA Winterschool in Sports Engineering: 5 Years of Education and Team Building Experiences 2016 PETRONE, NICOLAMARCOLIN, GIUSEPPE + PROCEDIA ENGINEERING - -
Static and dynamic postural changes after a mountain ultra-marathon of 80 km and 5500 D+ 2016 MARCOLIN, GIUSEPPEGRAINER, ALESSANDROREGGIANI, CARLOBISIACCHI, PATRIZIACONA, GIORGIAPETRONE, NICOLAPAOLI, ANTONIO PLOS ONE - -
Comparison of the Aerodynamic Performance of Five Racing Bicycle Wheels by Means of CFD Calculations 2016 Pogni M.Petrone N. PROCEDIA ENGINEERING - -
Impact performance of standard tabletop and constant equivalent fall height snow park jumps 2015 Petrone N.Cognolato M. + - ASTM SPECIAL TECHNICAL PUBLICATION ASTM Special Technical Publication
The effect of elastic compensation arms on the field and laboratory behavior of alpine skis 2015 PETRONE, NICOLAQUAGGIOTTI, VITTORIOMARCOLIN, GIUSEPPE PROCEDIA ENGINEERING - -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 197
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