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Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic exhumation of the Helanshan Mt Range, western Ordos fold-thrust belt, China: Insights from structural and apatite fission track analyses 2019 Zattin M. + JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES - -
Exhumation of the western Qinling mountain range and the building of the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau 2019 Zattin M. + JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES - -
Thermochronological constraints on the Meso-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the Haiyuan-Liupanshan region, northeastern Tibetan Plateau 2019 Zattin M. + JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES - -
Burial and exhumation of the western border of the Ukrainian Shield (Podolia): a multi-disciplinary approach 2018 Andreucci, BenedettaZattin, MassimilianoMAZZOLI, Stefano + BASIN RESEARCH - -
No significant Alpine tectonic overprint on the Cimmerian Strandja Massif (SE Bulgaria and NW Turkey) 2018 Zattin, Massimiliano + INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGY REVIEW - -
Thermochronology of the Miocene Arabia-Eurasia collision zone of southeastern Turkey 2018 Zattin, Massimiliano + GEOSPHERE - -
Thermochronometric evidence for Miocene tectonic reactivation of the Sevan-Akera suture zone (Lesser Caucasus): A far-field tectonic effect of the Arabia-Eurasia collision? 2017 Zattin, M. + SPECIAL PUBLICATION - GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON - -
The Post-Eocene Evolution of the Doruneh Fault Region (Central Iran): The Intraplate Response to the Reorganization of the Arabia-Eurasia Collision Zone 2017 Rossetti, FedericoZattin, Massimiliano + TECTONICS - -
Postcollisional cooling history of the Eastern and Southern Alps and its linkage to Adria indentation 2017 Zattin, Massimiliano + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES - -
The geologist 2017 Zattin, Massimiliano - - Sharing Perspectives on English-Medium Instruction
Palaeogene growth of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau: Detrital fission track and sedimentary analysis of the Lanzhou basin, NW China 2017 Zattin, Massimiliano + JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES - -
Multianalytical provenance analysis of Eastern Ross Sea LGM till sediments (Antarctica): Petrography, geochronology, and thermochronology detrital data 2017 Andreucci, BenedettaZattin, Massimiliano + GEOCHEMISTRY, GEOPHYSICS, GEOSYSTEMS - -
Cenozoic pulsed deformation history of northeastern Tibetan Plateau reconstructed from fission-track thermochronology 2016 ZATTIN, MASSIMILIANO + TECTONOPHYSICS - -
(Un)Coupled thrust belt-foreland deformation in the northern Patagonian Andes: New insights from the Esquel-Gastre sector (41°30′–43°S) 2016 SAVIGNANO, ELISAMAZZOLI, StefanoGAUTHERON, Cécile EmmanuelleZATTIN, MASSIMILIANO + TECTONICS - -
Thermochronological constraints to late Cenozoic exhumation of the Barents Sea Shelf 2016 ZATTIN, MASSIMILIANOANDREUCCI, BENEDETTADE TOFFOLI, BARBARA + MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY - -
Building and exhumation of the Western Carpathians: New constraints from sequentially restored, balanced cross sections integrated with low-temperature thermochronometry 2016 CASTELLUCCIO, ADAMAZZOLI, StefanoANDREUCCI, BENEDETTAZATTIN, MASSIMILIANO + TECTONICS - -
Low-temperature thermochronologic trends across the central Andes, 21-28°S 2015 ZATTIN, MASSIMILIANO + - - Geodynamics of a Cordilleran Orogenic System: the Central Andes of Argentina and Northern Chile: Geological Society of America Memoir 212
Evidence of a full West Antarctic Ice Sheet back to the early Oligocene: Insight from double dating of detrital apatites in Ross Sea sediments 2015 Olivetti, ValerioRossetti, FedericoZATTIN, MASSIMILIANO + TERRA NOVA - -
Coupling sequential restoration of balanced cross sections and low-temperature thermochronometry: The case study of the western carpathians 2015 CASTELLUCCIO, ADAANDREUCCI, BENEDETTAZATTIN, MASSIMILIANOMAZZOLI, Stefano + LITHOSPHERE - -
Interplay between the thermal evolution of an orogenic wedge and its retro-wedge basin: an example from the Ukrainian Carpathians 2015 ANDREUCCI, BENEDETTACASTELLUCCIO, ADAZATTIN, MASSIMILIANO + GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN - -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 127
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