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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
The Italian capacity remuneration mechanism: Critical review and open questions 2018 Fontini, Fulvio + ENERGY POLICY - -
Collective reputation with stochastic production and unknown willingness to pay for quality 2018 FONTINI, FULVIOMORETTO, MICHELE + ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS AND POLICY STUDIES - -
Integration of regional electricity markets in Australia: A price convergence assessment 2017 FONTINI, FULVIO + ENERGY ECONOMICS - -
The long-run oil–natural gas price relationship and the shale gas revolution 2017 CAPORIN, MASSIMILIANOFONTINI, FULVIO ENERGY ECONOMICS - -
Are transaction taxes a cause of financial instability? 2016 FONTINI, FULVIOSARTORI, ELENA + PHYSICA. A - -
Damages Evaluation, Periodic Floods, and Local Sea Level Rise: The Case of Venice, Italy 2016 CAPORIN, MASSIMILIANOFONTINI, FULVIO - - Handbook of Environmental and Sustainable Finance
A Rational Explanation for the Redistribution Paradox. Theory and Empirical Evidence 2016 ANTONIETTI, ROBERTOFONTINI, FULVIO + SCOTTISH JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY - -
The European Union Emission Trading System and technological change: The case of the Italian pulp and paper industry 2014 FONTINI, FULVIO + ENERGY POLICY - -
The impact of the introduction of nuclear power on electricity prices in a power exchange-based liberalised market 2014 FONTINI, FULVIO + PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY - -
Assessment of electricity generation adequacy in European countries 2014 FONTINI, FULVIO + - - -
Recommendations for the assessment of electricity generation adequacy 2014 FONTINI, FULVIO + - - -
The Value of Protecting Venice from the Acqua Alta Phenomenon under Different Local Sea Level Rises 2014 CAPORIN, MASSIMILIANOFONTINI, FULVIO - - -
The Value of Protecting Venice from the Acqua Alta Phenomenon under Different Local Sea Level Rises 2014 CAPORIN, MASSIMILIANOFONTINI, FULVIO - - SISC Second annual Conference, Proceedings
Does a Soaring Unemployment Risk Affect the Median Voter's Choice on the Tax Rate? 2013 FONTINI, FULVIO + - - The 2013 Meeting of the European Public Choice Society
Investments in Quality, Collective Reputation and Information Acquisition 2013 FONTINI, FULVIOMORETTO, MICHELE + DOCUMENTS DE TRAVAIL DU CENTRE D'ÉCONOMIE DE LA SORBONNE - -
Biofuel from Jatropha curcas: Environmental sustainability and option value 2012 FONTINI, FULVIO + ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS - -
Recensione di: Una politica a tutto gas. Sicurezza energetica europea e relazioni internazionali. 2012 FONTINI, FULVIO RIVISTA ITALIANA DI SCIENZA POLITICA - -
The Italian Electricity Prices in year 2025: an Agent-BasedSimulation 2011 FONTINI, FULVIO + - - “MARCO FANNO” WORKING PAPER
Endogenous equilibria in liquid markets with frictions and boundedly rational agents 2011 DAI PRA, PAOLOFONTINI, FULVIOElena Sartori + - WORKING PAPER SERIES Working Paper 07/2011
Shackle's Ultra-Subjective Approach to the Decision-Making Problem under Uncertainty 2010 FONTINI, FULVIO STORIA DEL PENSIERO ECONOMICO - -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 78
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