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Impact of human-robot interaction in Automated Guided Vehicle system design 2020 Silvia ZuinRiccardo AldrighettiDaria BattiniMartina CalzavaraAlessandro Persona - - Proceedings of the 21th International working seminar on production economics
Researchers' perspectives on Industry 4.0: multi-disciplinary analysis and opportunities for operations management 2020 Battini D. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH - -
Cobotic Assembly Line Design Problem with Ergonomics 2020 Battini D. + - IFIP ADVANCES IN INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology
Design of AGV systems in working environments shared with humans: A multi case study 2020 Battini D.Persona A. + - IFAC-PAPERSONLINE IFAC-PapersOnLine
Shared human-agv industrial environments: Overview of the literature evolution and future research 2020 Battini D.Persona A. + ...SUMMER SCHOOL FRANCESCO TURCO. PROCEEDINGS - Proceedings of the Summer School Francesco Turco
Erratum to: “A sustainable EOQ model: Theoretical formulation and applications” [Int. J. Prod. Econ. 149 2014 145–153] (International Journal of Production Economics (2014) 149 (145–153), (S092552731300296X), (10.1016/j.ijpe.2013.06.026)) 2020 Battini D.Persona A. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS - -
Centralised healthcare supply networks for efficient and sustainable drug management: An Italian case study 2020 Battini D.Zennaro I.Aldrighetti R. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTEGRATED SUPPLY MANAGEMENT - -
The Sustainable Parcel Delivery (SPD) Problem: Economic and Environmental Considerations for 3PLs 2020 Francesco PilatiIlenia ZennaroDaria BattiniAlessandro Persona IEEE ACCESS - -
Door-to-door waste collection: Analysis and recommendations for improving ergonomics in an Italian case study 2020 Botti L.Battini D.Mora C. + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
A parts feeding model for big size products: the active and idle assembly islands strategy 2020 Ilenia zennaroSerena FincoMartina CalzavaraDaria BattiniAlessandro Persona INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - -
Considering workers' features in manufacturing systems: A new job-rotation scheduling model 2020 Finco S.Zennaro I.Battini D.Persona A. - IFAC-PAPERSONLINE IFAC-PapersOnLine
Workers’ availability definition through the energy expenditure evaluation 2019 Finco S.Zennaro I.Battini D.Persona A. - - Proceedings - 25th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
Assembly Line Design with Tools Vibration 2019 Finco SerenaBattini DariaCalzavara Martina + - - 9th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control
Healthcare supply chain simulation with disruption considerations: a case study from northern Italy 2019 ALDRIGHETTI, RICCARDOZennaro IleniaFinco serenaDaria battini GLOBAL JOURNAL OF FLEXIBLE SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT - -
Disruption cost evaluation methods in supply chain network design: State of the art and future steps 2019 riccardo aldrighettidaria battinialessandro personailenia zennaro - - Proceedings of the Summer School Francesco Turco, 11-13-September-2019
An optimization model for the storage assignment of the references under ergonomics constraints 2019 francesco zangaroserena fincodaria battiniilenia zennaro - - Proceedings of the Summer School Francesco Turco, 11-13-September-2019
Part Feeding Optimization for Fixed-Position Assembly Systems of Big Size Products 2019 ilenia zennaromartina calzavaraserena fincodaria battinialessandro persona - - 25th International Conference on Production Research Manufacturing Innovation: Cyber Physical Manufacturing August 9-14, 2019 | Chicago, Illinois (USA)
The response latency in global production and logistics: A trade-off between robotization and globalization of a chain 2019 Bogataj D.Battini D.Calzavara M.Persona A. PROCEDIA MANUFACTURING - -
Heuristic approaches for scheduling manufacturing tasks while taking into account accumulated human fatigue 2019 Berti N.Battini D. + - IFAC-PAPERSONLINE IFAC-PapersOnLine
Big size highly customised product manufacturing systems: a literature review and future research agenda 2019 zennaro ileniafinco serenadaria battinialessandro persona INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH - -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 198
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