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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Scale and Geographical Scope of Environmental Technology Collaboration: A Patent-Based Comparative Analysis 2023 De Noni IvanGanzaroli Andrea + SR SCIENZE REGIONALI - -
Geographical Indications and Innovation: Evidence from EU regions 2023 Ivan De Noni + FOOD POLICY - -
Enhancing the inventive capacity of European regions through interregional collaboration 2023 De Noni I.Ganzaroli A. REGIONAL STUDIES - -
Cross-border Acquisitions and Technological Spillover: Evidence from European Regional Clusters 2022 Elisa SabbadinIvan De NoniFiorenza Belussi ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT ANNUAL MEETING PROCEEDINGS - Academy of Management Proceedings
SMEs’ financial risks in supply chain trade with large companies: the case of Italian automotive component industry 2022 Ivan De Noni + JOURNAL OF GENERAL MANAGEMENT - -
The technological acquisitions paradox in the beauty industry. 2022 Sedita S. R.Belussi F.De Noni I. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INNOVATION MANAGEMENT - -
Cross-border acquisitions and technological spillover: evidence from European regional clusters 2022 sabbadin elisaDe Noni IvanFiorenza Belussi COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW - -
Smartening sustainable development in cities: strengthening the theoretical linkage between smart cities and SDGs 2022 Ganzaroli A.De Noni I. + SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY - -
INTERNAZIONALIZZAZIONE E PERFORMANCE NELLE PMI. Il successo mediato dall’apprendimento 2021 Ivan De NoniGanzaroli Andrea - - -
Green Invention as Leverage for Economic Growth in Locally Collaborative European Regions 2021 De Noni IvanGanzaroli Andrea + - - Rethinking Clusters. Place-based Value Creation in Sustainability Transitions
Spawning exaptive opportunities in European regions: The missing link in the smart specialization framework 2021 de noni i.ganzaroli a. + RESEARCH POLICY - -
The influence of foreigners’ buzzing on TripAdvisor ranking of restaurants in Venice: implications for the sustainability of over-touristed heritage cities 2021 Andrea GanzaroliDe Noni + CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM - -
Breakthrough Invention Performance of Multispecialized Clustered Regions in Europe 2021 De Noni IvanBelussi Fiorenza ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY - -
Factors driving the share and growth of Chinese entrepreneurship in Italy 2020 DE NONI IvanGanzaroli Andrea + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SMALL BUSINESS - -
Mapping Exaptation as Source of Smart Specialization in European Regional Policy Between Tacitness and Codification 2020 Ivan De NoniAndrea Ganzaroli + - - Understanding Innovation Through Exaptation
The Interaction Effect of Geographical Indications and Food Inventions on Regional Productivity 2020 Ivan De Noni + - - Academy of Management Proceedings
Exploring drivers of farmland value and growth in Italy and Germany at regional level 2019 De Noni Ivan + AESTIMUM - -
Stereotypical versus experiential destination branding: the case of Milan city 2019 DE NONI Ivan + CITY, CULTURE AND SOCIETY - -
Mapping inventors' networks to trace knowledge flows among E U regions 2018 Fiorenza BelussiInan De NoniLuigi Orsi - - New Avenues for regional innovation sytems- theoretical advances, empirical cases, and policy lessons
Sustainable school food procurement: What factors do affect the introduction and the increase of organic food? 2018 De Noni I. + FOOD POLICY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 54
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