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The Labor Market Effects of Academic and Vocational Education over the Life Cycle: Evidence Based on a British Cohor 2017 BRUNELLO, GIORGIOROCCO, LORENZO JOURNAL OF HUMAN CAPITAL - -
Books Are Forever: Early Life Conditions, Education and Lifetime Earnings in Europe 2017 BRUNELLO, GIORGIOWEBER, GUGLIELMO + ECONOMIC JOURNAL - -
The effects of vocational education on adult skills, employment and wages: What can we learn from PIAAC? 2017 Brunello, GiorgioRocco, Lorenzo SERIES - -
"The Causal Effect of Education on Health: What is the Role of Health Behaviors? 2016 BRUNELLO, GIORGIOFORT, MARGHERITA + HEALTH ECONOMICS - -
Later-borns Don’t Give Up: The Temporary Effects of Birth Order on European Earnings 2016 BERTONI, MARCOBRUNELLO, GIORGIO DEMOGRAPHY - -
Local agglomeration, entrepreneurship and the 2008 recession: Evidence from Italian industrial districts 2016 BRUNELLO, GIORGIOLangella, Monica REGIONAL SCIENCE AND URBAN ECONOMICS - -
Selection and the age – productivity profile. Evidence from chess players 2015 BERTONI, MARCOBRUNELLO, GIORGIOROCCO, LORENZO JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR & ORGANIZATION - -
The side effect of pension reforms on the training of older workers. Evidence from Italy 2015 BRUNELLO, GIORGIO + THE JOURNAL OF THE ECONOMICS OF AGEING - -
Regional differences in overweight rates: The case of Italian regions 2014 BRUNELLO, GIORGIO + ECONOMICS AND HUMAN BIOLOGY - -
More apples fewer chips? The effect of school fruit schemes on the consumption of junk food 2014 BRUNELLO, GIORGIO + HEALTH POLICY - -
The Costs of Early School Leaving in Europe 2014 BRUNELLO, GIORGIO + IZA JOURNAL OF LABOR POLICY - -
Leadership at School: does the Gender of Siblings Matter? 2013 BRUNELLO, GIORGIO + ECONOMICS LETTERS - -
When the Cat is Near the Mice Won’t Play: the Effect of External Examiners in Italian Schools 2013 BRUNELLO, GIORGIOBERTONI, MARCOROCCO, LORENZO JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS - -
The Effect of Immigration on the School Performance of Natives: Cross Country Evidence using PISA Test Scores 2013 ROCCO, LORENZOBRUNELLO, GIORGIO ECONOMICS OF EDUCATION REVIEW - -
The Causal Effect of Education on the Body Mass: Evidence from Europe 2013 BRUNELLO, GIORGIOFORT, MARGHERITA + JOURNAL OF LABOR ECONOMICS - -
Training subsidies and the wage returns to continuing vocational training : Evidence from Italian regions 2012 BRUNELLO, GIORGIO + LABOUR ECONOMICS - -
Training subsidies and the wage returns to continuing vocational training 2012 BRUNELLO, GIORGIO + LABOUR ECONOMICS - -
Books ere forever: Early life conditions, education and lifetime income 2012 BRUNELLO, GIORGIOWEBER, GUGLIELMO + - - -
On the Efficiency Costs of De-Tracking Secondary Schools in Europe 2012 ROCCO, LORENZOBRUNELLO, GIORGIO + EDUCATION ECONOMICS - -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 72
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