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Who’s Afraid of Biotic Threats? An Econometric Analysis of Veneto Wine Grapes Farmers’ Propensity to Insure 2020 Laura OnofriSamuele TrestiniVasco Boatto AGRICULTURE - -
Analysing farmers’ intention to adopt web marketing under a technology-organisation-environment perspective: A case study in Italy 2020 Giampietri E.Trestini S. ZEMEDELSKA EKONOMIKA - -
A system dynamic approach to map by-products’ flows: an application to a dairy cooperative in Italy 2020 Carlotta PenoneCristian BolzonellaGiampietri ElisaSamuele Trestini - - Green metamorphoses: agriculture, food, ecology - Proceedings SIDEA 2018
Heterogeneity in consumer preferences for ready-to-eat pomegranate: an empirical study in Italy 2020 Stiletto A.Giampietri E.Trestini S. BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL - -
The role of trust and perceived barriers on farmer’s intention to adopt risk management tools 2020 Elisa GiampietriSamuele Trestini + BIO-BASED AND APPLIED ECONOMICS - -
Stabilizing farm income through hedging: evidence from the field crop sector in Italy 2019 carlotta penoneelisa giampietrisamuele trestini - - -
Allevamento del baco da seta, opportunità e produzioni 2019 Samuele TrestiniCarlotta Penone + L'INFORMATORE AGRARIO - -
Definition of Reference Models for Functional Parameters and Price for Combine Harvesters 2019 Tatevik YezekyanSamuele TrestiniLuigi SartoriFrancesco Marinello + - - Digitizing Agriculture Conference Proceedings 12th EFITA-HAICTA-WCCA CONGRESS 2019
FOCUS GROUP PROGETTO STALLA 4.0: le cellule somatiche differenziali P.S.R. 2014-2020 - DGR 2175/2016 - Misura 16.1.1 e Misure Collegate 2019 Tania BobboSofia TonMarco FranzoiFlaviana GottardoSamuele TrestiniMartino Cassandro L'Allevatore Veneto - -
Farmers’ willingness to pay for an environmental certification scheme: Promising evidence for water saving 2019 Trestini S.Giampietri E. + OUTLOOK ON AGRICULTURE - -
Simulation of a mutual fund to stabilise the income of farms belonging to a dairy cooperative 2018 Trestini SamueleCHINCHIO, ELEONORA RIVISTA DI ECONOMIA AGRARIA - -
The economic implications of sylvatic rabies eradication in Italy 2018 Trestini, S. + ZOONOSES AND PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Assessing the risk profile of dairy farms: application of the Income Stabilisation Tool in Italy 2018 Trestini, SamueleSzathvary, SerenaPomarici, EugenioBoatto, Vasco AGRICULTURAL FINANCE REVIEW - -
Price transmission of US soybean futures into Italian spot market 2018 PENONE, CARLOTTATrestini, Samuele CALITATEA-ACCES LA SUCCES - -
Transmission of futures prices to the Italian spot market: Are there opportunities to hedge corn price risk? 2018 Trestini, SamuelePenone, Carlotta ECONOMIA AGRO-ALIMENTARE - -
The adoption of agricultural insurance to manage farm risk: preliminary evidences from a field survey among Italian and Polish farmers 2018 Samuele TrestiniElisa Giampietri + - - The CAP and national priorities within the EU budget after 2020
Insights on the alleged imitation of prosecco wine name: The case of the German market 2018 Trestini, SamueleGiampietri, ElisaSzathvary, Serena + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON FOOD SYSTEM DYNAMICS - -
Understanding consumption choice of prosecco wine: an empirical analysis using Italian and German Homescan data 2018 Boatto, VascoTrestini, Samuele + JOURNAL OF WINE RESEARCH - -
Definition of Reference Models for Power, Weight, Working Width, and Price for Seeding Machines 2018 Yezekyan, TatevikMarinello, FrancescoTrestini, SamueleSartori, Luigi + AGRICULTURE - -
A preliminary test on risk and ambiguity attitudes, and time preferences in decisions under uncertainty: Towards a better explanation of participation in crop insurance schemes 2018 Giampietri E.Trestini S. + BIO-BASED AND APPLIED ECONOMICS - -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 105
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