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Age-dependent variations in the expression of myosin isoforms and myogenic factors during the involution of the proximal sesamoidean ligament of sheep 2019 Toniolo, LuanaReggiani, CarloMascarello, FrancescoMelotti, LucaMaccatrozzo, LisaPatruno, Marco + RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
The natural involution of the sheep proximal sesamoidean ligament is due to depletion of satellite cells and simultaneous proliferation of fibroblasts: Ultrastructural evidence 2019 Melotti, L.Mascarello, F.Maccatrozzo, L.Patruno, M. + RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
A CFTR Corrector For The Teatment Of Genetic Disorders Affecting Striated Muscle 2018 Sandonà DoriannaSacchetto RobertaBianchini ElisaVolpe PompeoMascarello Francesco + - - -
Expression and identification of 10 sarcomeric MyHC isoforms in human skeletal muscles of different embryological origin. Diversity and similarity in mammalian species 2016 MASCARELLO, FRANCESCOTONIOLO, LUANACANCELLARA, PASQUAREGGIANI, CARLOMACCATROZZO, LISA ANNALS OF ANATOMY - -
Structural study of skeletal muscle fibres in healthy and pseudomyotonia affected cattle 2016 MASCARELLO, FRANCESCOSACCHETTO, ROBERTA ANNALS OF ANATOMY - -
Preliminary “in vivo” study on peripheral venous pressure (PVP) in the equine finger in static and quasi-static movements and “foot pump” mechanism. 2015 BERNARDINI, DANIELESEGATO, SEVERINOMASCARELLO, FRANCESCODE BENEDICTIS, GIULIA MARIA + - - Atti
Uso dei correttori del CFTR nel trattamento delle patologie del muscolo striato 2015 SANDONA', DORIANNASACCHETTO, ROBERTAVOLPE, POMPEOMASCARELLO, FRANCESCO + - - -
Cattle pseudomyotonia associated to ATP2A1 gene mutations in Romagnola breed 2015 PATRUNO, MARCO VINCENZOMASCARELLO, FRANCESCOSACCHETTO, ROBERTA + - - European Journal of Translational Myology – BAM On - Line
New muscular models to study molecular mechanisms involved in sarcopenia: extraocular and interosseous muscles of sheep. 2015 QUARTESAN, SILVIAMACCATROZZO, LISATONIOLO, LUANAPATRUNO, MARCO VINCENZOREGGIANI, CARLOMASCARELLO, FRANCESCO + - - 43° European Muscle Congress
Muscle diversification and plasticity 2015 MASCARELLO, FRANCESCO - - Atti X Congresso AMV
Fast-twitch skeletal muscle fiber adaptation to SERCA1 deficiency in a Dutch Improved Red and White calf pseudomyotonia case. 2015 DOROTEA, TIZIANOMASCARELLO, FRANCESCOSACCHETTO, ROBERTA + NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS - -
Inhibition of Ubiquitin Proteasome System Rescues the Defective Sarco(endo)plasmic Reticulum Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA1) Protein Causing Chianina Cattle Pseudomyotonia. 2014 BIANCHINI, ELISACALI', TITOOTTOLINI, DENISBRINI, MARISAMASCARELLO, FRANCESCOSANDONA', DORIANNASACCHETTO, ROBERTA + THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY - -
Myogenic potential of canine craniofacial satellite cells. 2014 MACCATROZZO, LISAMASCARELLO, FRANCESCO + FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE - -
Testo di anatomia veterinaria 4° edizione 2013 MASCARELLO, FRANCESCO - - -
Expression of myosin heavy chain isoforms in laryngeal muscles in comparison with skeletal and special muscles 2013 MACCATROZZO, LISATONIOLO, LUANACANCELLARA, PASQUAPATRUNO, MARCO VINCENZOREGGIANI, CARLOMASCARELLO, FRANCESCO - - Skeletal muscle in denervation, aging and cancer
Congenital pseudo-myotonia in Chianina and Romagnola cattle and congenital myotonia in a New Forest pony: genetic homologs of human muscular diseases 2013 DOROTEA, TIZIANOMASCARELLO, FRANCESCOSACCHETTO, ROBERTA - - European Journal of Translational Myology/Basic Applied Myology
Epigenetic signature during differentiation of presomitic satellite cells 2013 MACCATROZZO, LISAMASCARELLO, FRANCESCO + - - Skeletal muscle in denervation, aging and cancer
Effects of in vivo applications of peripheral blood-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (PB-MSCs) and platlet-rich plasma (PRP) on experimentally injured deep digital flexor tendons of sheep. 2013 MARTINELLO, TIZIANABRONZINI, ILARIAPERAZZI, ANNATESTONI, STEFANIADE BENEDICTIS, GIULIA MARIANEGRO, ALESSANDROCAPORALE, GIOVANNIMASCARELLO, FRANCESCOIACOPETTI, ILARIAPATRUNO, MARCO VINCENZO JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC RESEARCH - -
Natural mutation in bovine Sarco(endo)plasmatic Reticulum Ca2+ATPase1 (SERCA1): histological and biochemical aspect in the muscle fibers 2013 DOROTEA, TIZIANOMASCARELLO, FRANCESCOSACCHETTO, ROBERTA - - ItPA 8th Annual National Conference Abstract Volume
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 168
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