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[Immigrants' health and socioeconomic inequalities of overall population residing in Italy evaluated through the Italian network of Longitudinal Metropolitan Studies] 2019 Barbieri, GiuliaBardin, AndreaBiggeri, AnnibaleCanova, CristinaDalla Zuanna, TeresaFerracin, ElisaSimonato, Lorenzo + EPIDEMIOLOGIA E PREVENZIONE - -
A panel study on lung function and bronchial inflammation among children exposed to ambient SO2 from an oil refinery 2019 Dolores CatelanBIGGERI, ANNIBALE + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH - -
The homozygous K280N troponin T mutation alters cross-bridge kinetics and energetics in human HCM 2019 Biggeri, Annibale + JOURNAL OF GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY - -
Comparison of two statistical indicators in communicating epidemiological results to the population: A randomized study in a high environmental risk area of Italy 2019 Baccini M.Biggeri A. + BMC PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Spatial Epidemiology of Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in Apulia, Italy 2019 Catelan, DoloresBiggeri, Annibale + NEUROEPIDEMIOLOGY - -
Estimating the impact of an organised screening programme on cervical cancer incidence: A 26-year study from northern Italy 2019 Biggeri A + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER - -
Cohort profile: the Italian Network of Longitudinal Metropolitan Studies (IN-LiMeS), a multicentre cohort for socioeconomic inequalities in health monitoring 2018 Canova, CristinaCestari, LauraBiggeri, Annibale + BMJ OPEN - -
Italian Study Group on Implementation of Stroke Care. Impact of acute-phase complications and interventions on 6-month survival after stroke. A prospective observational study 2018 Biggeri A + PLOS ONE - -
Methadone Dose Adjustments, Plasma R-Methadone Levels and Therapeutic Outcome of Heroin Users: A Randomized Clinical Trial 2018 Biggeri, Annibale + EUROPEAN ADDICTION RESEARCH - -
Residual tracheobronchial malacia after surgery for vascular compression in children: Treatment with stenting 2017 Biggeri, Annibale + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CARDIO-THORACIC SURGERY - -
Variability of adverse events in the public health-care service of the Tuscany region 2017 Biggeri A + INTERNAL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE - -
Communicating epidemiological results through alternative indicators: Cognitive interviewing to assess a questionnaire on risk perception in a high environmental risk area 2017 BIGGERI, ANNIBALEBACCINI, MICHELA + COGENT SOCIAL SCIENCES - -
Mesothelioma incidence and asbestos exposure in Italian national priority contaminated sites 2017 Biggeri, AnnibaleCatelan, Dolores + SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF WORK, ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH - -
Temporal trends of PM10and its impact on mortality in Lombardy, Italy 2017 Biggeri, AnnibaleBaccini, Michela + ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION - -
Incidence of traumatic spinal cord injury in Italy during 2013-2014: a population-based study 2017 Biggeri A + SPINAL CORD SERIES AND CASES - -
A participatory project in environmental epidemiology: lessons from the Manfredonia case study (Italy 2015-2016) 2017 Annibale, Biggeri + PUBLIC HEALTH PANORAMA - -
Increased correlation between methylation sites in epigenome-wide replication studies: impact on analysis and results 2017 Biggeri A + EPIGENOMICS - -
Air pollution and health: study of the biological effects in children by buccal micronucleus assay 2017 Biggeri, A + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Differences in mortality by immigrant status in Italy. Results of the Italian Network of Longitudinal Metropolitan Studies 2016 Biggeri, AnnibaleCanova, Cristina + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY - -
Patterns and determinants of receipt of follow-up mammography and/or clinical examination in a cohort of Italian breast cancer survivors 2016 BIGGERI, ANNIBALE + BREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT - -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 458
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