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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Collection of recyclables does not need demagoguery 2014 COSSU, RAFFAELLO WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Composition variability of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and effects on hydrogen and methane production potentials 2015 COSSU, RAFFAELLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Denitrification of low C/N landfill leachate in lab-scale landfill simulation bioreactors 2020 Cerminara, G.Raga, R.Pivato, A. + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Digestate application in landfill bioreactors to remove nitrogen of old landfill leachate 2018 Peng, WeiPivato, AlbertoLavagnolo, Maria CristinaRaga, Roberto WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Does the entity of scientific paper production render justice to a virtuous academic practice 2013 COSSU, RAFFAELLO WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Door-to-door waste collection: Analysis and recommendations for improving ergonomics in an Italian case study 2020 Botti L.Battini D.Mora C. + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Driving forces in national waste management strategies 2009 COSSU, RAFFAELLO WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Effect of aerobic pre-treatment on hydrogen and methane production in a two-stage anaerobic digestion process using food waste with different compositions 2017 RAFIEENIA, RAZIEHGIROTTO, FRANCESCAPENG, WEICOSSU, RAFFAELLOPIVATO, ALBERTORAGA, ROBERTOLAVAGNOLO, MARIA CRISTINA WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Effective energy exploitation from horse manure combustion 2021 Da Lio, L.Castello, P.Gianfelice, G.Cavalli, R.Canu, P. WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Effects of carbohydrate, protein and lipid content of organic waste on hydrogen production and fermentation products 2016 COSSU, RAFFAELLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Effluents from MBT plants: Plasma techniques for the treatment of VOCs 2014 Schiavon, Marco + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Evaluation of conventional and alternative anaerobic digestion technologies for applications to small and rural communities 2020 Schiavon, Marco + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Food waste generation and industrial uses: A review 2015 GIROTTO, FRANCESCACOSSU, RAFFAELLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Frequency domain electromagnetic induction imaging: An effective method to see inside a capped landfill 2022 Piero Deidda, GianCassiani, Giorgio + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
From triangles to cycles 2009 COSSU, RAFFAELLO WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Further steps in the standardization of BOD 5 /COD ratio as a biological stability index for MSW 2017 COSSU, RAFFAELLOPIVATO, ALBERTOSANDON, ANNALISA + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Glass-ceramics from vitrified sewage sludge pyrolysis residues and recycled glasses 2011 BERNARDO, ENRICO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Groundwater contamination from landfill leachate: When appearances are deceiving! 2013 COSSU, RAFFAELLO WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Improved compaction of dried tannery wastewater sludge 2015 DELLA ZASSA, MICOLSANTOMASO, ANDREA CLAUDIOCANU, PAOLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Mostrati risultati da 13 a 32 di 76
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