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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Re-thinking incentives and penalties: Economic aspects of waste management in Italy 2013 COSSU, RAFFAELLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - Waste Management
Recirculation of reverse osmosis concentrate in lab-scale anaerobic and aerobic landfill simulation reactors 2016 MORELLO, LUCACOSSU, RAFFAELLORAGA, ROBERTOPIVATO, ALBERTOLAVAGNOLO, MARIA CRISTINA WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Review of Italian experience on automotive shredder residue characterization and management 2014 COSSU, RAFFAELLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Risk assessment: A hindrance or a help to landfill management? 2017 PIVATO, ALBERTO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
The role of life cycle thinking-based methodologies in the development of waste management plans 2024 Mazzi A.Camana D.Carollo F.Sciarrone M. + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
The role of waste-to-energy in the near future 2018 Pivato, Alberto + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Self-heating of dried industrial wastewater sludge: Lab-scale investigation of supporting conditions 2013 DELLA ZASSA, MICOLCANU, PAOLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Self-heating of dried wastewater sludge 2013 DELLA ZASSA, MICOLCANU, PAOLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Special Section: Biological Waste to Energy 2018 Pivato, Alberto + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Standardization of BOD5/COD ratio as a biological stability index for MSW 2012 COSSU, RAFFAELLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Statistical analysis for the quality assessment of digestates from separately collected organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) and agro-industrial feedstock. Should input feedstock to anaerobic digestion determine the legal status of digestate? 2019 Beggio, GiovanniSchievano, AndreaBonato, TizianoPivato, Alberto + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Storage potential and residual emissions from fresh and stabilized waste samples from a landfill simulation experiment 2018 Morello, LucaRaga, RobertoSgarbossa, PaoloROSSON, EGLECossu, Raffaello WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Successful waste management strategies in developing countries require meaningful involvement of the concerned stakeholders 2012 COSSU, RAFFAELLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Sustainable management and supply of natural and recycled aggregates in a medium-size integrated plant 2016 FALESCHINI, FLORAZANINI, MARIANO ANGELOPELLEGRINO, CARLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Technical evolution of landfilling 2010 COSSU, RAFFAELLO WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Test methods for assessing the biological stability of biodegradable waste 2008 COSSU, RAFFAELLORAGA, ROBERTO WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Tests for the evaluation of ammonium attenuation in MSW landfill leachate by adsorption into bentonite in a landfill liner 2006 PIVATO, ALBERTORAGA, ROBERTO WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
The environmentally sustainable geological repository: The modern role of landfilling 2012 COSSU, RAFFAELLO WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Urban mining: Concepts, terminology, challenges 2015 COSSU, RAFFAELLO + WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Mostrati risultati da 51 a 70 di 76
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