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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
A Visfatin Promoter Polymorphism Is Associated with Low-Grade Inflammation and Type 2 Diabetes* 2006 AVOGARO, ANGELO + OBESITY - -
Adiposity and β-cell function: relationships differ with ethnicity and age. 2010 DALLA MAN, CHIARACOBELLI, CLAUDIO + OBESITY - -
Age-Related Changes in Insulin Sensitivity and β-Cell Function Among European-American and African-American Women. 2011 DALLA MAN, CHIARACOBELLI, CLAUDIO + OBESITY - -
Awareness of Childhood Obesity as a Health Hazard Amongst a Sample of Parents Living in an Inner-City Area of Palermo, Italy 2010 PAOLI, ANTONIO + OBESITY - -
beta-Cell function and insulin sensitivity in adolescents from an OGTT. 2009 DALLA MAN, CHIARATOFFOLO, GIANNA MARIACOBELLI, CLAUDIO + OBESITY - -
BMI and pneumonia outcomes in critically ill COVID-19 patients: an international multicenter study 2021 Busetto, Luca + OBESITY - -
Booster Ketones: Battling Hunger 2018 Paoli, Antonio OBESITY - -
A common variant in the MTNR1b gene is associated with increased risk of impaired fasting glucose (IFG) in youth with obesity 2015 DALLA MAN, CHIARACOBELLI, CLAUDIO + OBESITY - -
Does Love Really Make Mothers Blind? A Large Transcontinental Study on Mothers' Awareness About Their Children's Weight 2018 Gregori, DarioHochdorn, AlexanderAzzolina, DanilaBerchialla, PaolaLorenzoni, Giulia OBESITY - -
Higher Leptin Concentrations in Patients With Alstrom Syndrome As Compared to BMI-Z Matched Controls Are Suggestive of Ciliopathy-Associated Leptin Resistance 2011 Maffei, PMilan, G + OBESITY - -
Impact of the feedback provided by a gastric electrical stimulation system on eating behavior and physical activity levels 2017 BUSETTO, LUCA + OBESITY - -
Inflammation, Obesity, and COVID-19: Facts and Flaws 2021 Di Vincenzo A.Rossato M. OBESITY - -
Influence of Increasing BMI on Insulin Sensitivity and Secretion in Normotolerant Men and Women of a Wide Age Span 2012 BRAZZALE, ALESSANDRA ROSALBA + OBESITY - -
Ketonemia and Glycemia Affect Appetite Levels and Executive Functions in Overweight Females During Two Ketogenic Diets 2020 Bisiacchi P. S.Paoli A. + OBESITY - -
Obesity and COVID-19: an Italian snapshot 2020 Busetto, LucaBettini, SilviaFabris, RobertoSerra, RobertoDal Pra', ChiaraMaffei, PietroRossato, MarcoFioretto, PaolaVettor, Roberto OBESITY - -
Preferring thin people does not imply derogating fat people. A Rasch analysis of the implicit weight attitude 2013 ANSELMI, PASQUALEVIANELLO, MICHELANGELOROBUSTO, EGIDIO OBESITY - -
Race differences in the association of oxidative stress with insulin sensitivity in African- and European-American women. 2012 DALLA MAN, CHIARACOBELLI, CLAUDIO + OBESITY - -
Resting Heart Rate as a Predictor of Body Weight Gain in the Early Stage of Hypertension 2010 MORMINO, PAOLO GINO + OBESITY - -
Resting heart rate as a predictor of body weight gain in the early stage of hypertension. 2011 PALATINI, PAOLOMORMINO, PAOLO GINO + OBESITY - -
Mostrati risultati da 2 a 21 di 22
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