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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Moving drones for wireless coverage in a three-dimensional grid analyzed via game theory 2021 E. CamuffoL. Badia + - - Proceedings IEEE APCCAS 2021
Moving education into the digital age: The contribution of teachers' professional development 2013 Raffaghelli J. + JOURNAL OF COMPUTER ASSISTED LEARNING - -
Moving Elites: Women and Cultural Transfers in the European Court System. Proceedings of an International Workshop (Florence, 12-13 December 2008) 2010 CHABOT I + - - -
Moving energies as first integrals of nonholonomic systems with affine constraints 2018 Fassò, FrancescoGarcía-Naranjo, Luis C + NONLINEARITY - -
Moving forward with electrochemotherapy for skin metastases: The need for timely referral and comprehensive reporting 2020 Campana L. G. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY - -
Moving forward with online interventions and therapeutic relationship online, Italian professionals’ experiences from the pandemic 2022 Tomaino S. C. M.Cipolletta S. + - - Atti di convegno
Moving forward: distinct sensorimotor abnormalities predict clinical outcome after 6 months in patients with schizophrenia 2020 Sambataro F. + EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY - -
Moving from products to solutions: strategic approaches for developing capabilities 2012 PAIOLA, MARCO UGO + EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL - -
Moving from the journal impact factor into the single researcher impact factor, Rapid response to: Hobbs R. "Should we ditch impact factors?" 2008 FACCIO, ELENATURCHI, GIAN PIEROSALVINI, ALESSANDRO + BMJ. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL - -
A Moving Horizon Estimator for the Speed and Rotor Position of a Sensorless PMSM Drive 2018 TOSO, FRANCESCODA RU', DAVIDEAlotto, PiergiorgioBolognani, Silverio IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS - -
A Moving Horizon Estimator for the Speed and Rotor Position of a Sensorless PMSM Drive 2018 Toso, FrancescoAlotto, PiergiorgioBolognani, Silverio + IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS - -
Moving Image Restoration [Aurora Architecture] 1999 ERSEGHE, TOMASO + - - -
Moving immigrants into Western industrial districts: the "inverse" delocalization of the leather tanning district of Arzignano 2010 BELUSSI, FIORENZASEDITA, SILVIA RITA - - Business Networks in Clusters and Industrial Districts. The Governance of the Global Value Chain.
Moving landscape. I Califfi, i vulcani e i cambiamenti ambientali della Cappadocia tra VII e X secolo 2017 Jacopo Turchetto - - Paesaggi in movimento. Ricerche dedicate a Guido Rosada
Moving Literature: the Car as a ‘Mobile Chronotope’ in Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis 2016 PETERLE, GIADA RIVISTA GEOGRAFICA ITALIANA - -
Moving metals III: Possible origins for copper in Bronze Age Denmark based on lead isotopes and geochemistry 2018 Angelini, I.Canovaro, C. + JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE - -
Moving metals IV: Swords, metal sources and trade networks in Bronze Age Europe 2019 Artioli G.Angelini I.Canovaro C. + JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE: REPORTS - -
Moving online: Implementation of virtual sessions of physical activity and movement training as a therapeutic approach to premenstrual symptoms 2023 Favaro A.Tenconi E.Meneguzzo P. + HELIYON - -
Moving patients and families and the social right to cross-border healthcare 2017 BUSATTA, LUCIA - - The Right to Family Life in the European Union
Moving sources in a ghost condensate 2004 Peloso M. + PHYSICS LETTERS. SECTION B - -
Mostrati risultati da 169.640 a 169.659 di 285.743
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