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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Moral disengagement among children and youth: A meta-analytic review of links to aggressive behavior. 2014 GINI, GIANLUCAPOZZOLI, TIZIANA + AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR - -
Moral disengagement and adolescent antisocial conduct: Good kids behaving badly. 2012 GINI, GIANLUCA - - -
Moral Disengagement and School Bullying Perpetration in Middle Childhood: A Short-Term Longitudinal Study in Sweden 2019 Pozzoli, Tiziana + THE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL VIOLENCE - -
Moral disengagement and the influence of friendship networks: The role of perceived popularity and bullying behavior. 2012 GINI, GIANLUCA + - - nessuno
Moral disengagement and verbal bullying in early adolescence: A three-year longitudinal study 2021 Gini G. + JOURNAL OF SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY - -
Moral disengagement for victimization in bullying: Individual or contextual processes? 2011 GINI, GIANLUCAPOZZOLI, TIZIANA + - - -
Moral disengagement in peer relations. 2013 GINI, GIANLUCA - - nessuno
Moral disengagement moderates the link between psychopathic traits and aggressive behavior among early adolescents 2015 GINI, GIANLUCAPOZZOLI, TIZIANA + MERRILL-PALMER QUARTERLY - -
Moral disengagement, moral emotions and their associations with bullying and defending behavior among early adolescents 2014 POZZOLI, TIZIANAGINI, GIANLUCA + - - -
Moral Exercises for Human Oversight of Algorithmic Decision-Making 2023 Crafa S.Grandi G. + - CEUR WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIxIA 2023)
Il Moral Foundation Questionnaire: Analisi della struttura fattoriale della versione italiana 2011 BOBBIO, ANDREA + GIORNALE DI PSICOLOGIA - -
Moral foundations and criminality: comparing community members to prisoners and violent/non-violent offenders 2023 Jonason P. K. + PSYCHOLOGY, CRIME & LAW - -
Moral foundations and willingness to pay for non-wood forest products: A study in three european countries 2021 Di Cori V.Franceschinis C.Pettenella D. M.Thiene M. + SUSTAINABILITY - -
The Moral Foundations of Society and Technological Progress of the Economy in the Work of Wilhelm Roepke 2018 Stefano Solari + - - Wilhelm Röpke (1899–1966) A Liberal Political Economist and Conservative Social Philosopher
Moral investing: Psychological determinants and implications 2013 RUBALTELLI, ENRICOLOTTO, LORELLARUMIATI, RINO + - - -
Moral investing: Psychological motivations and implications 2015 RUBALTELLI, ENRICOLOTTO, LORELLARUMIATI, RINO + JUDGMENT AND DECISION MAKING - -
Moral judgment, decision times and emotional salience of a new developed set of sacrificial manual driving dilemmas 2022 Bruno G.Sarlo M.Lotto L.Cellini N.Cutini S.Spoto A. CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY - -
Moral judgments in native, regional, and foreign languages 2022 Francesca PeressottiAnna LorenzoniMichele Miozzo - - 22nd Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP)
Moral judgments in native, regional, and foreign languages 2023 Francesca PeressottiAnna Lorenzoni + BILINGUALISM - -
Mostrati risultati da 178.683 a 178.702 di 302.277
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