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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
A novel investigation of the growth and lipid production of the extremophile microalga Coccomyxa melkonianii SCCA 048 under the effect of different cultivation conditions: Experiments and modeling 2019 Malavasi, Veronica + CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL - -
Novel Ion-Exchange Catalysts For Reactions Involving Lipophilic Reagents: Perspectives In the Reaction Of Esterifications of Fatty Acids With Methanol 2013 CENTOMO, PAOLOZECCA, MARCO + TOPICS IN CATALYSIS - -
Novel iridium complexes with N-heterocyclic dicarbene ligands in light-driven water oxidation catalysis: photon management, ligand effect and catalyst evolution 2020 Volpe A.Sartorel A.Tubaro C.Bonchio M. + DALTON TRANSACTIONS - -
Novel irreversible protein kinase inhibitors targeting a conserved active site cysteine 2007 CONTE, PIERFRANCO + - - -
Novel IS elements-based PCR approaches for species identification and strain fingerprinting in rhizobia and other bacteria 2004 SQUARTINI, ANDREA + - - -
A Novel KCNJ5-insT149 Somatic Mutation Close to, but Outside, the Selectivity Filter Causes Resistant Hypertension by Loss of Selectivity for Potassium 2014 CAROCCIA, BRASILINALENZINI, LIVIAGIOCO, FRANCESCAZANOTTI, GIUSEPPEROSSI, GIANPAOLO + THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM - -
A novel kind of tumor type-characteristic junction:plakophilin-2 as a major protein of adherens junctions in cardiac myxomata. 2010 RIZZO SBASSO, CRISTINAGEROSA, GINOTHIENE, GAETANO + MODERN PATHOLOGY - -
A novel kinematic directional index for industrial serial manipulators 2020 Boschetti G. APPLIED SCIENCES - -
A novel KIR-associated function: Evidence that CpG DNA uptake and shuttling to early endosomes is mediated by KIR3DL2 2010 Viola, Antonella + BLOOD - -
Novel Kiteplatin Pyrophosphate Derivatives with Improved Efficacy 2017 Gandin, ValentinaMarzano, Cristina + INORGANIC CHEMISTRY - -
A novel KRT1 c.1433A>G p.(Glu478Gly) mutation in a newborn with epidermolytic ichthyosis. 2020 Francesca CaroppoElena CamaCinzia BertolinLeonardo SalviatiAnna Belloni Fortina + CLINICAL CASE REPORTS - -
A novel Lagrangian approach for the stable numerical simulation of fault and fracture mechanics 2016 FRANCESCHINI, ANDREAFERRONATO, MASSIMILIANOJANNA, CARLOTEATINI, PIETRO JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS - -
A novel laminin α2 isoform in severe laminin α2 deficient congenital muscular dystrophy 2000 Pegoraro E.Angelini C. + NEUROLOGY - -
Novel latent heat storage for the hot side of solar cooling applications 2015 MARTINEZ MARADIAGA, DAVID ESTEFANODEL COL, DAVIDE - - Proc. of ASME-ATI-UIT 2015 Conference on Thermal Energy Systems: Production, Storage, Utilization and the Environment
Novel lentiviral vectors for gene therapy of sickle cell disease combining gene addition and gene silencing strategies 2023 Romano, OrianaPoletti, Valentina + MOLECULAR THERAPY NUCLEIC ACIDS - -
Novel levodopa formulations in the treatment of Parkinson's disease 2014 ANTONINI, ANGELO + EXPERT REVIEW OF NEUROTHERAPEUTICS - -
Novel lipid-lowering properties of Vaccinium myrtillus L leaves, a traditional antidiabetic treatment, in several models of rat dyslipidaemia: A comparison with ciprofibrate 1996 CIGNARELLA, ANDREA + THROMBOSIS RESEARCH - -
A Novel Loss of Function Melanocortin-4-Receptor Mutation (MC4R-F313Sfs*29) in Morbid Obesity 2020 Trevellin, ElisabettaGranzotto, MarnieGrisan, FrancescaDe Stefani, DiegoGrinzato, AlessandroPagano, ClaudioRizzuto, RosarioVettor, Roberto + THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM - -
A novel loss-of-function mutation in HACE1 is linked to a genetic disorder in a patient from India 2018 Ravi S. + HUMAN GENOME VARIATION - -
Mostrati risultati da 188.835 a 188.854 di 299.872
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