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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
A novel method for the production of long DNA sequences from short reads 2015 Targon, Robin - - -
A Novel Method for the Quantification of White Wine Mannoproteins by a Competitive Indirect Enzyme-Linked Lectin Sorbent Assay (CI-ELLSA) 2018 Marangon, MatteoVegro, MaraVincenzi, SimoneLomolino, GiovannaDE ISEPPI, ALBERTOCurioni, Andrea MOLECULES - -
A Novel Method for Welding Residual Deformations Prediction 2020 Romanin LucaFerro PaoloBerto Filippo PROCEDIA STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY - -
Novel method of preparing a-perfluoroalkyl acetic acids 1992 SCIPIONI, ANTONIOCONTE, LINO + JOURNAL OF FLUORINE CHEMISTRY - 10th European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry
A Novel Method Simulating Human Eye Recognition for Sector Judgement of SVPWM Algorithm 2020 Buja G. + IEEE ACCESS - -
A novel method to calculate the size of representative waste samples based on particles size 2022 Beggio, Giovanni + DETRITUS - -
Novel method to estimate hepatic insulin extraction from MTT/OGTT data 2013 PICCININI, FRANCESCADALLA MAN, CHIARACOBELLI, CLAUDIO + - - Book of Abstracts of Diabetes Technology Meeting 2013
A novel method to include crack-induced delamination in a fatigue damage predictive procedure for composite laminates 2023 Maragoni L.Carraro P. A.Simonetto M.Quaresimin M. COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - -
A novel methodological approach for land subsidence prediction through data assimilation techniques 2021 Gazzola L.Ferronato M.Frigo M.Janna C.Teatini P.Zoccarato C. + COMPUTATIONAL GEOSCIENCES - -
Novel Methodologies for the Analysis and Management of Low Voltage Active Distribution Networks 2019 Usman, Muhammad - - -
A novel methodology for the management of distribution network based on neutral losses allocation factors 2019 Usman, M.Coppo, M.Bignucolo, F.Turri, R. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL POWER & ENERGY SYSTEMS - -
A Novel Methodology for the Objective Ascertainment of Psychic and Existential Damage 2016 FERRARA, SANTOTerranova, ClaudioVIEL, GUIDOZANUZZI, ANNA CHIARASARTORI, GIUSEPPE + - - Personal Injury and Damage Ascertainment under Civil Law
A Novel Methodology to Remotely and Early Diagnose Sleep Bruxism by Leveraging on Audio Signals and Embedded Machine Learning 2022 Peruzzi, GiacomoGalli, AlessandraPozzebon, Alessandro - - Proc. of 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Measurements & Networking (M&N)
Novel Methods for the Production of Radionuclides of Medical Interest With Accelerators 2019 Francesca BorgnaValerio Di MarcoGiovanni MarzaroNicola Realdon + - - 14th Int. Conf. on Heavy Ion Accelerator Technology
Novel methods of synthesis of a-Si(H)/Mo multilayers for Extreme UV applications 2003 Patelli A. + - AIP CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS AIP Conference Proceedings
Novel methods to help develop healthier eating habits for eating and weight disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis 2016 Cardi V. + NEUROSCIENCE AND BIOBEHAVIORAL REVIEWS - -
Novel MFN2 mutations and phenotypic variability in patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2A. 2007 BOARETTO, FRANCESCAVAZZA, GIOVANNIVETTORI, ANDREABERTOLIN, CINZIAMOSTACCIUOLO, MARIA LUISA + - - -
Novel micellar system for Vitamin D3 oral delivery: Assessment of enteric absorption through a digestion-like in vitro model 2020 Fratter, A. + JOURNAL OF DRUG DELIVERY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - -
A novel micro-cogeneration unit for market applications based on a biomass-fired ORC system 2019 CARRARO, GIANLUCALazzaretto A.DANIELI, PIERO + - - 5th International Seminar on ORC Power Systems
Mostrati risultati da 188.875 a 188.894 di 299.872
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