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VN - Vietnam 70
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Ashburn 200
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Redmond 1
Rome 1
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Segrate 1
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Taipei 1
Tel Aviv 1
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Nome #
Investigation of the Inner Environment of Carbon Nanotubes with a Fullerene-Nitroxide Probe 112
The effect of the metal precursor-reduction with hydrogen on a library of bimetallic Pd-Au and Pd-Pt catalysts for the direct synthesis of H2O2 102
Synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from H2 and O2 in water and ethanol catalyzed by nanoclustered Pd(0) on silica: strong selectivity enhancement exerted by the addition of ionic liquids 99
Highly chemoselective hydrogenation of 2-ethylanthraquinone to 2-ethylanthrahydroquinone catalyzed by palladium metal dispersed inside highly lipophilic functional resins 99
One-Pot Synthesis of Ketones and Lactones by Oxidation of the Parent Hydrocarbons with KHSO5 Catalyzed by Manganese(III) Porphyrins in a Biphasic, Solid-Liquid, System 98
A theoretical and experimental investigation of the electrophilic oxidation of thioethers and sulfoxides by peroxides 97
Nanoclustered palladium(0) supported on a gel-type poly-acrylonitrile-N,N-dimethylacrylamide-ethylenedimethacrylate resin: Nanostructural aspects and catalytic behaviour 94
Chemoselective and re-usable heterogeneous catalysts for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in the liquid phase under non-explosive conditions and in the absence of chemoselectivity enhancers. 91
Aerobic oxidation of alcohols in carbon dioxide with silica-supported ionic liquids doped with perruthenate 85
Alcohols oxidation with hydrogen peroxide promoted by TPAP-doped ormosils 84
Structure and morphology of solution blended poly(vinylidene fluoride)/montmorillonite nanocomposites 80
Porphyrin−Apidaecin Conjugate as a New Broad Spectrum Antibacterial Agent 79
Pd-Au and Pd-Pt catalysts for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in absence of selectivity enhancers 79
Dynamic catalysis in aerobic oxidation by sol-gel living materials 76
Oxygenation reactions catalyzed by supported sulfonated metalloporphyrins 73
The structural origins of superior performance in sol-gel catalysts. 71
Better Chemistry through Ceramics: the Physical Bases of the Outstanding Chemistry of ORMOSIL 71
Oxidation of meso-and d,l-hydrobenzoin by peroxomolybdenum complexes: a mechanistic investigation 71
Metal catalysis in oxidation by peroxides. Kinetics and mechanism of the molybdenum-catalyzed oxidation of sulfoxides to sulfones with hydrogen peroxide 71
Synthesis and X-Ray Crystal Structure of the First Pure and Air-Stable Salt of Peroxymonosulphuric Acid:(Ph)4PHSO5 70
Distance Dependency of Exciton Coupled Circular Dichroism Using Turn and Helical Peptide Spacers 70
Turn and helical peptide spacers: Combined distance and angular dependencies in the exciton-coupled circular dichroism of intramolecularly interacting bis-porphyrins 70
FluoRuGel: a versatile catalyst for aerobic alcohol oxidation in supercritical carbon dioxide 68
The Effects of Material Properties on the Activity of Sol-gel Entrapped Perruthenate under Supercritical Conditions 67
Synthesis of a Novel Porphyrin bearing Chloroper-fluoropolyether moieties with very high Solubility in Supercritical CO2 67
Heterogeneous Catalysis for Fine Chemicals in Dense Phase Carbon Dioxide 64
Sol-Gel Entrapped TPAP: An Off-the Shelf Catalyst Set for the Clean Oxidation of Alcohols 61
Catalytic Olefin Epoxidation with H2O2 in Supercritical CO2. Synergic Effect by hexafluoroacetone and manganese-porphyrins 61
Functional Resins as Hydrophylic Supports for Nanoclustered Pd(0) and Pd(0)-Au(0) Catalysts Designed for the Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide 60
Exciton Couplet Circular Dichroism of Intramolecularly Interacting bis-Porphyrin Chromophores in Peptide Conjugates: Distance and Orientation Effects. 59
Photoinitiated Olefin Epoxidation with Molecular Oxygen, Sensitized by Free Base Porphyrins and Promoted by Hexacarbonylmolybdenum in Homogeneous Solution 59
Oxidation of alkanes by Ph4PHSO5 catalyzed by manganese(III) porphyrins. A study of the factors determining alcohol and ketone formation 59
Sustainable Epoxidation of Electron-poor Olefins with Hydrogen Peroxide in Ionic Liquids and Recovery of the Products with Supercritical CO2 58
Ru-based Oxidation Catalysis 58
Ozone epoxidation of olefins catalyzed by highly robust manganese and iron porphyrin complexes 57
Oxygen transfer from Ph4PHSO5 to manganese porphyrins: kinetics and mechanism of the formation of oxo species in homogeneous solution 56
A Mechanistic Study on Benzylic Alcohols Oxidation with PPh4HSO5 Catalyzed by Manganese(III) Porphyrins in Homogeneous Solution 55
Oxidation of alcohols and diols by peroxometal complexes 55
Highly Efficient Cascade-Oxygen-Transfer from H2O2 to Olefins Mediated by Halogenated Carbonyl Compounds and MetalloPorphyrins 55
Stabilization of Catalytic Sol-Gel Entrapped Perruthenate 53
Chemoselective alcohol oxidations by the anionic molybdenum-picolinate N-oxidoperoxo complex MoO5PICO 49
Metal catalysis in oxidation by peroxides. Anionic molybdenum-picolinate N-oxide-peroxocomplex: an effective oxidant of primary and secondary alcohols in non polar solvents 48
Selective catalytic oxidations in supercritical carbon dioxide 48
Embedded Mn-Porphyrins in PDMS and ORMOSILs as Effective Catalysts for Cyclooctene Epoxidation by H2O2 in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide 46
Fluorinated Silica Gels Doped with TPAP as Effective Aerobic Oxidation Catalysts in Dense Phase Carbon Dioxide 46
Selective oxidation of the alcoholic function by peroxomolybdenum complexes 43
A Mechanistic Study on Alcohol Oxidations with Oxygen Catalysed by TPA-doped Ormosils in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide 39
Comparison of the relative efficiency of peroxomolybdenum complexes as oxidants of the alcoholic function 39
Metal catalysis in oxidation by peroxides. Electrophilic oxygen transfer from anionic, coordinatively saturated molybdenum peroxocomplex 38
The Grounds for the Activity of TPAP in Oxidation Catalysis in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide when Confined in Hibrid Fluorinated Silica Matrices 37
Stable compositions with persulfate salts 34
A process for forming a peracid and a composition comprising said peracid 34
Manganese Porphyrin-catalysed Heterogeneous and Unusually Selective Oxidation of Sulfides by Monopersulfate in Supercritical C02 34
I Perossocomplessi di Metalli di Transizione nell'Ossidazione di Substrati Organici: Alcuni Esempi di Selettivita' 34
Process for manufacturing aqueous compositions comprising peracids 33
Olefin epoxidation and alkane hydroxylation catalyzed by robust sulfonated manganese and iron porphyrins supported on cationic ion-exange resins 33
Hydrocarbons oxidation with Ph4PHSO5 catalyzed by manganese(III) porphyrins in homogeneous solution 32
The Baeyer-Villiger oxidation of ketones by peroxomolybdenum complexes: a revisitation 32
The use of an aliphatic-aromatic diacyl peroxide in a bleaching composition 31
Procédé pour la fabrication de composés aldéhydiques ou cétoniques et aldéhydes et cétones obtenus par ce procédé 31
Stable strongly acidic aqueous compositions containing persulfate salts 31
Olefin epoxidation by Ph4PHSO5 catalyzed by manganese porphyrins: a novel mechanistic proposal 31
Mechanistic studies on the reaction of monopersulfate with a manganese porphyrin in the presence of phenates and benzoates as axial ligands and subsequent olefins epoxidation in homogeneous solution 31
Porphyrin-antimicrobial peptide conjugates: synthesis, conformational studies and preliminary light activated biocidal activity 29
beta-Turn and 310-Helical Peptide Spacers for Exciton Coupled CD Studies 24
Oxidation chemistry of anionic molybdenum-peroxocomplexes containing polydentate ligands 22
Mechanism of alcohols oxidation by anionic peroxomolybdenum complexes 19
Catalytic Olefin Epoxidation with KHSO5: the First Report on Manganese Hemiporphyrazines as Catalyst in Oxigenation Reactions 18
Formation and reactivity toward hydrocarbons of oxomanganese porphyrins in the presence of anionic base 15
Anhydrous compositions comprising a peracid 15
Porphyrin-antimicrobial peptide conjugates: synthesis, conformational studies and preliminary light activated biocidal activity. 14
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