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EU - Europa 970
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OC - Oceania 6
AF - Africa 5
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 5
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IT - Italia 469
CN - Cina 364
FI - Finlandia 128
UA - Ucraina 99
SE - Svezia 82
DE - Germania 77
VN - Vietnam 68
GB - Regno Unito 56
IE - Irlanda 17
FR - Francia 13
KR - Corea 9
BE - Belgio 8
IN - India 7
BR - Brasile 6
RO - Romania 6
AU - Australia 5
EU - Europa 5
PK - Pakistan 4
BG - Bulgaria 3
IR - Iran 3
CA - Canada 2
CH - Svizzera 2
EC - Ecuador 2
EG - Egitto 2
ID - Indonesia 2
JP - Giappone 2
NL - Olanda 2
PH - Filippine 2
PL - Polonia 2
SG - Singapore 2
ZA - Sudafrica 2
AD - Andorra 1
AR - Argentina 1
CL - Cile 1
CO - Colombia 1
CU - Cuba 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
GL - Groenlandia 1
GR - Grecia 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
HR - Croazia 1
JO - Giordania 1
LU - Lussemburgo 1
MY - Malesia 1
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
PE - Perù 1
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 1
TH - Thailandia 1
ZM - Zambia 1
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Verona 5
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Chicago 4
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Lanzhou 4
Bologna 3
Bucharest 3
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Napoli 3
New York 3
Nürnberg 3
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Phoenix 3
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Sydney 3
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Costabissara 2
Fuzhou 2
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Jakarta 2
Kansas City 2
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Lusia 2
Orange 2
Orta Nova 2
Paris 2
Patti 2
Pontedera 2
Pretoria 2
Quito 2
Saludecio 2
San Francisco 2
San Mateo 2
San Nicolò 2
Sant'Angelo di Piove di Sacco 2
Siena 2
Stockport 2
Stuttgart 2
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Nome #
Use of digestate from a decentralized on-farm biogas plant as fertilizer in soils: An ecotoxicological study for future indicators in risk and life cycle assessment 152
Ecological risk assessment of agricultural soils for the definition of soil screening values: A comparison between substance-based and matrix-based approaches 147
Pre-treatment technologies for dark fermentative hydrogen production: Current advances and future directions 141
Analysis of fouling development under dynamic membrane filtration operation 141
La discarica Sostenibile. Ruolo nell'economia circolare e proposte normative 125
Effect of filtration flux on the development and operation of a dynamic membrane for anaerobic wastewater treatment 120
Assessment of dynamic membrane filtration for biological treatment of old landfill leachate 118
Biological hydrogen production via dark fermentation by using a side-stream dynamic membrane bioreactor: Effect of substrate concentration 114
Lab-scale co-digestion of kitchen waste and brown water for a preliminary performance evaluation of a decentralized waste and wastewater management 111
Application of anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactor (AnDMBR) for the successful enrichment of Anammox bacteria using mixed anaerobic and aerobic seed sludge 111
Environmental and economic assessment of leachate concentrate treatment technologies using analytic hierarchy process 111
Removal of municipal solid waste COD and NH4-N by phyto-reduction: A laboratory-scale comparison of terrestrial and aquatic species at different organic loads 110
La fitodepurazione di acque grigie e gialle nel ciclo di produzione del biodiesel 109
Study of microbial dynamics during optimization of hydrogen production from food waste by using LCFA-rich agent 109
Use of oleaginous plants in phytotreatment of grey water and yellow water from source separation of sewage 107
Two-stage anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste – Effects of process conditions during batch tests 107
Produzione biochimica potenziale di idrogeno e metano da biomassa agricola 101
Spent Coffee Grounds Alkaline Pre-treatment as Biorefinery Option to Enhance their Anaerobic Digestion Yield 101
Acute toxicity tests using earthworms to estimate ecological quality of compost and digestate 100
Dark fermentation metabolic models to study strategies for hydrogen consumers inhibition 100
Different leachate phytotreatment systems using sunflowers 98
The S.An.A.® concept: Semi-aerobic, Anaerobic, Aerated bioreactor landfill 97
Assessment of compost dosage in farmland through ecotoxicological tests 96
Effect of aerobic pre-treatment on hydrogen and methane production in a two-stage anaerobic digestion process using food waste with different compositions 96
Energy crops on landfills: functional, environmental, and costs analysis of different landfill configurations 96
Effect of inoculum pre-treatment on mesophilic hydrogen and methane production from food waste using two-stage anaerobic digestion 96
The broad spectrum of possibilities for spent coffee grounds valorisation 95
Innovative dual-step management of semi-aerobic landfill in a tropical climate 93
Digestate application in landfill bioreactors to remove nitrogen of old landfill leachate 90
A new bentonitic composite for landfill barrier systems 88
Electrochemical Treatment of Landfill Leachate- Oxidation at Ti/PbO2 and Ti/SnO2 anodes 88
Acidogenic fermentation of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and cheese whey for bio-plastic precursors recovery - Effects of process conditions during batch tests 88
Effectiveness of aerobic pretreatment of municipal solid waste for accelerating biogas generation during simulated landfilling 86
Recirculation of reverse osmosis concentrate in lab-scale anaerobic and aerobic landfill simulation reactors 82
Lab-scale phytotreatment of old landfill leachate using different energy crops 80
Optimization of hydrogen production from food waste using anaerobic mixed cultures pretreated with waste frying oil 80
Activated carbon from spent coffee grounds: A good competitor of commercial carbons for water decontamination 79
Assessment of the ecotoxicity of phytotreatment substrate soil as landfill cover material for in-situ leachate management 75
An integrated model-based approach to the risk assessment of pesticide drift from vineyards 75
Nitrogen removal optimization in a Sequencing Batch Reactor Treating Sanitary Landfill Leachate 74
Dynamic membrane bioreactor (DMBR) for the treatment of landfill leachate; bioreactor's performance and metagenomic insights into microbial community evolution 73
Preface to the special issue "biofuel from biowaste" 72
Optimisation of sanitary landfill leachate treatment in a sequencing batch reactor 70
Methane oxidation and attenuation of sulphur compounds in landfill top cover systems: Lab-scale tests 68
The treatment of leachate using Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae: Adaptability and resource recovery testing 68
Pre-treating anaerobic mixed microflora with waste frying oil: A novel method to inhibit hydrogen consumption 67
Evaluation of aeration pretreatment to prepare an inoculum for the two-stage hydrogen and methane production process 66
Digestione anaerobica integrata nei rifugi di montagna: esperienze e prospettive 60
Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Food Waste and Separated Fractions of Domestic Sewage. Lab Scale Tests 59
Potential treatment of leachate by Hermetia illucens (Diptera, Stratyomyidae) larvae: Performance under different feeding conditions 59
Effetti dello smaltimento combinato di liquame domestico e percolato sulla rimozione biologica dell'azoto e del fosforo 57
Optimisation of sanitary landfill leachate treatment in a sequencing batch reactor 57
Nuovo geocomposito con anima in bentonite 56
Lab tests on semi-aerobic landfilling of MSW under varying conditions of water availability and putrescible waste content 56
Aerobic stabilization of tannery sludge 55
Exploring dynamic membrane as an alternative for conventional membrane for the treatment of old landfill leachate 54
Leachate irrigation of different oleaginous plants 53
The influence of yellow water to methane production with the anaerobic digestion 52
Hydrogen and methane production from the oganic fraction of municipal solid waste in a double phase lab scale plant 51
Biological hydrogen production from agricultural waste 51
Removal of municipal soild waste COD and NH4-N by phytoreduction. A laboratory-scale comparison of terrestrial and aquatic species at different organic loads 51
Effects of heat treatment on microbial communities of granular sludge for biological hydrogen production. 51
Phytoextraction of heavy metals from contaminated sediments of the Venice lagoon 49
Teoria e pratica del landfill mining. Casi di studio e prospettive 49
Extraction of Bio-chemicals for Pharmaceutical and Food Industry from Myrocarpus frondosus, Robinia presudoacacia and Three Quercus Species 48
Composting of starch-based bioplastic bags: Small scale test of degradation and size reduction trend 48
Biological hydrogen production from mixed culture using aeration pretreatment 47
Il ruolo della discarica nelle moderne strategie di smaltimento dei rifiuti solidi urbani 47
Integrated Sewage and MSW Management in a Mountain Hut 47
Decentralized System Application to Small Mountain Hotels in the Alps 46
Problematiche di post-gestione delle discariche per rifiuti solidi urbani 45
Does inoculum really affect bio-hydrogen production from OFMSW?. 45
Microbiological analyses in batch test for hydrogen production 42
Reverse osmosis concentrate recirculation in lab scale anaerobic and aerobic simulation reactors 42
Tests on Co-disposal of Coal Flyash and Sewage Sludge Mixture in Sanitary Landfill 42
Ten years of research on integrated waste and wastewater mnagement 40
Organic waste biorefineries: Looking towards implementation 40
Qualità e trattamento dei percolati da discariche per rifiuti solidi urbani pretrattati 38
Biological removal of nutrients in co-treatment of leachate and sewage 37
Three years field experience in electrical control of synthetic landfill liners 37
Modelling Biological Leachate Treatment in a Sequencing Batch Reactor 36
Urban mining and water recycle for abandoned transurban areas (DATA project) 36
Seasonal Effects on Residence Time Distribution and on Water and Chemical Budgets in a Phytotreatment Pilot Plant 35
A new approach to integrated wastewater and solid waste management 35
Efficiency of geotextiles and geocomposites in landfill drainage system 34
Sustainable production of renewable energy from leachate phytotreatment 34
Marine, lagoon, and river sediment remediation 34
Landscape requalification of landfills : an open issue between legal and technical aspects 34
Mitigating long-term emissions of landfill aftercare: Preliminary results from experiments combining microbial electrochemical technologies and in situ aeration 34
Energy crops cover in landfill 32
Treatment of distillery wastewater by a pilot scale anaerobic sequencing bacth reactor 31
Phytotreatment of greywater with yellow water addition from an aesthetic approach 31
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