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OC - Oceania 8
AF - Africa 7
SA - Sud America 6
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 1
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IT - Italia 464
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DE - Germania 58
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VN - Vietnam 40
IN - India 30
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IL - Israele 2
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CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
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NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
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UY - Uruguay 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
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Pietro 2
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Redmond 2
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San Michele All'adige 2
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Taiyuan 2
Tegucigalpa 2
Thiene 2
Venezia 2
Venice 2
Verona 2
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Bayreuth 1
Bielefeld 1
Breda Di Piave 1
Camparada 1
Campobasso 1
Cape Town 1
Casièr 1
Chengdu 1
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Nome #
Characterization and emulsifying properties of extracts obtained by physical and enzymatic methods from an oenological yeast strain 163
Spectroscopy reveals that ethyl esters interact with proteins in wine 157
Use of verjuice as an acidic salad seasoning ingredient: evaluation by consumers’ liking and Check-All-That-Apply 143
Chemical and sensory analysis of verjuice: an acidic food ingredient obtained from unripe grape berries 131
A Novel Method for the Quantification of White Wine Mannoproteins by a Competitive Indirect Enzyme-Linked Lectin Sorbent Assay (CI-ELLSA) 119
Investigating the einkorn (Triticum monococcum) and common wheat (Triticum aestivum) bread crumb structure with X-ray microtomography: Effects on rheological and sensory properties 115
Investigating the use of gradient boosting machine, random forest and their ensemble to predict skin flavonoid content from berry physical–mechanical characteristics in wine grapes 112
Study of Combined Effect of Proteins and Bentonite Fining on the Wine Aroma Loss 110
Sensory characterization of cucumbers pickled with verjuice as novel acidifying agent 107
Heating and reduction affect the reaction with tannins of wine protein fractions differing in hydrophobicity 104
Protein evolution during the early stages of white winemaking and its relations with wine stability 103
Egg-matrix for large-scale single-step affinity purification of plant lectins with different carbohydrate specificities 101
Active soybean lectin in foods: quantitative determination by ELISA using immobilised asialofetuin 98
Studies on the joint cytotoxicity of Wheat Germ Agglutinin and monensin 98
One-sptep purification of nearly all the proteins from wine by electroendosmotic preparative electrophoresis 93
Grape seed proteins: a new fining agent for astringency reduction in red wine 93
Protective effect of Arbutus unedo aqueous extract in carrageenan-induced lung inflammation in mice 91
Proteins and enzymatic activities in Erbaluce grape berries with different response to the withering process 89
Foaming properties of potato (Solanum tuberosum) proteins: A study by the gas sparging method 89
Temperature-dependent decay of wheat germ agglutinin activity and its implications for food processing and analysis 88
Phenolic Substances, Flavor Compounds, and Textural Properties of Three Native Romanian Wine Grape Varieties 85
Some results on the evaluation of the foam behaviour for sparkling wines 84
The proteins of the grape (Vitis vinifera L.) seed endosperm: Fractionation and identification of the major components 84
Grape seed extract: the first plant-based fining agent endogenous to grapes 84
Foamability of Prosecco wine: Cooperative effects of high molecular weight glycocompounds and wine PR-proteins 82
Advantages of the KDS/BCA assay over the Bradford assay for protein quantification in wWhite wine and grape juice 82
Changes in total and individual proteins from grape to wine: effects on the heat test stability 80
Mechanical pruning, no pruning and manual pruning: effects on grape composition and health status of 'Pinot gris' and 'Cabernet sauvignon' cultivars in the "Piave" AOC area of Veneto region 80
Characterization of a Grape Class IV Chitinase 79
Wine Fining with Plant Proteins 79
Aqueous extract of Arbutus unedo inhibits STAT1 activation in human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 and human fibroblasts through SHP2 activation 78
Red wine proteins: Two dimensional (2-D) electrophoresis and mass spectrometry analysis 74
Effect of using bentonite during fermentation on protein stabilisation and sensory properties of white wine. 74
IgE-mediated allergy to corn: a 50 kDa protein, belonging to the Reduced Soluble Proteins, is a major allergen 73
Effects of dietary wheat germ deprivation on the immune system in Wistar rats: a pilot study 71
Changes in stilbene composition during postharvest ozone treatment of ‘Moscato bianco’ winegrapes 68
A new method for the recovery of wine proteins allowing their quantification and electrophoretic analysis 65
Removal of specific protein components by chitin enhances protein stability in a white wine 63
Development of a new procedure for protein recovery and quantification in wine 62
Temporary Modification of Salivary Protein Profile and Individual Responses to Repeated Phenolic Astringent Stimuli 61
Inclusion of Hermetia illucens larvae reared on different substrates in the diet of broiler quails: effect on apparent digestibility, feed-choice and growth performance 61
Study of the ultrasound effects on yeast lees lysis in winemaking 59
Tecnologie innovative in vinificazione con basso impatto volte alla riduzione e ottimizzazione di coadiuvanti enologici e dei costi 58
Inhibition of bitartrate potassium salt crystallization by wine macromolecules can be studied in reconstitution experiments. 58
Physico-mechanical evaluation of the aptitude of berries of red wine grape varieties to resist the compression in carbonic maceration vinification 58
Granfarciotto: sviluppo di un raviolo ecosostenibile al radicchio e cagliata 57
Influence of the reducing environment in the misfolding of wine proteins 57
Garlic greening: Pigments biosynthesis and control strategies 55
Characterization of red wine native colloids by asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation with online multidetection 54
Necrotrophic fungal plant pathogens display different mechanisms to counteract grape chitinase and thaumatin-like protein 53
The Secondary Structure of a Major Wine Protein is Modified upon Interaction with Polyphenols 53
Anomalous electrophoretic behavior of a chitinase isoform from grape berries and wine in glycol chitin-containing SDS-PAGE gels 51
Chitinase and Thaumatin-like Pathogenesis-Related Proteins from grapes and their effects on wine stability. 49
Does grape chitinase inhibit yeast growth? 49
A novel approach for the valorization of wine lees as a source of compounds able to modify wine properties 46
Proteins and Peptides in Grape & Wine (Chapter VIII) 45
Dual mode of action of grape cane extracts against Botrytis cinerea 45
Breackdown of glutenin polymers durino dough mixing by Eurigaster maura protease 44
Characterization of chitinase isoforms from grape juice 44
Estratti da vinaccioli, metodo di preparazione e uso degli stessi per il trattamento di vini 41
A grape seed extract for wine fining. 39
Effects of wine fractions with different molecular weight on the behaviour of the foam of a sparkling wine produced with the bulk method 38
Quantification of wine mannoproteins by a competitive indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay 38
Comparative study of the resveratrol content in 21 italian red grape varieties 37
Chitosan applied as a grapevine biostimulant modulates grape composition and wine quality 37
Chitinases and thaumatin like proteins are present as a protein aggregate in both grape berries and wine. Montpellier (Francia) 36
Evaluation of the phenolic profile and immunoreactivity of Mal d 3 allergen in ancient apple cultivars from Italy 35
Chitosan induces delayed grapevine defense mechanisms and protects grapevine against Botrytis cinerea 35
Caratterizzazione di isoforme di chitinasi da succo d’uva 34
Test rapido perquantificazione ed analisi di proteine e glicoproteine nei vini bianchi 33
Rice protein extracts as wine fining agents 32
Foam behaviour in “prosecco” sparkling wines and its evaluation: a statistical modelling approach. 32
Proteins and Peptides in Grape and Wine 31
Isolation of a tyrosinase inhibitor from unripe grapes juice: A spectrophotometric study 31
Shellfish chitosan potential in wine clarification 31
Scleroglucan-protein interactions: a tool for protein removal from wine? 30
Fungal β-glucans protect the fungal cell from plant thaumatin-like proteins and chitinase. 30
Influence of the mannoproteins of different strains of Starmenella bacillaris used in single and sequential fermentations on foamability, tartaric and protein stabilities of wines 30
Sensory and chemical analysis of verjus 27
Caftaric Acid Isolation from Unripe Grape: A "Green" Alternative for Hydroxycinnamic Acids Recovery 27
Sensory preferences for pomegranate arils in Italy: A comparison between different varieties and cultivation sites 27
Alla riscoperta del Verjuice 26
Riboflavin removal by commercial bentonites and charcoals in white and red wines 26
Use of clusters from grape thinning to make verjus, a high value grape product 25
Changes in texture analysis parameters of wine grape berries at two ripeness stages: A study on varietal effect 25
Prove di micromacerazionedi uva CorvinaValutazione del destino degli antocianidurante la fermentazione alcolica 24
Effect of storage on stilbenoid contents in cv. Pinot Noir grape canes collected at different times before pruning 24
Sensory analysis of verjus: an acidic ingredient obtained from unripe grape berries 23
Characterization and emulsifying properties of mannoproteins extracted from the oenological yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae EC1118 by physical and enzymatic methods 23
Apparent nutrient digestibility of broiler quail diets supplemented with black soldier fly larvae reared on two different substrates 23
Characterization of chitinase isoforms from grape juice 22
Scleroglucan-Protein interaction: a tool for protein removal from wine? 22
Characterization and emulsifying properties of mannoproteins extracted from the oenological yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae EC1118 by physical and enzymatic methods 22
Influence of pruning time and viral infection on stilbenoid levels in Pinot noir grape canes 22
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