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Nome #
A biomechanical approach to the analysis of methods and procedures of bariatric surgery 145
Experimental investigation of the biomechanics of urethral tissues and structures 113
Quantitative MRI analysis of infrapatellar and suprapatellar fat pads in normal controls, moderate and end-stage osteoarthritis 111
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Computational Models for the Mechanical Investigation of Stomach Tissues and Structure 108
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Chest ultrasound integrated teaching of respiratory system physiology to medical students. A first experience. 85
A review of recent findings about stress relaxation in the respiratory system tissues 85
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Studio sperimentale sulla "ventilazione liquida" con una miscela di perfluorocarbonati (RM-101). 83
IL-6 increases airway resistance in the rat 83
A review of the effects of some endocrinological factors on respiratory mechanics. 83
Experimental investigation of the structural behavior of equine urethra 81
Cardiac output measurement by the thermodilution method: an in vitro test of accuracy of three commercially available automatic cardiac output computers 78
Hemodynamic effects of continuous positive-pressure ventilation and high-frequency jet ventilation with positive end-expiratory pressure in normal dogs. 78
Effetti emodinamici in corso di ipercapnia permissiva: un esempio di interazione pattern respi-ratorio - effetti emodinamici. 73
Hyperbaric Air Exposure at 2.5 ATA Does Not Affect Respiratory Mechanics and Lung Histology in the Rat 73
Isoflurane prevents learning deficiencies caused by brief hypoxia and hypotension in adult Sprague Dawley rats. 72
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Alcune caratteristiche della cinetica della frequenza cardiaca nel lavoro e nel ristoro 71
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Repetitive intraperitoneal caspase-3 inhibitor and anesthesia reduces neuronal damage 69
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Hypothermia attenuates NO production in anesthetized rats with endotoxemia 69
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Analysis of the biomechanical behaviour of gastrointestinal regions adopting an experimental and computational approach 68
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Effect of perfusate temperature on pulmonary vascular resistance and compliance by arterial and venous occlusion in the rat. 59
Analysis of the structural behaviour of a colonic segment by inflation test: experimental activity and physio-mechanical model 59
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Body metabolic rate and electromiographic activities of antigravitational muscles in supine and standing postures. 57
The flow and volume dependance of rat respiratory system resistance 56
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Effect of Fluticasone Aerosol on Respiratory Mechanics in Healthy Mice: Preliminary Data. 53
Metabolic and ventilatory effects of oral glucose load at rest and during incremental aerobic muscular work in young healthy adults. 52
Critical velocity in swimmers of different ages 52
Spirometry and oxidative stress after rebreather diving in warm water. 51
Manifestazioni polmonari all'esordio da leptospira ittero emorragica: presentazione di due casi. 49
Erythropoietin acutely decreases airway resistance in the rat. 49
Effects of body temperature on respiratory system static compliance and hysteresis in the rat. 48
Elementi di Fisiologia umana 47
Spirometry and oxidative stress after rebreather diving in warm water 47
Erratum to: Effects of Twenty Days of the Ketogenic Diet on Metabolic and Respiratory Parameters in Healthy Subjects 47
Spirometry improvement after muscular exercise in elite swimmers 46
Ventilazione artificiale e circolazione splancnica 44
The effects of prone with respect to supine position on stress-relaxation, respiratory mechanics and the work of breathing measured by the end-inflation method in the rat. 44
Characterization of the anisotropic mechanical behaviour of colon tissues: experimental activities and constitutive formulation. 44
The effect of body cooling on respiratory system mechanics and hysteresis in rats. 43
The influence of recruitment manouvers on poft-op. spirometric indices. 43
Positive end-expiratory pressure vs heart rate relationship:the effects of parasympathetic and sympathetic blockade. 42
Effects of recruitment manouvers and PEEP during laparoscopic cholecistectomy 41
Methods and procedures in bariatric surgery: a biomechanical approach 41
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Effect of lung inflation on the transmural pressures of mediastinic vessels 40
Safety of transport and hyperbaric oxygen treatment in critically-ill patients from Padua hospitals into a centrally-located, stand-alone hyperbaric facility 40
Anestesia ketaminica in perfusione continua nella chirurgia della ipertensione portale 40
La Ventilazione Jet ad Alta Frequenza 39
Ventilazione jet ad alta frequenza (HFJV): studi sperimentali. 39
Partitioning of pulmonary vascular resistance in rats by arterial and venous occlusions. 39
Measurements of pressure-volume curves by constant low inflation flow in the rat: effects of body posture 39
Anesthesia and myotonic dystrophya (Steinert's syndrome). The role of total intravenous anesthesia with propofol, cisatracurium and remifentanil. Case report. 39
Effects of twenty days of the chetogenic diet on metabolic and respiratory parameters in healthy subjects. 39
The effects of nifedipine on respiratory mechanics investigated by the end-inflation occlusion method in the rat. 39
Effect of PEEP on cerebral circulation in anaesthetized humans 38
Relationship between the time course of the heart rate during and after exercise and the lenght of the QT interval. 38
Analisi della resistenza del circolo polmonare su polmoni di ratto 38
A new method of measure of bubble gas volume shows that interleukin-6 injected into rats has no effect on gas embolism 38
Effect of blood volume expansion on respiratory mechanics in the rat 38
Modificazioni della meccanica respiratoria durante ventilazione artificiale per insufficienza respiratoria acuta. Pazienti con BPCO. 37
Effects of IL-6 on respiratory mechanics in the rat. 37
Stress-relaxation due to respiratory system tissue viscoelasticity: An update 37
L'indagine emodinamica in anestesia e rianimazione 36
High Frequency Jet Ventilation and peak airway pressure synchronization with ECG 36
Effects of IL-6 on respiratory mechanics in the rat. 36
Daily variations in lung volumes measurements in young healthy adults 35
Work of breathing and mechanical properties of the respiratory system in a rat model of oleic acid induced lung injury 34
Analisi grafica degli effetti delle variazioni della pressione intratoracica media sul ventricolo destro e sul circolo polmonare 34
Epiduroclisi a pressione controllata: una tecnica nel trattamento della low back pain da aracnoidite 34
Effects of immersion and exercise on spirometric performance in water-polo players 34
Monitoraggio della meccanica respiratoria durante ventilazione artificiale in pazienti con insufficienza ventilatoria acuta: il problema della PEEP intrinseca 33
Elementi di fisiologia umana 33
Daily Variations in lung volumes measurements in young healthy adults. 33
Mechanics of urethral duct: tissue constitutive formulation and numerical modelling with regard to lumen occlusion 33
Pattern of breathing and inspiratory muscle work during Pressure Support Ventilation: preliminary results. 32
Effect of NO-synthase inhibition by L-Name on partitioned pulmonary vascular resistance and compliance in the hypoxic rat's lungs 32
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