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Nome #
Effects of humic substances and indole-3-acetic acid on Arabidopsis sugar and amino acid metabolic profile 147
Comparison of bactericidal and cytotoxic activities of trichogin analogs 127
Trichogin GA IV Alignment and Oligomerization in Phospholipid Bilayers 125
Aggregation of spin-labeled alamethicin in low-polarity solutions as studied by PELDOR spectroscopy 117
TOAC spin labels in the backbone of alamethicin: EPR studies in lipid membranes 112
Alamethicin Supramolecular Organization in Lipid Membranes from 19F Solid-State NMR 104
The rational search for selective anticancer derivatives of the peptide Trichogin GA IV: a multi-technique biophysical approach 101
Total Synthesis in Solution and Conformational Analysis of the Peptaibol Cervinin and Selected Analogues 100
Covalent Graft of Lipopeptides and Peptide Dendrimers to Cellulose Fibers 99
Alamethicin interaction with lipid membranes: A spectroscopic study on synthetic analogs 98
Molecular spacers for physicochemical investigations based on novel helical and extended peptide structures 98
Single and multiple peptide γ-turns: literature survey and recent progress 95
Short-Chain Analogues of the Lipopeptaibol Antibiotic Trichogin GA IV: Conformational Analysis and Membrane Modifying Properties 93
Turn and helical peptide handedness governed exclusively by side-chain chiral centers 89
Peptide δ-Turn: Literature Survey and Recent Progress 88
Helical foldamers incorporating photoswitchable residues for light-mediated modulation of conformational preference 87
Conformational analysis of TOAC-labelled alamethicin F50/5 analogues 86
Peptide β-Bend and 3-10-Helix: from 3D-Structural Studies to Applications as Templates 86
Location and aggregation of the spin-labeled peptide trichogin GA IV in a phospholipid membrane as revealed by pulsed EPR 84
Supramolecular structure of self-assembling alamethicin analog studied by ESR and PELDOR 83
(alphaMe)Nva: stereoselective syntheses and preferred conformations of selected model peptides 82
Folding of peptides characterized by c(3)Val, a highly constrained analogue of valine 82
Main-chain length control of conformation, membrane activity, and antibiotic properties of lipopeptaibol sequential analogues 80
Alamethicin interaction with lipid membranes: A spectroscopic study on synthetic analogues 79
Lipopeptaibols, a novel family of membrane active, antimicrobial peptides 78
(alpha Me)Aun: A Highly Lipophilic, Chiral, C-alpha-Tetrasubstituted alpha-Amino Acid. Incorporation into Model Peptides and Preferred Conformation 78
A new isoluminol reagent for chemiluminescence labeling of proteins 78
Crystal-state 3D-structural characterization of novel, Aib-based, turn and helical peptides 78
Total synthesis in solution and conformational analysis of the peptaibol cervinin and selected analogues 78
Structure Determination of Racemic Trichogin A IV Using Centrosimmetric Crystals 77
Incorporation of channel-forming peptides in a Hg-supported lipid bilayer 77
A Molecular View on the Role of Cholesterol upon Membrane Insertion, Aggregation, and Water Accessibility of the Antibiotic Lipopeptide Trichogin GA IV As Revealed by EPR 76
4-Cyano-α-methyl- l- phenylalanine as a spectroscopic marker for the investigation of peptaibioticmembrane interactions 76
Synthesis and Conformation of Analogs of the Antiviral Peptide Halovir A 76
Synthesis, preferred conformation, protease stability, and membrane activity of heptaibin, a medium-length peptaibiotic 75
Recent contributions of electronic circular dichroism to the investigation of oligopeptide conformations 74
Crystal structure of a synthetic cyclodecapeptide for template-assembled synthetic protein design 73
Total syntheses in solution of TOAC-labelled alamethicin F50/5 analogues 72
A solvent-dependent peptide spring unraveled by 2D-NMR 72
Lipid chain-length dependence for incorporation of alamethicin in membranes: Electron paramagnetic resonance studies on TOAC-spin labeled analogs 71
Synthesis and 3D-Structure of Conformationally Controlled Nucleo-Peptides 71
Synthesis, conformation, and membrane modifying properties of the trikoningin KB lipopeptaibols: Effect of hydrophobicity and chirality in position 1 71
Endothioxopeptides: A conformational overview 71
A Peptide-tethered Lipid Bilayer on Mercury as a Biomimetic System 70
The Power of EPR Techniques in Investigating Functionalization and Penetration into Fibers of Cotton-Bound Antimicrobial Peptides 70
Turn and helical peptide spacers: Combined distance and angular dependencies in the exciton-coupled circular dichroism of intramolecularly interacting bis-porphyrins 70
Partial thioamide scan on the lipopeptaibiotic trichogin GA IV. Effects on folding and bioactivity 70
Spectroscopically Labeled Peptaibiotics. Synthesis and Properties of Selected Trichogin GA IV Analogs Bearing a Side-Chain-Monofluorinated Aromatic Amino Acid for19F-NMR Analysis 69
A novel peptide conformation: The γ-bend ribbon 69
Cotton functionalized with peptides: characterization and synthetic methods 68
Synthesis, preferred conformation, and membrane activity of medium-length peptaibiotics: tylopeptin B 68
Pseudopeptide foldamers: the homo-oligomers of pyroglutamic acid 68
Comparison of distance information in [TOAC1, Glu(OMe)7, 18, 19] alamethicin F50/5 from paramagnetic relaxation enhancement measurements with data obtained from an X-ray diffraction-based model 68
Nitroxyl Peptides as Catalysts of Enantioselective Oxidations 68
Synthesis, conformation, and bioactivity of novel analogues of the antiviral lipopeptide halovir A 67
Total synthesis in solution of alamethicin F50/5 by an easily tunable segment condensation approach 67
Understanding Biology Using Peptides 66
The peculiar N- and C-termini of trichogin GA IV are needed for membrane interaction and human cell death induction at doses lacking antibiotic activity 66
Synthesis and Conformational Study of Model Peptides Containing N-Substituted 3-Aminoazetidine-3-carboxylic Acids 66
Peptides on the Surface. PELDOR Data for Spin-Labeled Alamethicin F50/5 Analogues on Organic Sorbent 66
Crystal structure of a spin-labeled, channel-forming alamethicin analogue 66
Handedness Control of Peptide Helices by Amino Acid Side-Chain Chirality: Ile/aIle Peptides 66
Short Analogues of the Lipopeptaibol Trichogin GA IV 66
Chiral, fully extended helical peptides 65
null 65
Trichogin: a paradigm for lipopeptaibols 64
Replacement of Ala by Aib Improves Structuration andBiological Stability in Thymine-Based Nucleopeptides 64
Total Syntheses in Solution of TOAC-Labelled Alamethicin F50/5 Analogues 64
Control of peptide conformation by the Thorpe-Ingold effect (C-alpha-tetrasubstitution) 64
Partial (alpha-Me)Aun Scan of [L-Leu-11-OMe]-Trichogin GA IV, a Membrane Active Synthetic Precursor of the Natural Lipopeptaibol 62
Solvent dependence of the rotational diffusion of TOAC-spin-labeled alamethicin 62
Template Assembled Synthetic Proteins (TAPS) as functional mimetics of proteins 61
Heterochiral Ala/(aMe)Aze sequential oligopeptides: Synthesis and conformational study 61
The Bip Method for Spectroscopic Assignment of the Absolute Configuration of the Spin-Labelled, Cyclic beta-2,3-Amino Acids beta-TOAC and POAC. 60
Improved synthesis of glycine, taurine and sulfate conjugated bile acids as reference compounds and internal standards for ESI–MS/MS urinary profiling of inborn errors of bile acid synthesis 60
Trichogin GA IV: A versatile template for the synthesis of novel peptaibiotics 59
All-Thioamidated Homo-α-Peptides: Synthesis and Conformation 58
Synthesis and 3D-Structural Analysis of Peptides Based on AntAib, an Anthracene-Fused 1-Aminocyclopentanecarboxylic Acid. 57
Handedness preference and switching of peptide helices. Part I: Helices based on protein amino acids 57
Looking for a Robust, Synthetic, Fully-Extended (2.05-Helical) Peptide Structure - Effect of Terminal Groups 57
Novel peptide foldameric motifs: a step forward in our understanding of the fully-extended conformation/310-helix coexistence 56
Exciton Couplet Circular Dichroism of Intramolecularly Interacting bis-Porphyrin Chromophores in Peptide Conjugates: Distance and Orientation Effects. 55
Multiple, consecutive, fully-extended 2.05-helix peptide conformation 55
Spectroscopically labeled peptaibiotic analogs: the 4-nitrophenylalanine infrared absorption probe inserted at different positions into trichogin GA IV 55
Is the Backbone Conformation of C-alpha-Methyl Proline Restricted to a Single Region? 54
Design, Synthesis, and Preferred Conformation of Peptides Based on a Highly Constrained, β,β′-Diphenyl Substituted Cyclopropane α-Amino Acid 54
Conformational properties, membrane interaction, and antibacterial activity of the peptaibiotic chalciporin A: Multitechnique spectroscopic and biophysical investigations on the natural compound and labeled analogs 54
Preferred 3D-structure of peptides rich in a severely conformationally restricted cyclopropane analogue of phenylalanine 53
Synthesis of the Spin-labelled β-Amino Acids cis- and trans-β-TOAC, and a Preliminary Conformational Study of trans-β-TOAC/trans-ACHC Peptides 53
Effect of N-alpha-acyl chain length on the membrane-modifying properties of synthetic analogs of the lipopeptaibol trichogin GA IV 53
Targeted amino acid substitutions in a trichoderma peptaibol confer activity against fungal plant pathogens and protect host tissues from botrytis cinerea infection 53
The 2.0(5)-Helix in Hetero-Oligopeptides Entirely Composed of C-alpha,C-alpha-Disubstituted Glycines With Both Side Chains Longer Than Methyls 53
Mag: a helicogenic alpha-amino acid with a side-chain carbon-carbon double bond 52
Preferred Conformation and Membrane Activity of the LP237-F Lipopeptaibols 52
An extension of the 'Bip method': induced axial chirality in a series of dipeptides based on Bip/beta(2,2)-HBip combined with Ala/beta(3)-HAla 52
Conformationally controlled, thymine-based alpha-nucleopeptides 51
Stereoselective acylation of a racemic amine with C-alpha-methyl phenylglycine-based dipeptide 5(4H)-oxazolones 51
Main-chain length control of conformation, membrane activity, and antibiotic properties of lipopeptaibol sequential analogues 51
Alamethicin Interaction with Lipid Membranes: A Spectroscopic Study on Synthetic Analogs 51
A lipid monolayer made permeable to Tl(I) ions by the lipopeptaibol trichogin GA IV 51
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