Distribuzione geografica
Continente #
NA - Nord America 3.639
EU - Europa 546
AS - Asia 314
SA - Sud America 16
OC - Oceania 3
AF - Africa 2
Totale 4.520
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 3.628
IT - Italia 278
CN - Cina 234
FI - Finlandia 82
SE - Svezia 58
SG - Singapore 40
DE - Germania 33
GB - Regno Unito 31
UA - Ucraina 14
FR - Francia 13
PK - Pakistan 13
IE - Irlanda 8
BR - Brasile 6
CA - Canada 6
IN - India 5
MX - Messico 5
NL - Olanda 5
VN - Vietnam 5
AR - Argentina 4
CO - Colombia 4
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 4
ES - Italia 4
IR - Iran 4
BE - Belgio 3
HK - Hong Kong 3
JP - Giappone 3
SM - San Marino 3
AU - Australia 2
KR - Corea 2
RS - Serbia 2
RU - Federazione Russa 2
TH - Thailandia 2
AT - Austria 1
BO - Bolivia 1
BW - Botswana 1
DK - Danimarca 1
EE - Estonia 1
EG - Egitto 1
HR - Croazia 1
HU - Ungheria 1
IQ - Iraq 1
KZ - Kazakistan 1
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
PE - Perù 1
RO - Romania 1
TR - Turchia 1
Totale 4.520
Città #
Fairfield 685
Ashburn 374
Woodbridge 350
Houston 269
Seattle 250
Chandler 244
Cambridge 208
Wilmington 206
Ann Arbor 192
Beijing 81
Padova 79
Princeton 71
Medford 65
San Diego 59
Des Moines 58
Helsinki 54
Roxbury 47
Jacksonville 44
Nanjing 32
Singapore 28
Milan 27
Boardman 23
Washington 17
New York 16
Jinan 12
Guangzhou 11
London 9
Los Angeles 9
Bologna 8
Paris 8
Hebei 7
Lappeenranta 7
Ningbo 7
Ogden 7
Parma 7
Redmond 7
Shenyang 7
Cagliari 6
Dublin 6
Rome 6
Montebelluna 5
Montreal 5
Tianjin 5
Bogotá 4
Cepagatti 4
Chicago 4
Dong Ket 4
Esslingen am Neckar 4
Falls Church 4
Frankfurt am Main 4
Hangzhou 4
Hefei 4
Kilburn 4
Legnaro 4
Nanchang 4
Redwood City 4
Tappahannock 4
Turin 4
Zhengzhou 4
Appleton 3
Blacksburg 3
Borgo Maggiore 3
Buenos Aires 3
Florence 3
Haikou 3
Indiana 3
Jiaxing 3
Kharkiv 3
Norwalk 3
Sant'elena 3
Tequixquiac 3
Amsterdam 2
Ancona 2
Bagnoli di Sopra 2
Bangkok 2
Borås 2
Casalnuovo di Napoli 2
Castellammare di Stabia 2
Cattolica 2
Central 2
Changsha 2
Cinisello Balsamo 2
Citta 2
Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl 2
Cosenza 2
Córdoba 2
Ferrara 2
Genoa 2
Hounslow 2
Hägersten 2
Jequié 2
Jinju 2
Mimoň 2
Munich 2
Mussolente 2
Málaga 2
Nossa Senhora da Gloria 2
Nowshahr 2
Orange 2
Phoenix 2
Totale 3.776
Nome #
Enzimi farmaco-metabolizzanti epatici in specie di interesse veterinario 160
Primary hepatocytes as an useful bioassay to characterize metabolism and bioactivity of illicit steroids in cattle. 134
Genetic and genomic analyses of latent variables related to the milk fatty acid profile, milk composition, and udder health in dairy cattle 129
Understanding the mechanisms involved in the high sensitivity of Pecten maximus larvae to aeration 121
Longitudinal transcriptomic and genetic landscape of radiotherapy response in canine melanoma 119
Dose response of rumen-protected conjugated linoleic acid supplementation to fattening bulls and heifers on growth, and carcass and meat quality 116
SNP co-association and network analyses identify E2F3, KDM5A and BACH2 as key regulators of the bovine milk fatty acid profile 113
Genetic and environmental relationships of detailed milk fatty acids profile determined by gas chromatography in Brown Swiss cows 112
Pathway-based genome-wide association analysis of milk coagulation properties, curd firmness, cheese yield, and curd nutrient recovery in dairy cattle 110
Testosterone hydroxylation in bovine liver: enzyme kinetic and inhibition study 107
Significance of the goby Zosterisessor ophiocephalus as a sentinel species for Venice Lagoon contamination: Combining biomarker responses and bioaccumulation 104
Real time RT-PCR analysis of inflammatory mediator expression in recurrent airway obstruction-affected horses 102
Differential gene expression of CYP3A isoforms in equine liver and intestines. 101
Genome-wide association and pathway-based analysis using latent variables related to milk protein composition and cheesemaking traits in dairy cattle 100
Transcriptomic markers meet the real world: finding diagnostic signatures of corticosteroid treatment in commercial beef samples 96
Effects of candidate gene polymorphisms on the detailed fatty acids profile determined by gas chromatography in bovine milk 96
Genetic variation in serum protein pattern and blood β-hydroxybutyrate and their relationships with udder health traits, protein profile, and cheese-making properties in Holstein cows 96
Factors affecting variations in the detailed fatty acid profile of Mediterranean buffalo milk determined by 2-dimensional gas chromatography 95
Milk protein composition in purebred Holsteins and in first/second-generation crossbred cows from Swedish Red, Montbeliarde and Brown Swiss bulls 93
High performance liquid chromatography determination of cytochrome P450 1A and 2C activities in bovine liver microsomes 88
Transcriptomic profiling as a screening tool to detect trenbolone treatment in beef cattle 85
High mortality of juvenile gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) from photobacteriosis is associated with alternative macrophage activation and anti-inflammatory response: Results of gene expression profiling of early responses in the head kidney 85
Gene expression profiling of thymus in beef cattle treated with prednisolone 85
Transcriptomic changes in liver of young bulls caused by diets low in mineral and protein contents and supplemented with n-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid 84
Integrated PTR-ToF-MS, GWAS and biological pathway analyses reveal the contribution of cow's genome to cheese volatilome 84
null 82
Genome-wide association and pathway analysis of carcass and meat quality traits in Piemontese young bulls 76
HPLC method for the determination of ethoxyresorufin-o-deethylase (EROD) activity in bovine liver microsomes 67
Toxicogenomic markers for corticosteroid treatment in beef cattle: Integrated analysis of transcriptomic data 67
Effect of dietary protein level and conjugated linoleic acid supply on milk secretion and fecal excretion of fatty acids 63
Genomic analysis of milk protein fractions in Brown Swiss Cattle 58
Effects of A1 and A2 β-casein variants on milk proteins and technological traits in Holstein cows 55
Predicting milk protein fractions using infrared spectroscopy and a gradient boosting machine for breeding purposes in Holstein cattle 54
Validation of a HPLC method for the detrmination of cytochrome P450 2C (CYP2C) activity in bovine liver microsomes. 53
Effect of breed upon cytochrome P450s and phase II enzymes expression in cattle liver 53
Quantifying and genotyping protein fractions in milk of different goat breeds by RP-HPLC 51
Associations between ultrasound measurements and hematochemical parameters for the assessment of liver metabolic status in Holstein–Friesian cows 51
Transcriptomic and Phenotypic Changes in Young Bull Liver Caused By Low-Impact and Nutraceutical Diets. 50
379 ASAS-EAAP Talk: Precision Phenotyping using Infrared Spectroscopy to Improve the Quality of Animal Products 50
null 48
Associations between differential somatic cell count and milk yield, quality, and technological characteristics in Holstein cows 47
Genetic parameters for fertility traits assessed in herds divergent in milk energy output in Holstein-Friesian, Brown Swiss, and Simmental cattle 46
Evaluating the performance of machine learning methods and variable selection methods for predicting difficult-to-measure traits in Holstein dairy cattle using milk infrared spectral data 45
Hepatocyte primary cultures (HPCS) as an useful bioassay to characterize metabolism and bioactivity of illicit steroids in cattle. 44
Bayesian inference of the inbreeding load variance for fertility traits in Brown Swiss cattle 41
Mutational landscape of canine B-cell lymphoma profiled at single nucleotide resolution by RNA-seq 40
Structural equation modeling for investigating multi-trait genetic architecture of udder health in dairy cattle 39
Quantitative and qualitative detailed milk protein profiles of 6 cattle breeds: Sources of variation and contribution of protein genetic variants 39
Genetic parameters of differential somatic cell count, milk composition, and cheese-making traits measured and predicted using spectral data in Holstein cows 38
Integration of Wet-Lab Measures, Milk Infrared Spectra, and Genomics to Improve Difficult-to-Measure Traits in Dairy Cattle Populations 36
Genomic prediction for latent variables related to milk fatty acid composition in Holstein, Simmental and Brown Swiss dairy cattle breeds 35
Genetic correlations between fertility traits and milk composition and fatty acids in Holstein-Friesian, Brown Swiss, and Simmental cattle using recursive models 35
Comparison of single‐breed and multi‐breed training populations for infrared predictions of novel phenotypes in holstein cows 34
Molecular and biochemical biomarkers in environmental monitoring: a study with a benthic fish living in the Venice Lagoon 33
Detailed protein fraction profile of goat milk of six breeds 31
Structural equation modeling for unraveling the multivariate genomic architecture of milk proteins in dairy cattle 31
Inferring causal relationships among milk protein fractions in dairy cattle 28
The β-casein (CSN2) A2 allelic variant alters milk protein profile and slightly worsens coagulation properties in Holstein cows 28
Quarter-level analyses of the associations among subclinical intramammary infection and milk quality, udder health, and cheesemaking traits in Holstein cows 28
Phenotypic and genetic variation of ultraviolet–visible-infrared spectral wavelengths of bovine meat 27
Transcriptomic markers meet the real world: diagnostic genes of anabolic treatment in beef cattle 25
Genome-wide association and pathwaybased analysis for milk fatty acids profile in dairy cattle 25
Integrating genomic and infrared spectral data improves the prediction of milk protein composition in dairy cattle 25
Exploiting the network-based association weight matrix approach for the genetic dissection of milk nitrogen fractions in dairy cattle 24
Real-time milk analysis integrated with stacking ensemble learning as a tool for the daily prediction of cheese-making traits in Holstein cattle 23
Associations between ultrasound hepatic measurements, body measures, and milk production traits in Holstein cows 22
Streptococcus agalactiae and Prototheca spp. induce different mammary gland leukocyte responses in Holstein cows 22
Genome-wide association and biological pathway analysis of cheese volatilome in dairy cattle 22
Genome-Wide Associations for Coagulation Traits, Individual Cheese Yield and Curd Nutrient Recoveries in Bovine Milk 20
Genome Wide Association Study of Beef Traits in Local Alpine Breed Reveals the Diversity of the Pathways Involved and the Role of Time Stratification 19
SNP co-association and network analyses for bovine milk fatty acid profile 17
Genome-wide association study and functional analysis of carcase and meat quality traits in double-muscled Piemontese cattle 17
In-line near-infrared analysis of milk coupled with machine learning methods for the daily prediction of blood metabolic profile in dairy cattle 16
Associations between subclinical intramammary infection and milk fatty acid profile at the quarter level in Holstein cattle 15
Associations between Milk Fatty Acid Profile and Body Condition Score, Ultrasound Hepatic Measurements and Blood Metabolites in Holstein Cows 15
Structural equation models for genome-wide association study (SEM-GWAS) of interrelationships among udder health traits in dairy cattle 14
Genome-based discovery of trait networks in dairy cattle 12
Associations between the detailed milk mineral profile, milk composition, and metabolic status in Holstein cows 12
Morphological Examination and Transcriptomic Profiling to Identify Prednisolone Treatment in Beef Cattle 11
Serum metabolome differences associated with subclinical intramammary infection caused by Streptococcus agalactiae and Prototheca spp. in multiparous dairy cows 10
Impact of somatic cell count combined with differential somatic cell count on milk protein fractions in Holstein cattle 10
Effect of intramammary infection and inflammation on milk protein profile assessed at the quarter level in Holstein cows 8
Novel insights into the associations between immune cell population distribution in mammary glands and milk minerals in Holstein cows 8
Observational study on the associations between milk yield, composition and coagulation properties with blood biomarkers of health in Holstein cows 6
Gene Expression Profiles of the Immuno-Transcriptome in Equine Asthma 5
Subclinical Mastitis from Streptococcus agalactiae and Prototheca spp. Induces Changes in Milk Peptidome in Holstein Cattle 5
Prediction of detailed blood metabolic profile using milk infrared spectra and machine learning methods in dairy cattle 4
Methylome-wide analysis of milk somatic cells upon subclinical mastitis in dairy cattle 4
Transcriptome-wide mapping of milk somatic cells upon subclinical mastitis infection in dairy cattle 4
Blood biochemical changes upon subclinical intramammary infection and inflammation in Holstein cattle 3
Integration of GWAS, pathway and network analyses reveals novel mechanistic insights into the synthesis of milk proteins in dairy cows 3
Integrating on-farm and genomic information improves the predictive ability of milk infrared prediction of blood indicators of metabolic disorders in dairy cows 2
Combining genetic markers, on-farm information and infrared data for the in-line prediction of blood biomarkers of metabolic disorders in Holstein cattle 2
Totale 4.648
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all - tutte 19.297
article - articoli 16.285
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Totale 35.582

Totale Lug Ago Sett Ott Nov Dic Gen Feb Mar Apr Mag Giu
2018/2019121 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 121
2019/2020887 97 34 32 130 80 49 74 100 125 79 60 27
2020/2021738 40 29 19 47 64 58 31 49 122 142 99 38
2021/2022917 18 125 136 21 63 73 30 98 67 25 69 192
2022/2023697 116 25 9 56 117 91 3 68 118 30 50 14
2023/2024709 28 68 88 43 66 102 93 65 28 29 72 27
Totale 4.648