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Nome #
An Angle-Scanned Photoelectron Diffraction Study on the Surface Relaxation of ZnO (0001) 133
A LEED I-V structural determination of the c(4x2) Ni3O4/Pd(100) monolayer phase: an ordered array of Ni vacancies 126
Interplay between Layer-Resolved Chemical Composition and Electronic Structure in a Sn/Pt(110) Surface Alloy 122
Molecules–oligomers–nanowires–graphene nanoribbons: a bottom-up stepwise on-surface covalent synthesis preserving long-range order 121
On-surface photo-dissociation of C-Br bonds: Towards room temperature Ullmann coupling 120
An experimental and theoretical study of metallorganic coordination networks of tetrahydroxyquinone on Cu(111) 120
Electronic structure investigation of the room temperature coadsorption of oxygen and potassium on Ni(100): from oxygen submonolayer coverage to saturated NiO/Ni(100) via an Ni(100)-(3 x 3)-(K+O) structure. 118
Reactive growth of NiO ultrathin films on Pd(100): a multitechnique approach 117
Comparative Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Fe L 2,3 -Edges X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Three Highly Popular, Low-Spin Organoiron Complexes: [Fe(CO) 5 ], [(η 5 -C 5 H 5 )Fe(CO)(μ-CO)] 2 , and [(η 5 -C 5 H 5 ) 2 Fe] 117
Co3O4/TiO2 heterostructures obtained by hybrid method 117
Fullerene/Porphyrin Multicomponent Nanostructures on Ag(110): From Supramolecular Self-Assembly to Extended Copolymers 116
Ultrathin TiOx films on Pt(111): A LEED, XPS, and STM investigation 109
Core and valence band photoemission study of highly strained ultrathin NiO films on Pd(100) 108
Substrate involvement in dioxygen bond dissociation catalysed by iron phthalocyanine supported on Ag(100) 108
Structurally Tunable Self-Assembled 2D Cocrystals of C60 and Porphyrins on the Ag (110) Surface 106
Silver nanostructures on a c(4x2)-NiOx/Pd(100) monolayer 105
A LCAO-LDF Study of Formate Chemisorption on Cu(100) 105
The growth of ultrathin films of vanadium oxide on TiO2(110) 105
Mobility of Au on TiOx substrates with different stoichiometry and defectivity 104
Ultrathin VOx/TiO2(110) (x≈1) film preparation by controlled oxidation of metal deposits 104
Multiple doping of graphene oxide foams and quantum dots: New switchable systems for oxygen reduction and water remediation 104
Reactive deposition of NiO ultrathin films on Pd(100) 102
Electronic structures of CuTPP and CuTPP(F) complexes. A combined experimental and theoretical study I 101
Bottom-up Assembly of Single-Domain Titania Nanosheets on (1x2)-Pt(110) 100
Tunable Band Alignment with Unperturbed Carrier Mobility of On-Surface Synthesized Organic Semiconducting Wires 100
Metal-Free on-Surface Photochemical Homocoupling of Terminal Alkynes 100
Ultrathin TiO2 Films on (1x2)-Pt(110): a LEED, Photoemission, STM, and Theoretical Investigation 99
Electronic properties and structure of vanadia ultra-thin films grown on TiO2(110) in a water vapour ambient 99
Experimental and Theoretical Study of a Surface Stabilized Monolayer Phase of Nickel Oxide on Pd(100) 99
Atomically resolved images from near node photoelectron holography experiments on Al(111) 97
A photoelectron diffraction study of the surface-V2O3 (2 x 2) layer on Pd(111) 97
Ligand-field strength and symmetry-restricted covalency in CuII complexes - A near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy and time-dependent DFT study 96
The structure of an ultrathin VOx (x≈1) film grown epitaxially on TiO2 (110) 95
From novel PtSn/Pt(110) surface alloys to SnOx/Pt(110) nano-oxides 95
Role of the Substrate Orientation in the Photoinduced Electron Dynamics at the Porphyrin/Ag Interface 92
Polarization effects to enhance surface sensitivity of angle- scanned X-ray photoelectron diffraction in synchrotron- radiation-based experiments 91
An X-ray photoelectron diffraction structural characterization of an epitaxial MnO ultrathin film on Pt(111) 90
Coverage-Dependent Architectures of Iron Phthalocyanine on Ag(110): a Comprehensive STM/DFT Study 89
Stability of TiO2 Polymorphs: Exploring the Extreme Frontier of the Nanoscale 88
Structure of highly strained ultrathin Ni films on Pd(100) 88
Reversible Fe Magnetic Moment Switching in Catalytic Oxygen Reduction Reaction of Fe-Phthalocyanine Adsorbed on Ag(110) 87
Switching from Reactant to Substrate Engineering in the Selective Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbons 87
Structure of a single atomic layer of nickel deposited on the Pt(111) surface determined by low energy electron diffraction 86
A photoemission and resonant photoemission study of Ba deposition at the TiO2 (110) surface 86
First-Principles Studies of Vanadia-Titania Catalysts: Beyond the Monolayer 85
Growth and thermal behaviour of NiO nanolayers on Pd(100) 85
Growth and structural characterisation of vanadium oxide ultrathin films on TiO2 (110) 83
XAS of tetrakis(phenyl)- and tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl)-porphyrin: an experimental and theoretical study 83
The electronic properties of three popular high spin complexes [TM(acac)3, TM = Cr, Mn, and Fe] revisited: An experimental and theoretical study 83
An XPD and LEED study of highly strained ultrathin Ni films on Pd(100) 82
Surface Carboxylate Species on Cu(100) Studied by Angle-Scanned Photoelectron Diffraction and LCAO-LDF Calculations 82
Synchrotron-radiation-induced photoemission study of VO2 ultrathin films deposited on TiO2(110) 80
An ARPEFS study of the structure of an epitaxial VO2 monolayer at the TiO2(110) surface 80
Strain analysis of epitaxial ultrathin films on Pt(111) 79
An X-ray photoelectron diffraction structural characterisation of epitaxial ultrathin RuO2/TiO2(110) films obtained by decomposition of Ru-3(CO)(12) 79
L2,3-edges absorption spectra of a 2D complex system: a theoretical modelling 79
Theoretical modeling of the L2,3-edge X-ray absorption spectra of Mn(acac)2 and Co(acac)2 complexes 79
Epitaxial growth of molybdenum on TiO2(110) 78
Determination of the overlayer/substrate registry in Ni(1ML)/Pt(111) by angle-scanned photoelectron diffraction 78
Vanadium on TiO2(110): adsorption site and sub-surface migration 78
Photoelectron diffraction study on the structure of a vanadium ultrathin film deposited at the TiO2(110) surface 78
A theoretical study of the L3pre-edge XAS in Cu(ii) complexes 77
Electronic structure of CuTPP and CuTPP(F) complexes: A combined experimental and theoretical study II 77
Growth of NiO ultrathin films on Pd(100) by post-oxidation of Ni films: the effect of pre-adsorbed oxygen 76
Structural studies of epitaxial ultrathin oxide films and nanoclusters by means of angle-scanned photoelectron diffraction (XPD) 76
Angle scanned photoelectron diffraction: Probing crystalline ultrathin films 75
STM Investigation of Temperature-Dependent Two-Dimensional Supramolecular Architectures of C60 and Amino-tetraphenylporphyrin on Ag(110) 75
Ultrathin V films on Pt(111): a structural study by means of X- ray photoelectron spectroscopy and diffraction 74
The structure of vanadia ultrathin films grown on TiO2 (110) in an oxygen ambient 72
Chromium wheels quasi-hexagonal 2D assembling by direct UHV sublimation 72
Determination of TiO2(110) surface relaxation by variable polarization photoelectron diffraction 71
Estimating soft-mode frequencies of surface overlayers by means of photoelectron diffraction: The (2x2) surface-V2O3/Pd(111) 71
[Zn10(µ4-S)(µ3-S)6(Py)9(SO4)3] as a molecular model of ZnS surfaces: an experimental and theoretical study 70
STM study of the initial stages of C60 adsorption on the Pt(1 1 0)-(1 × 2) surface 69
Strong Bonding of Single C60 Molecules to (1 x 2)-Pt(110): An STM/DFT Investigation 68
Stereoselective Photopolymerization of Tetraphenylporphyrin Derivatives on Ag(110) at the Sub-Monolayer Level 68
Theoretical Investigation of the Electronic Properties of Three Vanadium Phthalocyaninato (Pc) Based Complexes: PcV, PcVO, and PcVI' 67
Early stages of epitaxial growth of vanadium oxide at the TiO2(110) surface studied by photoelectron diffraction 65
Comparative Experimental and Theoretical Study of the C and O K-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Three Highly Popular, Low Spin Organoiron Complexes: [Fe(CO)5], [(η5-C5H5)Fe(CO)(μ-CO)]2, and [(η5-C5H5)2Fe] 65
Evidence by angle-scanned photoelectron diffraction for a CO- induced restructuring of a Ni/Pt(111) monolayer 64
Partial oxidation in a dense phase sub-monolayer of Fe-phthalocyanine on Ag(110) 61
Determination of TiO2(110) surface relaxation by variable polarization photoelectron diffraction 59
Templating Effect of Different Low-Miller-Index Gold Surfaces on the Bottom-Up Growth of Graphene Nanoribbons 59
An XPD structural characterisation of epitaxial ultrathin RuO2/TiO2 (110) films obtained by decomposition of Ru3(CO)12 57
A long-range ordered array of copper tetrameric units embedded in an on-surface metal organic framework 55
Laser induced covalent stabilization of Tetraphenylporphyrin derivatives on Ag(110) at the sub-monolayer level. 53
On-surface synthesis of extended linear graphyne molecular wires by protecting the alkynyl group 52
Tuning the catalytic activity of Ag(110)-supported iron phthalocyanine in the oxygen reduction reaction 50
Mn(acac)2 and Mn(acac)3 complexes, a theoretical modeling of their L2,3-edges X-ray absorption spectra 49
Enhanced Magnetism through Oxygenation of FePc/Ag(110) Monolayer Phases 46
Angle-Scanned Photoelectron Diffraction. A structural probe for near-surface atomic layers 44
Temperature-Dependent Self-Assemblies of C60 on (1X2)- Pt(110): A STM/DFT Investigation 43
Growth and the structure of epitaxial VO2 at the TiO2(110) surface 42
Laser induced covalent stabilization of Tetraphenylporphyrin derivatives on Ag(110) at the sub-monolayer level 41
Erratum to: “The structure of an ultra thin VOx (x ≈1) film grown epitaxially on TiO2 (1 1 0)” [Surf. Sci. 461 (2000) 118–128] 37
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